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For the sake of happiness of the daughter it is a pity for nothing! An elegant dress for morning performance from...

It was long ago... 15 years ago. But this history left the most touching memoirs in my memory. It is so much tears and laughter at the same time at me it was very rare. I will begin from far away... Married in 18 years, in a year the firstborn - the daughter Christina appeared. The husband worked as the driver, received a little and often spent on drink that money. Lived on my child care allowance. Several months prior to appearance at work the baby began to go to kindergarten. Dressed the daughter as could. Necessary things, of course, were. And once, the teacher told me that every other day they will have a morning performance and it is necessary to dress the child elegantly.

At the very same time I realized

that we have nothing, there is no place to take and to buy there is nothing. I pretended that everything is normal, smiled and we went home. In the head of any ideas that to do - I do not know. It would be possible to leave Christina at home, and the problem would be resolved by itself, but to recede not in my rules - I resolved to think up something. Especially in a stock there was even the whole day! There came evening. I already considered all possible options, but was suitable nothing. Decided to touch the things and among them found a flannelette pink nightgown, the grandmother`s gift. It was already which - that. I with inspiration remembered that I in the seventh class visited three months a circle of dressmaking, and in the eighth - to myself sewed a New Year`s suit of the Baba-yaga (even took the 3rd place). Really, I think, I will not be able to sew to the child a dress? But there were two more difficulties: the sewing machine was broken, and material - prostovat. But it does not matter! Decided what manually too can be sewed especially as there is a magazine with a pattern of a dress one girl more senior. And here my one and only lacy pink peignoir caught sight to me... Immediately the thought came that this my rescue: laces will perfectly look on a dress. But it is only easy to tell it - as I felt sorry for him! Spread out to beds, remembered how I bought it before a wedding as protected it and put on in special cases. Burst into tears for offense, with pity to herself. And at the same time rejoiced, representing as the dress will look. Then for a long time, to three o`clock in the morning, sat in a corridor on a floor that to wake nobody and cut, sewed, sobbing, smiling. And with what impatience wanted to try on this dress on Christina. Was ideally suited, and material also was enough for a bow! The happy and happy daughter went to holidays for a long time in this dress until it became her very little. The surprised father told that he did not suspect that I also am able to sew. And I... Was left without the favourite peignoir, but such happy!

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