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How Yury Entin wrote songs to m / f “A blue puppy“, “The flying ship“ and a hit about the city of Uchkuduk?

Practically 1970 - 80 - e years Yury Entin did not cease to please all public with the songs - at the same time adults reacted to them not less violently, than children.

the Animated film which causes in many an obscene smile today in 1976 made laugh nobody with

“Blue puppy“ (1976) at all. Then blue color was associated with romanticism, dreams, the clear sky, and not with nonconventional ways of love at all. It about a homosexual context of this word is known today even by children, and then about it did not suspect most of adults. And how now to listen to the following lyrics:

I want to find the friend, I Hear

But still only one abuse

for myself everywhere...

Ah why I am blue?

Yu. Entin: “Believe

, I in life would not make it if I could assume what it will be associated with. It is literally a blow below the belt“.

Idea to remove an animated cartoon about a puppy - the derelict came to Entin to mind when he saw the performance put according to the fairy tale of the Hungarian writer Dyula Urban in Riga. However, in the original the puppy was not blue, but black - with an obvious hint on discrimination of the black population in the USA. Entin decided to make a metaphor of more universal and fairly changed a plot, having thought up “a story about the intellectual who not such as all“ .

The scenario was written long ago, however its embodiment was disturbed, appear, by destiny. Initially Entin planned that music to m / f will be written by David Tukhmanov that that and made. But the arts council of the association “Screen“ cut its soundtrack on a root. It is interesting that a melody of one of defective songs (“If all you are loved by , to be not bad blue...“ ) will not be gone, having turned into already “adult“ hit “As This World Is Beautiful“.

As a result the poet had to call on replacement of the old friend to Tukhmanov - Gennady Gladkov.

The similar story happened also to scoring of the animated film. At first Entin wanted that all parts were performed by other his good acquaintance is a parodist Victor Chistyakov. These plans were not fated to come true - in 1972 Chistyakov perishes in road accident.

So instead of one in “A blue puppy“ whole “bouquet“ of voices of brilliant actors appeared: Andrey Mironov, Mikhail Boyarsky, Alice Freindlich and Alexander Gradsky. At the same time the last managed to sing absolutely different parts - the courageous aria of the kind Seaman and furious fate - N - a rollny falsetto of spiteful Fish - Saws.

It should be noted that the animated film became an event not only thanks to songs. The director Efim Hamburg applied very original technology of animation here - by means of spots of ink which gave to the movement of heroes special fluidity. By the way, the director directly copied Black Kot`s dance from the specialist in scenic plasticity - Andrey Droznin. Andrey Mironov joked that he and - that could not move years to young as his character.

“Flying ship“ (1979)

the Successful tandem turned out at Entin with one more remarkable composer - Maxim Dunayevsky. Together they created one more well-known soundtrack to the musical animated film of Harry Bardin shot on the basis of the Russian national fairy tale about the Flying ship.

Practically all songs were remarkable. But Entin had a special soft corner in the heart for party Water, quite often calling this character the most favourite along with Antoshka. Also was for what. The matter is that Water Entin had to create an image almost “from scratch“.

Yu. Entin: “I remember

, I even asked the director: “And who such Water? About it nothing is written to scenarios except that he shows the way to Ivan …“ And that answers me: “You at us the poet, here also think out!“ Really to feel Water, got into a bathtub, and nearby put the handle and paper. Minutes through the 10th text it was ready“.
on it did not end with

of Difficulty, only now Dunayevsky had to suffer - Entin forced the composer to change the aria of Water not less than 5 times.

The following tortures concerned party of the Baba-yaga. Yes, first in the animated film participation of only one representative of fantastic evil spirits was planned. And Entin already wrote for it the aria:

You know me so poorly,

In me you see the enemy.

A I, in - the first, just the woman,

I only in - the second, Yaga!

... when the director suddenly changed the mind, having decided that the whole summary chorus of Grandmas - Yozhek will look more cool. The aria had to be cleaned in a table, and instead of it to write chastushkas - not less remarkable.

Sounded Grandmas the whole Moscow chamber chorus. For Ivan Mikhail Boyarsky, for Water - Anatoly Papanov, for Polkan - Rogvold Sukhoverko, for the Tsar - the director Harry Bardin, and for the Entertainment - Tatyana Shabelskaya who in the same 1979 was marked out and in m / f “Cinderella“ sang (you remember a duet “Where we lived as we lived...“ ?) .

Songs from the animated film were already sung by all country as strangenesses of the Soviet censorship were again shown. When in 1985 Entin decided to publish the collection of verses in Soviet Composer publishing house, unexpectedly declared to it that the song Water - suspicious. Like, in it it is possible to hear complaints of the dissident dissatisfied with the existing system.

Yu. Entin:

“The book had to be called “I - Water“, and the editor also speaks to me: “Let`s call it “A winged swing“. There is a collection, is written “A winged swing“ and is drawn... Water. Here such the book … turned out“.

Later time Entin decided to do justice to the favourite and established a statue Water at himself at the dacha.

“Uchkuduk“ (1980)


But not only children`s songs were written by Yury Entin. He was marked out and on the Soviet platform.

Somehow time the friend of the poet - the musician, the singer and the composer Farukh Zakirov - suggested Entin to work with young Uzbek VIA YaLLA. Entin said subsequently that literally before it it is boastful argued with Gennady Hazanov on a cognac bottle that in three months will untwist any Soviet ensemble.

Anyway, at the end of 1979 - go the poet arrived to Central Asia to accompany YaLLA in tours across Uzbekistan. Tour life also brought ensemble to Uchkuduk.

This town mislaid in the middle of the Kyzyl Kum Desert was pleasing nothing special to the eye. And after in 1952 found large reserves of uranium ore here, Uchkuduk became “closed“ at all. It was not specified on cards, and on uranium mines many “convicts“ worked.

Generally, anything romantic... But not for Entin. During walks on the city he heard a story that on a legend once on this place there were three wells. Therefore the city «also called Three wells“ - on - Uzbek “Uch Kuduk“. It right there inspired the poet on the text:

The hot sun, hot sand,

Hot lips - waters of throats...

In the hot desert is not visible a trace... Tell

, the caravaneer when water?
Entin, of course, bent

With caravans. Did not pass any caravans through Uchkuduk. But without imagination and life is boring... The joyful poet was to musicians.

F. Zakirov: “He told

: “Children! I wrote ingenious verses!“ And we after the road, heat … I was so tired, I did not want to get up. And it is not appeased: “Give, we will think up something!“ I take a guitar and just on a trick, a little bit playing a trick, I nearly priblatnyonno sing: “Uchkud - at - at - at - at - uk - three wells“. And it to me: “Here, here so! And do not change any note!“ I to it: “Yet really?“ So in 40 minutes I wrote a melody to the song“.

the New song was played in the same evening in the same Uchkuduk - at the end of the concert program (even sang still at sight).

F. Zakirov:

“You do not represent that was created in the hall! After a concert went to a make-up room. Knock at the door. Well, we think, girls again with flowers. We open. There is a group of severe, rough men.

- Children, you do not represent that for us was made! - and tears in the eyes“.

Heads of Uzbekistan about the “secret“ city treated the song watchfully. However while the local government thought it to forbid, the song was already heard on the central radio and TV of the Soviet Union. All country learned about Uchkuduk and YaLLA, the ensemble became the winner of the competition “Song of Year“ and in 1982 let out the first vinyl - the giant called... of course, “Three wells“.

And uranium ore in Uchkuduk already reached a limit by then. Though Entin still considers that his song helped to remove from the city a signature stamp “confidentially“.

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