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How to learn to do a twine?

So, you decided to stretch out! Do not try to make it at once. Impudence not to master such science. Skill demands time for preparation of an organism. If insufficiently prepared person tries to stretch out, then not only that will feel severe pain, but also, most likely, will not be able to get up without assistance. Unextended muscles can not sustain it. To take and make - not the best a method. Extensions and trainings are necessary.

successfully to finish preparation which depending on age and physiological indicators of the specific person can last not one week, and happens, as not one month, it is necessary to remember that obedient muscles are the warmed muscles. If some time to sit, and after to pass on foot long distance, then it is possible to feel how heat fills all parts of the body involved when walking.

And by preparation for a twine - all muscles responsible for an extension of legs have to be well heated-up. To relax muscles, just before training it is possible to take a bath. Water has to be warm, but is not hotter. You will notice how muscles will become more plastic. Then it is possible to start exercises.

The simplest and effective exercise which will help us with development of a twine - moves legs. We get up, having transferred weight to one leg, we lift the second on the greatest possible height. Sharpness and rate of performance is selected independently, proceeding from the feelings. Having felt discomfort, reduce speed and take a break. In the course of performance of exercise of a leg serially change. You watch a back, trying to straighten it as far as possible, do not bend knees.

One more effective exercise is slightly more difficult. For its performance put a leg on the surface which is at the level of a belt bend, trying to reach hands a floor. To change legs in the course of performance. From the first not all will manage a deep inclination. If you begin to feel discomfort, stop exercise. But do not forget that it is all the same necessary to carry out it, and it is regular. There will pass a little time, and you accustom muscles to such loading.

The last exercise which can be recommended, strangely enough, the most popular. Having usually overestimated the opportunities, beginners try to execute it at once. It is necessary to try to stretch out so low as far as preparation allows, trying to sink below and below. As soon as you feel a strong tension, stop exercise.

It is necessary to carry out the above described complex 3 times a week, duration of performance of exercises - of half an hour. In 2 - 3 weeks you will be able already to estimate their productivity and will understand that you can much more, than in day of the first training. And, of course, there will come day when the last exercise is executed completely.

It is a little about contraindications. Of course, this skill is very useful, but suits not all. Performance of this exercise is contraindicated to the people having some chronic diseases, and also injuries. It is impossible to carry out an extension at cracks of bones of a basin, at an exacerbation of diseases of a backbone, at bruises. It is dangerous to carry out this complex at chronic diseases. In general, if there are problems with health, surely consult with the attending physician. To hypertensive persons, and also the people inclined to increase of pressure, it is necessary to carry out a set of exercises especially accurately. At any unpleasant feelings, heartbeat increase, it is better to stop performance of exercises.

It is worth remembering that our body not always adapts at once in attempt to train it in something new. The good health will help to overcome quicker unpleasant feelings, and weak can add problems. But nevertheless it is worth trying. Believe in yourself! Everything surely will turn out!