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The most women bag - a bag for mother of

Gathering for walk with the kid, it is important to be prepared carefully. Diapers, wet towel wipes on a case a swagger - mazhor, a favourite toy - as if to forget nothing! Most convenient to store all things, necessary for walk, in a special bag - diaper bag that in translation is meant by “a bag for diapers“ or, more widespread option, “a bag for mother“.

How to choose?

of the Bag for mothers is sent to us from the West. In the American tradition, for example, they in the list of purchases of young parents point obligatory, on an equal basis with a crib and a carriage. In different years the bags for mothers let out also the well-known Fashion houses: Burberry, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Armani and many others. As not to get confused in all variety and to choose the first bag?


First of all, it is necessary to decide on model. If you like to walk with a baby sling, you perfectly will suit a bag on one shoulder or a backpack. The same who prefers carriages should pay attention to bags which can be recorded on the carriage handle. Usually for this purpose there are special straps or openings for fastenings. Many producers let out also special “evening“ options in the form of clutches. Looking at such elegant handbag, never you will guess that inside not only the mass of offices, but also the whole pelenalny rug disappears!

Existence of a large number of offices of different forms and the sizes, by the way, one of paramount factors at the choice of a bag. The bag for mother has to be capacious and functional, first of all. Conform to the rule: the more internal offices, the better. Pay attention to that there were special pockets which reliably fix small bottles and do not allow liquid to spill.

One more important point - fabric. Material for a bag for mother has to be strong, waterproof and resistant to pollution. Choose fabrics which can be purified easily simple damp rag.

Pay attention and to locks on a bag: they have to be easy to be clasped and undone even one hand. And inadvertently not to disturb the child`s dream, look for models with special silent locks.

On taste and color

After you decide on all “technical“ characteristics, there comes the most difficult stage. In aspiration to strike exacting customers the best designers compete in creativity and create all new and new prints and coloring. So, for example, in a line of the well-known American brand of bags for mothers of Petunia Pickle Bottom there are about 150 different prints, and their quantity grows every new season.

as a result of such design race also the relation to bags changes: now it is not just convenient accessory, but a collecting subject. Cases when the price of releases of last years at auctions several times exceeds the cost of a new bag are not rare.

What to put?

of the Small bottle with milk or mix. The first what it is necessary to remember, collecting a bag on walk - food for the kid. To mothers nursing, of course, it is simpler - they are able to afford to choose a bag and smaller volume, than parents of children - bottle-fed babies, it is not necessary to drag banks with mix. But also for children on breastfeeding it is possible to take a small bottle with the decanted milk. It can be convenient for those who hesitate to nurse on public. And still it is possible to give a small bottle with milk to the kid if you decide to glance in restaurant - so your child will be able to have dinner together with you.

Diapers. Usually advise to take on one diaper at each o`clock that you plan to stay outdoors. And even if such quantity seems to you it is better not to scorn excess, this opinion - in a case a swagger - a major the excess diaper will definitely not prevent you.

Wet towel wipes in “road“ packing. The small pack of wet towel wipes is useful always - when changing a diaper or if the kid is soiled.

Gel for disinfection. Very convenient thing in case there will be no opportunity to wash a hand - itself or the child.

Additional clothes and diapers. Surely take with yourself things for which you will be able to change clothes of the child. In the presence in a bag of the fastened pelenalny rug it is not obligatory to take diapers at all.

Plastic packages. Will be useful to pack a dirty diaper and any small garbage.

“First-aid kit“. Depending on age of the child it is worth putting in a bag gel for a teething, iodine or other necessary medicines.

of the Toy. Of course, obligatory point in the list of necessary things. Couple of rattles, a prorezyvatel for teeth - for absolutely small child of it will be quite enough.

of the Thing for mother. And in what you will be engaged if your kid falls asleep? The book or the magazine - for entertainment, cookies or a bar of muesli - if suddenly very much wants to have a bite.

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