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Scientists: how to get rid of a depression without drugs and psychotherapy of

Why one people till an old age remain active and cheerful, and destiny of others - melancholy, alarm and loneliness? Why the diagnosis “depression“ became such widespread? These questions are answered in the book by the neurobiologist David Servanus - Shreyber.

Life is a fight. But you should not conduct this fight only for the sake of yourself. The reason needs more powerful reason for continuing efforts, than a simple survival. In the novel “Planet of People“ of Saint - Ekzyuperi tells how the plane piloted Henri Guillaume got lost in the Andes. Within three days the pilot went through ice cold forward. Having stumbled, he fell face down during snow. And enjoying this unexpected respite, suddenly understood that if now does not rise, then will never rise any more. He was exhausted and did not want to get up. It liked thought of death more - quiet and painless. Mentally he already said goodbye to the wife and children and last time felt love to them in the heart.

But then it suddenly lit up

: if his bodies do not find, the wife should wait for the whole four years before she is able to receive money on an insurance. Having opened eyes, he saw in one hundred meters ahead the big stone which was sticking out of snow. If it is possible to reach it, the body will be visible better and then it will be found quicker... For the love of close Henri rose and continued the way. But now it was conducted forward by love. He did not stop any more and, having passed even more than hundred kilometers, saw the village. Later he told:“ Any animal in the world would not make what was made by me“. When its survival stopped being sufficient motive, his love to others, care of them gave it forces to continue fight.

Today we are in epicenter of the planetary movement to individualism psychology, or personal development. The main values of the personality are independence and independence, a freedom of expression. These values take so important place that even specialists in advertizing use them to force us to buy that buy also all around. Just at the same time to us it is put some idea that acquisition of this or that thing does us unique. “Become by itself“, - advertizing of clothes or spirits calls us. “Express the I“, - advertizing of coffee induces.“ You think in a different way“, - advertizing of computers orders.

It is undoubted, these values, whose importance uncontrollably grows since revolutions of the end of the 18th century, brought a lot of benefit. They are the cornerstone of the concept “freedom“ having for us huge value. But the further we move in this direction, the more we are convinced that independence and independence have the price. We pay for it in loneliness, loss of meaning of life, sometimes sufferings. Never before at us was such freedom of parting with spouses who ceased to satisfy: in the western countries the indicator of stains approaches fifty percent. Never before we moved so much: it is considered that in the United States the family changes the residence on average each five years.

Having got rid of habitual communications, of a debt and obligations in relation to others, we never before had so full freedom in search of an own way, risking to remain lonely as a result. Possibly, it is one more reason for which in the West for the last fifty years the indicator of depressions steadily grows.

my friend emigrated, having left the country. To it 37, it worked as the doctor and until recently one lived. Long time he looked for sense which obviously did not get his life, in psychoanalysis and numerous trainings of personal growth. And then and in antidepressants, having tried almost everything. At last he told me: “In effect, the only moment when I cease to ask myself questions of sense of life, is the moment when my two-year-old son takes me by hand, and we go together even if just behind the newspaper in the next booth!“ .

the Love to our relatives, to our children, perhaps, is a source of the most obvious meaning of life. But the importance of other people for our own composure is not limited only to the nuclear family (spouses and their children). Actually, than more we are involved in life of society which, without doubts, is important for us, the feeling is stronger that we play in it a part, taking the place which is appreciated by others, the it is simpler to get rid of feeling of alarm, a stress, despair and loss of meaning of life.

I remember

Ya one elderly lady whom advised at home as she was afraid to leave the apartment. She had emphysema and could not do without the cylinder with oxygen. But the depression was its main problem. In seventy five years already nothing interested her, she felt exinanition and alarm and waited for death. Certainly, it had a sleeplessness, a small appetite, and she spent all the time, feeling sorry for herself.

At the same time I was struck with her intelligence. She worked long time the assistant to the director of the large company, and, despite all depression, from it the feeling of competence and confidence obviously proceeded. Somehow I told it: “I know that you very badly feel and need the help, but you are also a person who possesses all qualities to be very useful another. You did not think of helping the disadvantaged?“

She was surprised that the psychiatrist whose duty consists in helping her suddenly asks such question. But quickly understood where I drive, and in her eyes the interest spark was lit. As a result she began to devote part of the time to children from dysfunctional families, training them in reading. It was heavy, considering that it hardly moved. Besides not all children expressed it gratitude, and it was hard to cope with some absolutely. But this occupation became important for it. It gave it the purpose in life, feeling of necessity and again included it in society which she had to leave from - for age and disability.

It is feeling is not dictatorship of culture or public morals at all. It is requirement of the brain: within the last thirty years the sotsiobiologiya demonstrated that altruism is put in our genes. Orientation to other people and internal balance which we with it find are part of our genetic matrix. In the researches devoted to people who live more happily than others constantly two circumstances come to light. These people have stable emotional relations with relatives, and they take active part in life of the society. We already spoke about the emotional relations much, but how the situation with broader social communications is?

to Participate in public life means to give the time and soul to business from which we do not receive material benefit. It is one of the most effective remedies when it is necessary to fill feeling of emptiness which so often accompanies depressions.

to encourage A little elderly people at nursing homes, to help an animals shelter, to offer the services to the nearest school, to take part in work of municipal council or labor union - all this allows to feel not such lonely and, as a result, less disturbing and depressive. To the first it was shown by Emil Durkheim - the sociologist and the philosopher, the founder of the French sociological school. In the book “Suicide“, fundamental work on modern sociology, it showed that most often themselves killed by people who are least involved in life of society. Since then the American sociologists established that the people participating in public work not only are happier than others, but also possess better health and longer live.

the Research published in American Journal of Cardiology emphasizes that other things being equal indicators mortality of the elderly needy people participating in public work is 60 percent lower, than at those who do not participate in it. The analysis of positive influence of such activity on health published in Science leads to an unambiguous conclusion: it is a guarantee of long life. Guarantee, perhaps, even the best, than control of arterial pressure, low level of cholesterol and refusal of smoking. Pleasure to realize the communication with others, to feel the involvement into social group - remarkable medicine for an emotional brain, so, and for all organism.

the Austrian psychiatrist Victor Frankl by miracle survived in nazi concentration camps. In the tremendous book written on the basis of the endured experience he remembers what allowed some prisoners to keep, despite everything. Even if its supervision have no value of the scientific facts, the conclusions drawn by it coincide with results of researches: to survive in a cold and indifferent environment, it is necessary to find sense of existence, to establish connection with something. Its advice to the people who appeared in a desperate situation, - not to ask from life to make something for you, and to wonder that you can make for life.

Can just perform the work with bigger return, having thought what benefit it brings to other people. It is possible to devote a little time - at least once in a week - to some business, group of people, one person or even an animal to whom at you the soul lies. Mother Teresa, whose ability to show compassion in operation, made her the undisputed leader of the XX century, spoke:“ Do not make good deeds for show. The essence is in giving a part of. The most important - that compassion which you put in the act“. it is Also not obligatory for p to be

in a harmony with itself at all to devote itself to others. The psychologist is the humanist Abraham Maslou - the ancestor of the movement very powerful today of “the personal growth“. Having finished the researches of happy and psychologically balanced people, he drew a conclusion that the final stage of development of the personality is a stage of the address of the “staticized“ person to others. At the same time he insisted also on importance of self-realization:“ The checked way to become the best attendant for others is to the most to become better. But to become better most, it is necessary to serve others. Means, it is possible and it is even obligatory to do these two things at the same time“.

a century Later after Durkheim, in thirty years after Frankl and Maslou modern physiological researches confirmed their correctness: measuring warm coherence by means of the computer, scientists note that the easiest and fast way to enter an organism into a balanced state is to endure feeling of gratitude and tenderness in relation to other person. When at the deep, emotional level we feel the communication with those who surround us, our physiology is spontaneously included into a condition of coherence. And at the same time, helping it to reach this state, we open a way to new ways of comprehension of the world surrounding us.

From the book “Antistress. How to win against a stress,
alarm and a depression without drugs and psychoanalysis“