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It is not necessary to begin new life! 2 minutes to put a body in order of

“The body should ache, and to all our praised “positive thinking“ the end comes. Just it is worth not to sleeping - and we are not capable to enjoy life any more“, - the expert in the sphere of fitness and a healthy lifestyle, the TV host Denis Semenikhin says. So all - frightens in physical activity, in trainings? And how to conduct more active and healthy life?

Obvious also is presence at the person of the physical body existing under certain laws. Was engaged in attempts to define these laws of people during all history of the existence. Strangely enough, and in this area we promoted only a little. Still numerous diseases and illnesses from which all mankind, suffers from babies to old men are not won.


In the sphere of a physical body, also since ancient times, noticed a certain duality. This duality found reflection both in medicine, and in ancient systems of philosophical knowledge.

One party: the huge number of physical processes in a human body proceeds without our understanding, that is we are given birth with these if it is so possible to be expressed, abilities. It both heartbeat, and breath, and processes of regeneration of fabrics, healing of wounds, restoration of the injured fabrics, a dream, numerous processes of internal regulation and adaptation of an organism...

Other party: an infinite number of physical actions which we master during life, without which could not survive in this world. Starting walking at least from ability. And also millions of other most difficult actions which “register“ in systems of our body.

the First party - instinctive - remains to

substantially unknown, surprising and incomprehensible. In the not cognoscibility I would compare it to area of human emotions. The second party - physical actions - is learned substantially and that the most important, powerfully influences the first.

our physical body wants loading not less, than our soul and our reason. And owing to the fact that the body is the carrier in a literal sense of ability to think and feel and is a condition of the life in this world, safety of a physical body and requirement to save it from excess wear and was constant aspiration of the person at all times.

I our efforts at last were crowned with success!

We, mankind, at last reached such level of physical comfort that we can almost already not move!

you Present to

if the civilized mankind so actively and so long sought not to think, for example, absolutely. And, external devices would get all thinking, any thinking. Or so long sought not to feel anything at all...

Here in it it is deplorable - a passive state there was a physical body of mankind. It is absolutely no wonder that only in the last 100 years special places for “artificial stimulation of a physical body“ began to appear on the planet. These “places“ gradually grew to modern fitness - clubs.

In one Hollywood fantastic movie the episode is: the person is had from the past (about about 200 years ago) today and suddenly sees the married couple running in park. He asks from whom run away or whom these people pursue. And it is answered: “... no, they run for pleasure!“ In response to it the guest from the past begins to laugh hysterical...

It is valid when life of people was physically heavy, even the idea to subject a body to loading needlessly would seem improbable. The person always sought for reduction of physical activity.

I gradually we fell into a humorous situation as understood that the body existing thus becomes absolutely unsuitable for normal, interesting, and, above all, pleasant life. The low-active body is deprived of vital energy, it as an extinct fire, - there is no place to take energy for unexpected breakthrough to adventures or even to overcoming of inevitable stressful situations. We all the being are in power dependence at own body.

the body Should ache with

, and to all our praised “positive thinking“ the end comes. Just it is worth not to sleeping - and we are not capable to enjoy life any more.

So all - frightens by

in physical activity, in trainings? Perhaps, matter in those special places, in these fitness - the centers? Perhaps, it they push away you?

Or you just do not know

as how it is necessary to do there and do not believe that someone is sincerely ready to help you?

Or business all in the same most ancient aspiration to minimization of wear of own body, that is to constant rest?

it is A lot of barriers, but all of them - utter nonsense!

you do not need “to begin new life“ as all call including I, in the first book. This concept “new life“ already psychologically strains and causes fatigue. And you yet did not even manage to make anything.


with simple.

Pay attention to what is done by all animals and one and all children when wake up. They stretch. With age we do not change in this sense, we want too. It cannot but be wanted.

I tell
Ya about the elementary movements. The more natural to a body, the better. And it is possible to do them and it is necessary not only after awakening, but also after any long inaction, even 20 - 30 - minute. I felt the movements and found. Them only 5 - 6 for the right and left parties. They together take minutes one and a half - two, and I can do them everywhere - about the car when I refuel or I warm up, on the plane, in the train, in any situation of expectation and simply if suddenly a wish arose. I do them at least five times in a day - especially after long sitting in one situation. Try too! It is the simplest first step.
Than to you did not begin

? The mood after these two minutes is always better! No discipline is required. Pure pleasure! Do when necessary. You can begin... yes though now.

Fitness in translation from English literally means “compliance“. That is as far as our body is capable to answer those expectations which we assign to it. And to those tasks which for us are set by life. Fitness - not just sport and physical exercises. Not only beautiful muscles, correct proportions or small amount of subcutaneous fat. And even not so much physical force or endurance, flexibility or coordination, namely ability of these qualities to serve you in those situations when it is really necessary.

Ya never I park near the house or office even if there are places. It is more pleasant to me to walk minutes five once again. For full sports activities I like to go out of town, the nature - the best vacation spot! Sometimes only 10 - minute jog, several stretching exercises and already mood another, an organism is loaded with energy.

to me managed to find balance which allows to lead active lifestyle, to be engaged in affairs and to support the body in a good form. One of easy ways to achieve results - ability to set the purposes, but not the abstract purposes, but concrete, feasible. It is so simpler to reach them. But it is always necessary to remember the most important rule in fitness - a regularity!

From the book “Fitness. The guide on life“