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When weight is lost? As it is correct to grow thin - we choose the scenario

All are absolutely sure that the decision to lead “active lifestyle“ or to be engaged in fitness means full revision of all the habits and a rhythm of life. But it not so - nothing distinguishes the trained and sports people from you, except several simple habits which are not so difficult for bringing in the life at own choice. The known fitness - the trainer Denis Semenikhin is confident in it is and is ready to pave for us the way to a healthy lifestyle!

Yes, to begin to lead active lifestyle, it can be really difficult, but trainings can become the same daily requirement as food, drink or a dream. Fitness in the same way supplies you with necessary energy, health and brings pleasure. No matter, how old are you, does not matter what you are builds what your genetics, and even if you bypass sport - clubs the party - to begin to be engaged never late.

the Human body is unique

. He is capable to survive, adapting, adapting. It is the difficult mechanism. And as any other mechanism, it needs careful leaving and attention. In the same way as we care for the car or for the house. But the old car can be sold and bought new. And the new organism is not sold anywhere. That our body did not bring us, it is important to provide it in time with what is necessary - food, loading, rest, pleasures.

the Most surprising that physical activity instead of wearing out our organism, on the contrary gives it energy, vital strength and longevity. Strange, of course, but fact.

the Modern world forces us to think of appearance and of what impression we make on people around. Our personal success often depends on it. The correct trainings improve appearance of the person. Always! It is proved by practice. Physical self-checking, ability to move - everything becomes better. On “body language“ the trained people always are in advantageous situation in relation to unexercised. And not only because differ visually. Such people are much more efficient, more vigorous. They resist to stresses and even to emergency situations easier.

We regularly suffer from

from adverse factors - nerve strains, a sleep debt, emotional difficulties, diseases, disharmony with world around. And as a result, the organism becomes more vulnerable.

what gives the real tone and protection, is your internal accumulator of stocks of energy. Therefore it is not the size of muscles, and in the level of the general fitness. Fitness helps harmonious work of all systems of an organism. Even ability to control itself emotionally often depends on the level of physical fitness.

Are people who, already being in old age, still get up every morning at the crack of dawn, do exercises and get to work which is performed with full and sincere devotion. They always were such - vigorous, collected, active. The most surprising that if these people to deprive of an opportunity to work and be all the time busy, they will not be able just to live, in literal sense magic vital energy will abandon them. Idleness is pernicious for such people. They as the racing car - while rushes, can rush very long, only do not stop it, you do not stop the engine. Our body is arranged also: always needs loading, always wants and has to rush forward!

In trainings for me a basis: the greatest number of exercises for the smallest amount of time. I do exercises which are less injury-causing, I never do exercises on a limit. But in my program there are always exercises which will mobilize many groups of muscles at the same time in natural interaction. I will explain.

the Majority of exercise machines assume the movements in one plane. I always supplement them with exercises which copy the movements from everyday life. They can imitate the sports movements, for example, blow a tennis racket on a ball, or just a task lift something from the earth. For example, if we dropped something on a floor, pay attention as we will lift it. We will always take a step to a subject and we will bend to lift it. It always the asymmetric movement with the emphasis on one leg standing ahead. We never do it from two legs symmetrically.

Here to you and exercise which cannot be made on one exercise machine. If to make such movement with not heavy dumbbells, it becomes more difficult at once and develops coordination and balance, involves many muscles which stay idle in exercises on ordinary exercise machines.

In fitness gradualness - very important factor. A body at first it is necessary to accustom to trainings, and then already to increase intensity and volume of loading. If to you it is heavy and you do not maintain speed, do not worry, have a rest between exercises though for 5 minutes. If you do not cope with volume - reduce the number of approaches, but do all set exercises. Over time the organism will get used to loading, and then you will be able to come to the bigger volume and bigger intensity.

Fitness is a balance of all components: trainings, food and a way of life out of a gym. It is not a hundred-meter race in which you ran, showed result and got a medal. Here an award in reaching and holding a form by means of regular trainings. Fitness - it as advance planning of effective work of your organism. Being engaged today, you on a brick build the base for future perfect condition of your body. It is very important to p not to forget

about sense of proportion that who for the first time came to fitness - club or that who comes back after a break in trainings. Muscular pains after the first occupation are known to all. For this reason many give up trainings, even without having begun them with sense. Painful feelings can be avoided, following the simple rule. At the first training do 10 - 15 exercises, but everyone only on one approach from of 15 - 20 repetitions, without overstrain, with a small weight. At the second training take the same big detour of exercises, but make each of them on 2 approaches on 15 times, weight is a little more, than was for the first time. Then take a break 1 - 2 day and you come to the first training according to the full program. By such simple method you will always minimize discomfort from the beginning of occupations.

Let`s say that work - your house in which you carry out a third of the life. It, of course, depresses you sometimes. And what to do?! That it is necessary to live-. And still you are upset that at work all of you time sit. But in your “house“ of a ladder - that is? If is, it is already good.

the ladder will become your exercise machine. Elevators and escalators need to be excluded from life. It is simple to forget about them. Legs are given us to go. I, for example, use elevators only when I with people also do not want to interrupt conversation.

I Offer

to you here that: each one or one and a half hours to leave a workplace. For only three minutes, it will not be required any more.

you are capable to rise on foot by the fifth floor? It is sure that it for you is elementary, rise takes one minute, and you will not even sweat that is very important at work. You will leave a workplace for three minutes once in an hour - it is quite realistic. Total, 7 - 8 time during the day. If you do it each working day (and I and did when day by day worked at office), then in three and a half months you will rise by Everest, and these are nearly 9 km above sea level! At the same time your working capacity and mood at office will be much better. People who suit smoke breaks during the working day spend on it much more time.

Of course, it will not replace full trainings yet, but it is already a contribution to normal work of your organism. Get to yourself such rule. Do not forget. Put a reminder on mobile that each hour signals called you for the movement. Many can tell: “I have so much work, I have no time at all, to go not that somewhere there...“ But I strongly doubt that this is true.

After a dinner at restaurant - on jog?

Is 2 - 3 hours are necessary often, each . Doing so, you will be full having eaten all of 400 - 500 kcal. And if you eat 2 times a day, then for each meal you are capable “to swallow“ of 1000 - 1500 kcal. Even if total caloric content will be same, then the events in an organism will be absolutely various, that is two times for 1000 are at all not the same as four on 500.

Rare, but powerful high-calorie attack has an adverse effect on an organism extremely. The metabolism at you is slowed down from what you long did not eat. And you in this fading fire throw a huge armful of firewood which does not burn down and is postponed in the form of subcutaneous fat. That`s all. Simple logic.

Ya extremely seldom I am at restaurants in the evening. But if it appear, then I see that people - dishes which caloric content of 1200 - 1500 kcal, is not less eat. And I understand that to them any more not to burn this energy, at least, not today.

you represent that it to burn 1000 calories? For me, weighing 100 kg, it is jog on 10 km! For those who weigh less, in general kilometers 15! How you think, these people will run after a dinner? Here and I about the same.

often I tell

Ya: do not subject an organism to senseless stresses, do not experiment with rigid diets because you will not be able to follow them long. What to do? How to grow thin? You will find the answer in the following rule.

Imagine scales. On one bowl we will place the consumed energy, that is food, and - spent for another, that is all your physical activity. If you gained excess weight over time what it speaks about? That more energy was consumed, than it is spent. If you lost weight, so on the contrary, the expense exceeded consumption. How your organism tries to level scales in case of a lack of energy? Well of course, by means of delay of a metabolism. It is its only way. How we fight against delay of a metabolism? We train and we lead active lifestyle. How we create deficiency of energy? We do not begin to eat less, we begin to move more, and correctly we redistribute food during the day.

Many people argue so: “... I need to grow thin. From now on I will eat less“. But they do not consider other scenario. It would be much more reasonable to tell so: “... I need to grow thin. But there are I will not become less, and I will begin to move more to spend more energy!“

It is valid, the most effective method for those who want to lose weight - to move more. Let`s look at scales again. If we report on one weight on the left bowl where we have a spent energy, then gradually scales will be equilibrated. Now we will try to project scales on real life. If you add more movement to the life and at the same time do not change habits in food at all, then even in this case through some time you will see positive changes in your figure. It is the first step.

A the following step.

If you like to eat

tasty and plentifully, so and you have to move “plentifully“. If you do not want to move much, then and food has to be corresponding. The rule of power balance, that is a constant control over what you eat and as you spend energy is in it.

your body is imperceptible

for you itself gives out. Each your movement is subconsciously fixed by people around. You are hurt by a back, you accurately rise from a chair, are slowly unbent, and the impression already remained, nobody commented, but everything registered in subconsciousness. When you are in cafe or restaurant, look around, pay attention to how women sit. One sits having stooped, another holds a back directly. How you think on what woman the look unconsciously will linger?

Vigorous physical giving always draws with

more attention. Look around, look narrowly as people go. Look how much you can tell about the person on a manner to move. Lazy gait waddlingly makes negative impression. To the contrary, sure, collected, vigorous gait draws attention. We unconsciously trust more that person in whose movements the operated energy is felt. All human beings subconsciously gravitate to vital force.

From the book “Fitness. The guide on life“