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Paste: 2 simple and 2 unexpected recipes for a Sunday lunch of

Paste - very homemade, family food, at the same time does not demand big efforts from the hostess. Though maybe, for example, traditional Chinese glass noodles with chicken - with it meet by a festive dish New year nearly a quarter of the population of Earth. And if you want to strike guests, knead dough for chocolate paste rather - yes, such happens too!


of Spaghetti carbonara

From where this classics of Italian cuisine went - science does still not know to

.“ Carbone“ in Italian means “coal“ therefore one of versions says that it was the simple and nourishing food of woodcutters who made charcoal. It agrees another, metaphorical, the dish received versions, the name from the fact that macaroni plentifully strewed with ground black pepper - and they became as if powdered with coal dust... Over time the recipe changed: instead of salty pork jowl add bacon or pancetta (raw smoked brisket) to spaghetti more often, and for sauce quite often use cream. In our recipe we follow the original: any cream, only fresh eggs and sheep cheese which, mixing up with warm paste, turn into the gentle enveloping sauce. to you it is required by

to p:

  1. In the boiling added some salt water we lower spaghetti and we cook to a state “al an awning“. We throw back on a colander.
  2. Bacon we cut
  3. cubes and we roast on olive oil, then we shift it in separate capacity. We shake up a nimbus yolks, we add 50 g of grated cheese pekorino, we pepper.
  4. we Warm spaghetti in a frying pan where bacon was fried, we clean a frying pan from a plate, we add yolks, vigorously we mix. At the same time eggs have to turn, and cheese - to melt. We add fried bacon.
  5. we Give
  6. , having strewed remained grated pekorino, we season with pepper to taste.


Linguin with pesto from spinach

Classical green pesto - Genoa - is prepared from a basil. It is easy to find small jars with this popular Italian sauce in large supermarkets. But we prefer to prepare pesto houses. And, of course, are always glad to experiment. For example, having prepared pesto from spinach. Same technology: in a marble mortar we pound leaves with coarse salt, we add other ingredients... The received sauce can be closed in banks and to rejoice to it for a long time after the end of a season of fresh spinach. to you it is required by

to p:

  1. In a mortar we crush together spinach with couple of pinches of salt, cheese, garlic and walnuts. We dilute the received mix with olive oil that paste turned out.
  2. to Linguina we cook
  3. to a state “al an awning“ and we throw back on a colander.
  4. Is displayed to the linguyena on plates and we fill with the received sauce. At desire we strew still with grated cheese.

Glass noodles with a chicken and vegetables

In Hugo`s countries - East Asia any New year does not do without traditional noodles dishes. Japanese, for example, offer the guests long thin “tos - mow - a soba“ - it symbolizes long and happy life. By the way, Asian noodles - not necessarily wheat: noodles rice and buckwheat are widespread. And still so-called glass which is made from bean flour. We now will also make such noodles - certainly, in a wok. to you it is required by

to p:

  1. of Fillet of a chicken we slice
  2. thin. We cut carrots very thin straws, sweet pepper - long strips. Burning pepper is peeled of seeds (use gloves!) and small we cut. At Kenyan haricot we cut off tips.
  3. In a frying pan a wok we warm flavourless vegetable oil and sesame oil. We fry at first a chicken to readiness, we shift in separate ware. In oil in which fried a chicken we lower burning pepper, we brown 1 minute. Then serially we fry vegetables: carrots, sweet pepper, corn of the baby, Kenyan haricot. When all vegetables are fried, we mix them in a wok with a chicken.
  4. Glass noodles we prepare
  5. according to the instruction on packing. As a rule, it does not need to be cooked - rather simply to wet in boiled water. We shift ready noodles in a wok to a chicken and vegetables. Everything is well mixed and we fill with soy sauce. We extinguish 1 minute.
  6. Is displayed on plates and we strew with a chopped peanut.

Chocolate tagliatelle with cepes sauce

If you want to prepare for

something special, this recipe will approach as well as possible. Your guests will be pleasantly surprised with an original combination of tastes! to you it is required by

to p:

for the test

for sauce

  1. Flour we sift
  2. together with cocoa, we mix with yolks, olive oil, water and salt.
  3. by
  4. It is kneaded smooth, hard dough. We turn in food wrap and we clean in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then thinly we roll and we cut straight noodles about 5 mm wide.
  5. the Washed-up and peeled cepes we cut
  6. in average cubes. Small we cut onions and garlic, we crush basil leaves. In a stewpan we kindle butter with addition of olive. Onions, garlic and mushrooms we brown of 5 - 7 minutes. we Add wine, completely we evaporate, we pour in broth and we stew the sauce of 1 - 2 minute. Then we add cream, a basil, we season with salt and pepper. We mix sauce and we remove from fire.
  7. Paste we boil
  8. in the boiling added some salt water 3 minutes. We merge water and we mix tagliatelle with ready sauce.
  9. Is spread on plates and we strew with grated parmesan. At once we give on a table.

From the book “Paste. The best recipes“