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Winter holidays: health of a liver under the threat!

Winter - not only a season of colds. This season - the real test for our liver. Also put here not only that in the winter we should accept more medicines both for treatment, and for prevention of catarrhal diseases. Still we are waited also by series of New Year`s holidays with multi-day feasts and plentiful libations - literally from the very beginning of a year health of our liver appears under the threat. What can be recommended for its protection?

of the Problem of silent body

the Liver - the big toiler whose care of ours health we usually do not notice. We feel how work heart, lungs and even kidneys, but that we have a liver, we know only from books. And its value is really huge. She synthesizes proteins of serum of blood, participates in carbohydrate, lipidic, proteinaceous and vitaminno - mineral exchanges. In it the bile necessary for absorption from intestines of fats and fat-soluble substances, including fat-soluble vitamins A, is synthesized by D, E, K. The liver neutralizes substances, toxic for an organism.

the Liver long tries to cope with the problems therefore many years we can not know that in it there are some changes. Emergence of any symptoms, for example, of pains in the right podreberye, bad shipping of greasy food, an abdominal distension, skin itch or emergence on skin of a large number of bruises, says that the considerable loss is caused to health of a liver. The similar situation happens also to analyses. Only at big problems with a liver in blood the level of so-called “hepatic“ tests increases.

What can do much harm a liver during holidays?

during holidays the liver experiences the raised strain. As it appeared, much of what is pleasant to us, it is not pleasant to a liver. What to it “not to taste“?

Gepagard Aktiv ® - the best recommendation

While we plan to relax on full, it is necessary that someone took care about health of our liver. We need modern and rather effective gepatoprotektor - such as Gepagard Aktiv ® . It can be recommended for maintenance of health of a liver the day before, in time and after long feasts.

Structure of means Gepagard Aktiv ® it is really unique. It is the combined product comprising three components - essentsialny phospholipids, L - a carnitine and vitamin E. The structure of means is carefully balanced, and components are picked up taking into account the mechanism of their action. Each of them mutually strengthens and supplements action of each other.

Essentsialny phospholipids - construction material of which membranes of cages of all organism are under construction. Cells of a liver, hepatocytes, are actively updated therefore especially are in great need in them. The part of phospholipids is synthesized in a liver, but the most part has to arrive from the outside, with food. Gepagard Aktiv ® lecithin of soybeans which for 97% consists of fosoflipid contains. Lecithin - not only their source, it interferes with removal from an organism of one more substance, very important for a liver, - L - a carnitine.

L - the carnitine counteracts development of obesity of a liver, and also shows antioxidant, detoksikatsionny, anti-inflammatory and regenerative actions. The main mechanism of action L - a carnitine is connected with the fact that he transfers fatty acids in mitochondrions - “power stations“ of cages. Only in mitochondrions fatty acids “burn down“, releasing energy necessary to an organism. If fatty acids collect in cells of a liver, but do not get to mitochondrions, fat continues to collect in hepatocytes and there can occur their death.

Vitamin E - the fat-soluble vitamin showing strong antioxidant properties. It strengthens membranoprotektorny effect of phospholipids, protecting a valuable phospholipidic layer of cells of a liver from oxidation processes. The more load of a liver, the is higher need for vitamin E. In the organism it is not synthesized, we receive it from food and dietary supplements.

Gepagard Aktiv ® - a gepatoprotektor with a mass of advantages

Why for maintenance of health of a liver many choose Gepagard Aktiv ® ?