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What to do with a depression? 8 steps to self-healing of

Ways of an exit from a depression are put in ourselves - it is necessary only to manage to activate them, the neurobiologist David Servanus - Shreyber claims. Sometimes the help of the psychotherapist is for this purpose necessary, but to change physical activities, food and the environment we can also.



on Novy Bridge, I watch how between white stones Seine flows. Ashore, in the center of Paris, some man fishes together with the son. The little boy just caught the small fish, and his eyes shine with happiness.

often I remember

Ya long walks along the same river with the father when I was at the age of this boy. The father told me that when he was small, his father, my future grandfather, still bathed in Seine, even in the winter. Also added that now the river is so polluted that in it not only it is impossible to bathe, but even there is no fish.

Thirty years later fish returned. Perhaps, already again it is possible and to bathe. Was to cease to pollute enough Seine that she herself cleared. The rivers - living beings. They, as well as we, strive for balance, a homeostasis. In fact - to self-healing. When they are left alone when cease to dump in them waste, they are cleared.


It is similar to all living beings, the rivers live in continuous interaction with the environment: rains, air, earth, trees, seaweed, fishes and people. And this live exchange creates an order, organization, and eventually - and purity.

Only still waters are not involved by

in an exchange and therefore rot. The death is a contrast of life: there is no interaction with the outside world any more, and continuous rebalancing, about, characteristic of life, gives way to chaos and destruction. But while natural forces work, they reach for balance.

Aristotle considered that any life form hides in itself force which he called “entelekhiya“, or self-end. The seed or egg comprise force thanks to which they will become much more difficult organism, whether it be a flower, a tree, chicken or the person. This process of self-end not only physical - at the person it continues wisdom finding. Karl Jung and Abraham Maslou made the same supervision. Mechanisms of self-healing and self-end seemed them the base of the life.

treatment Methods about which I told on the previous pages are aimed by

at support of the mechanisms of self-end inherent in all living beings, - from a cage to the whole ecosystem, including the person. Just because they use natural forces of an organism and promote harmony finding, they are very effective and have almost no side effects. As each of these methods in own way maintains efforts of a brain and a body to find harmony, they possess strong joint action (synergy), and will be mistake to choose some one of them, having excluded all others. In the set these methods mutually strengthen action of each other, possessing ability to stimulate activity of parasympathetic system which calms and at the deep level treats a body and soul.

In 1940 - x years, with arrival of antibiotics, the medicine was changed radically. For the first time by means of drug treatment it was succeeded to win against the diseases which until then were considered as deadly. Pneumonia, syphilis, gangrene receded before simple drugs. Their efficiency was so high that led to revision of the postulates of medicine which were considered as immutable. Communication “the doctor - the patient“, food, behavior of the patient - everything appeared not very well. The patient took the pill, and they helped: even if the doctor did not talk to him even if food was wrong and even if the patient remained absolutely indifferent to the treatment. From this fantastic success of antibiotics new approach in applied medicine in the West was born: not taking into account neither circumstances of an illness, nor internal vital strength of the patient, nor his ability to self-healing. This mechanical approach became standard in medicine, having been beyond infectious diseases.

Today almost all medical education is in learning to diagnose an illness and to appoint the corresponding treatment. This approach perfectly works at sharp cases: when it is necessary to operate appendicitis, to appoint penicillin at pneumonia or a cortisone at an allergy... However when the speech comes about chronic diseases, such approach helps to cope only with symptoms and aggravations. How well we are able to treat heart attacks and to save the patient`s life by means of oxygen, a trinitrin and morphine, so this our treatment does not cope with the illness at which coronary arteries of heart are corked. Not so long ago it was succeeded to establish that only cardinal changes of a way of life of the patient are capable to force to recede this illness. It is about management of stresses, food control, physical activities and so on.

the situation and with depressions which are chronic diseases in the true sense of the word Also is. Would be delusion to consider that the one and only intervention whatever qualitative it was can counterbalance a long time difficult set of the reasons which for many years and even supported decades an illness. In it all practicians and theorists of medicine meet. Even the most steadfast supporters of psychoanalysis, on the one hand, and the most advanced neuropsychologists, with another, are forced to recognize: the best treatment of chronic depressions which the classical medicine can only offer combines psychotherapy and treatment by medicines. It is confirmed by the impressive research conducted at the same time at several universities and published in New England Journal of Medicine.



Ya with an image of the river which clears itself when the person ceases to pollute it. In the same way at treatment of chronic diseases it is necessary to develop the program which will solve a problem, at the same time involving various mechanisms of self-healing. It is necessary to create a powerful synergy of different methods of intervention which will outstrip development of an illness. For creation of such synergy I also described various ways of self-healing in this book. Their combination adapted under each case more likely is capable to change emotional pain and to return vital forces.

We considered a set of the ways helping to get into depth of emotional life and to restore coherence. But with what to begin? The experience which is saved up in the Center of complementary medicine of Pittsburgh allowed to develop rather simple rules for the choice suitable each person. Here they.

  1. First of all, it is necessary to learn to control the internal state . Any of us throughout life finds for himself ways of a self-consolation which help to overcome the difficult moments. Unfortunately, it is about cigarettes, chocolate, frozen, beer or whisky and even about anesthesia by TV programs more often. These are the most widespread ways to distract from struggles of life. If we resort to the help of classical medicine, these daily toxins are easily replaced with tranquilizers or antidepressants. And if instead of the doctor advice to us is given by friends and classmates, tranquilizers are, as a rule, replaced with more radical methods of a self-consolation: cocaine or heroin.
    Is obvious that similar ineffective and most often toxic influences should be replaced with technicians who use possibilities of self-healing of an emotional brain and allow to restore harmony between mind, emotions and self-reliance. In Pittsburgh we induced each patient to open in ourselves ability to warm coherence and to learn to enter this state at the slightest stress (or when there is a temptation to relax by means of less healthy and less effective way to remove the arisen stress).
  2. If it is possible
  3. , should reveal painful events of the past which continue to cause experiences in the present . Most often patients underestimate value of emotional abscesses which they carry in themselves and which influence their relation to life, impoverishing it. Most of the practicing doctors, as a rule, do not attach it significance or do not know how to help patients to be exempted from heavy memoirs. And several sessions of DPDG usually are enough (desensitization and processing by the movement of eyes, a modern method of psychotherapy. - Editor`s note) to get rid of freight of the past and to allow to arise to new, more harmonious outlook on life.
  4. is always Not less important to analyze the chronic conflicts in the emotional relations : as in private life - with parents, spouses, children, brothers and sisters, - and at work. These relations directly influence our emotional ecosystem. Having become healthier, they will allow to find internal balance again. And continuing to pollute regularly “stream“ of our emotional brain, eventually, they block self-healing mechanisms.
    Sometimes simple revision of consequences of injuries of the past allows the emotional relations to revive with a new force. Having exempted from ghosts to which, I will notice, there is nothing to do in the present, you can open absolutely new way of establishing communications with other people. When we learn to control the warm coherence, it will be easier for us to operate our emotional relations. Nonviolent communication also allows to harmonize directly and effectively emotional contacts and to find internal balance. We constantly have to seek for the best emotional communication. If the skilled psychotherapist has not enough training in these methods, it is necessary to join in more difficult process of family therapy (when the most important conflicts lie in the sphere of private life).
  5. Almost to all will be done good by the food correction allowing to receive necessary amount of fatty acids an omega - 3, delivering, thus, to a body and a brain ideal building material for restoration. Today it is known that the so-called “kritsky“ (Mediterranean) diet allows not only to cope with a stress and a depression, but also to increase variability of a warm rhythm. Therefore everyone should reconsider the food allowance, having given preference to fish (or to accept an omega - 3 in the form of food additives) and reducing consumption an omega - 6.
  6. to
  7. Familiarizing with physical activities is available to everyone and almost does not demand financial investments. As for time expenditure, three times a week there are enough occupations for twenty minutes.
  8. Also to us quite on forces to change
  9. our way to wake up in the mornings . For change-over of internal clocks it is enough to replace an alarm clock with the lamp imitating dawn - effort minimum, and the result can be impressive.
  10. the Acupuncture , on the contrary, demands time and monetary investments. I recommend it generally to those who besides emotional pains have also physical problems - mainly, pain. In such situation of a needle usually allow to cope along with both problems (very difficult to facilitate a depression to the one who is constantly tormented by body pains).
  11. I at last to reach true internal tranquility, it is very important to understand more deeply a role which we play in society, outside our family . Those who managed to find in it sense, as a rule, are not limited only to achievement of a peace of mind. There is a feeling that these people open the power source giving lives a new impulse.

As well as all French school students, in sixteen years I read Camus`s story “Foreign“. I very well remember nervousness which then captured me. Yes, Camus is right, nothing makes sense. We float blindly on the river of life, we will come across strangers who are also lost, as well as we, randomly choose ways which define all our destiny, and eventually we die, without having managed to understand what we had to make in a different way... And if to us carries, we will be able to support illusion of integrity, at least partly realizing at the same time general absurdity of life. This awareness of absurdity of existence - our only advantage in comparison with animals. Camus is right. There is nothing to wait more.

Today, in forty one years, after many years spent at a bed of men and women of all nationalities which got confused and suffering I remember “Stranger“ again, but absolutely in a different way. Now to me it is absolutely clear that Camus`s hero lost communication with the emotional brain. It had no inner world, or he never addressed it: he did not test either grief, or pain on a funeral of the mother, did not feel tenderness in the presence of the wife; he hardly felt anger when was going to commit murder. And it is obvious, at it was not public relations to which he could value (from where the name of the book).

A our emotional brain, a fruit of millions of years of evolution, just is also eager for these three aspects of life to which the Stranger had no access: the emotions which are the movements of soul of our organism, the harmonious relations with those who are dear to us, and feelings that we take the place in society. Deprived of them, we in vain look for meaning of life outside ourselves, in the world where we became... strangers.

of a wave of feelings, proceeding from these sources of life to make active our organism and our emotional neurons, the direction and sense give to our existence. And become healthy we can, only developing each of them.

From the book “Antistress. How to win against
a stress, alarm and a depression without drugs and psychoanalysis“