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We care for a waist: to and during pregnancy and after the delivery

the Tummy during pregnancy grows and pleases. But it in general. And in particulars - the extension across gentle skin will spread, feel weight in legs from a constant burden, at all will lose balance. Generally, the stomach needs support. And it is necessary to think of it, ideally, even before pregnancy.

of Exercise before pregnancy

, What for? Strong and elastic muscles of an abdominal tension - not only pledge of a flat stomach and slender waist. It also a guarantee that during pregnancy the growing uterus will find good support without any extras.

What to do? Special exercises on strengthening of muscles of a press. Yes, it is boring, it is difficult, it is sometimes absolutely uninteresting - but what result!

the Main rule - an ezhednevnost of trainings. Let they will be short, for 15 minutes, but regular.

the Second rule - not to do exercise on a press (especially in a prone position) without preliminary warm-up that useful business did not “halloo“ problems with a back.

the Rule third - sometimes change a set of exercises. In - the first, so more cheerfully. In - the second, the organism quickly enough gets used both to presses, and to twisting, and ceases to react to habitual loading. That is if not to alternate sets of exercises, they will quickly stop being effective.

How to do? the Most popular exercise - raising of legs vertically up from a prone position. Legs have to be straightened, and rises - slow, without accelerations and a separation of a waist from a floor. The second exercise is known to us from kindergarten - it is “scissors“. Legs rise and fall alternately, but do not touch a floor. It is possible also “to swing a press“, lifting in a prone position not of a leg, and the case, and it is possible at the same time - both legs, and the case. At last, one more situation - twisting at which in a prone position the left elbow reaches for the right knee, and right - to left. Be not overloaded: it is better to execute less exercises, but it is correct, than it is a lot of, but with risk for muscles of a neck and a waist.

Useful habits

What for? our habits - food and not only - zrimo influence volumes of a waist and reliefs of a stomach.

What to do? continuous self-checking - and behind what you eat, and behind how you move will help to Find a correct posture and a flat stomach. It is clear, that during pregnancy some points can be revised - taking into account new loadings and new requirements.

How to do? Pull in a stomach. Straining a press every time when you remember that the bearing has to be royal, you automatically train stomach muscles. Many affairs in kitchen and houses can be done standing, but not sitting - it too helps to keep a press in a tone.

Learn to breathe correctly. The matter is that many women breathe a breast, but not a diaphragm (or a stomach as men) - during pregnancy they even should be retrained. Diafragmalny breath will help not only correctly and to easily endure fights at the time of delivery, but also strengthens deep muscles of an abdominal tension.

Well and, at last, do not overeat

. Instead of fat and flour (that is cakes and fried meat) eat fibrous and rich with cellulose (that is vegetables and fruit). For it you will be told by thanks and your future child, and your future flat tummy.

Fitness during pregnancy

, What for? during pregnancy future mother all the same will gain about 10 “excess“ kilograms. But it does not mean that it is necessary to stop being engaged in fitness, especially if earlier you were its hot supporter. Fitness is cardioloading, and strong heart will help you to return to a habitual rhythm of sports activities after the delivery quicker.

What to do? Many “jumping“ techniques of fitness - not for future mothers. Too it is better to leave power exercises for a while. But such types of physical activity as yoga for pregnant women, the swimming and water aerobics sparing occupations on some exercise machines - not only are admissible, but also are useful.

How to do? For a start - you descend to the doctor behind permission and recommendations. Even if you very trained personality, pregnancy changes priorities a little. At threat, the raised tone of a uterus and some other complications of pregnancy excessive activity will be only to the detriment.

Being engaged in

, give preference to the techniques developed especially for future mothers. Replace run with walking or swimming, temporarily stop exercises on a press and replace with gymnastics for future mothers (relaxation exercise). And surely be engaged under supervision of the instructor which is aware of your interesting situation.

External support - the bandage

What for? Approximately on the middle of term the fruit begins to grow actively, and respectively grows also a tummy - not on days, and on hours. The doctor will surely advise future mother to carry a bandage to avoid discomfort during walking, and also extensions.

What to do? to Choose a bandage - depending on own preferences and recommendations of the doctor. The compact tummy sometimes has enough support of an elastic belt of shorts - a bandage, but they will be useless on late terms or at a considerable set of weight. Then the bandage in the form of a tape is useful - it provides more reliable support. Some complications of pregnancy (such as uterus tone) demand careful selection of a bandage and strict observance of rules of its carrying.

How to do? correctly to pick up the size, it is necessary to measure a circle of a waist and hips in the widest place. The sizes of tape bandages S, M, L correspond to the sizes of usual lingerie. All bandages are put on in a prone position correctly to distribute pressure of an elastic insert or tape upon a stomach: in the top part of a stomach pressure has to be less, and in lower - it is more. The bandage - a tape can be put on from above underwear and tights. It is convenient if the sizes of the supporting accessory can be regulated - for example, flypapers on each side. Signal that the bandage is put on incorrectly, - feeling of discomfort: the woman feels that the bandage sits “somehow not so“.

Universal support

, What for? One of kinds of a bandage - universal which can be used for support of a tummy and to, and after the delivery. It is a belt too from the rubberized fabric which is buttoned on flypapers, with a special configuration: one party is wider than it, another - already. During the prenatal period the wide part of a belt strengthens a back, distributing loading, and narrow - supports a stomach and is fixed under it. After the delivery the bandage turns over on the contrary.

What to do? the Universal bandage gives the chance to save, but not always. During pregnancy at some pathologies its carrying is impossible, after the delivery it can be contraindicated at certain types of seams after Cesarean section, gastrointestinal tract diseases, hypostases, skin diseases, an allergy. After the delivery only one carrying a bandage will not reduce stomach volumes: here not to do without exercises.

How to do? Put on a bandage lying. It should not press on a stomach. It is not necessary to tighten it too hardly, but also the weak tension is senseless - so the belt simply fixes nothing. It needs to be removed periodically (about an every 3 hour). After the delivery such bandage, with the permission of the doctor, can be put on in the first day. In this case it is put on “on the contrary“, a wide strip fixing the restretched stomach muscles.

Grace - and all charm

What for? Sometimes the figure after the delivery did not return to normal yet, and should look on all hundred. Here - that to the aid will also come the dragging-away linen or special bandages which will help to squeeze into any refined dress.

What to do? it is enough to strong to buy Someone pants - utyazhka, to someone - at several o`clock “to chain“ itself in a corset. A special postnatal bandage - grace has the overestimated waist, a multilevel fastener from below or sideways, dense inserts on a stomach. There are strengthened options of such bandages, the high dragging-away ability is characteristic of them. It is necessary to be ready to the fact that for beauty it is necessary to suffer, - times when the corset for the woman was a usual thing, passed long ago.

How to do? to Follow instructions for application which are surely attached to such linen. However, the general rule does not change - it is better to put on “utyazhka“ in horizontal position. Also you remember: to breathe a diaphragm in such grace it will not turn out.

of Exercise after the delivery

What for? to return to perfection, it is necessary to sweat. In the beginning, when the kid will require almost all your attention, you will be able only to be engaged at home and by “the residual principle“.

What to do? Exercises which will allow you to return to normal weight approximately in half a year. But it is necessary to remember that former weight - yet not former forms. The stomach, most likely, will demand additional attention and additional loadings: the stretched muscles have to be reduced and come to a tone. It is possible to use the same exercises, as before pregnancy, another matter that now instead of one - two approaches it is required to you much more.

How to do? Most likely, in the first two months the doctor will forbid to be engaged actively in fitness and stomach exercises. The uterus after the delivery has to be restored, allocations - to end, seams if they were, - to heal. After that it is possible to resume trainings. It is possible to buy a disk with a complex of physical occupations and not to take out it from DVD, including any released minute. It can be a kallanetika and Pilates, yoga and aerobics - all is useful. It is possible to get some unpretentious exercise machine, with a condition: not to use it as a support for small bottles and a hanger for clothes. Self-checking is useful and here: if not to be lazy, in a day such the sportminutok will collect about an hour - not so badly for young mother!

does not need to think that the child`s birth forever spoils a figure and especially a stomach. On the contrary, the figure becomes womanly and attractive - if it to be engaged, of course. And the speed with what recently given rise stars restore the flat press, once again confirms: the main thing - lack of laziness and requirement to be beautiful. The rest - business of time and practice.