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New year: what do your children want to receive as a gift? All look forward to

New year. Especially children! Still, they will be given gifts, it is a lot of gifts - bright, interesting, unusual, of what they dreamed and which asked from Father Frost. Parents only need to guess what gift their child wants to receive this year!

Till 1 year. Babies do not understand yet what is a holiday and why it is necessary to give gifts. But they sincerely rejoice because all stay in good mood around. Such small children cannot correctly estimate yet the importance of things therefore parents can date purchase of functional things which will be useful him in care of the kid for New year.

From 1 year to 3 years. is closer by 3 years the child begins to understand, than holidays differ from other days in a year. Children wait for New year and rejoice to gifts! Parents can already acquaint the son or the daughter with Father Frost. The main thing that they were not frightened the unfamiliar grandfather.

From 3 to 6 years. At this age children equally love New year and birthday. The main reason - gifts! Children think out in advance that they would like to receive as a gift this time, and with pleasure learn rhymes and songs which will tell then or will sing to Father Frost.

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Of 6 years. At this age children for certain already know from where actually under a fir-tree there are gifts. But the holiday does not become from it less favourite and long-awaited.

What to present to the child?

We collected by

the most different children`s goods in one table - this crib will help to decide on the choice if you did not think up yet what to present to the children (and also to nephews and children of friends) for New year.

the Electronic alarm clock, hours, a fashionable t-shirt, sneakers, a player and earphones is also more senior than
Age to Boys to Girls
Till 1 year the Developing rug, rattles, toys for bathing, bright mobiles, pyramids with large details, prorezyvatel with different reliefs, toys for development of small motility, walkers, overalls, children`s ware.
1 year the Designer with large details, cubes, pyramids, the game center, musical toys, a suit or warm overalls.
2 years Designers, pyramids, finger-type paints, large puzzles and mosaics with big details, overalls for the street with the image of the favourite hero, the machine, excavators, buses, tractors, trucks; the toy laptop, soft toys and dolls, bright plasticine, ware set with an original list or with the image of favourite characters.
3 years the Railroad, or army of tell-tales, machines, thematic books with electronic modules. Various dolls, toy house, furniture, soft toys, accessories to coloring and drawing.
4 years Elegant clothes for kindergarten, a mask of the superhero or a suit of the Spiderman, a board with the magnetic alphabet or an easel for drawing, fairy tales and songs on CD, the children`s mobile phone. Thematic sets for role-playing games: toy kitchen, ware, a set of the doctor, as, the hairdresser, the teacher, etc., easels for drawing by markers or chalk, audiobooks.
of 5 years Radio-controlled helicopters, machines or trains, books with bright illustrations, game sets for future conjurers, engineers, biologists, physicists or a workshop for role-playing games. the Set of finger-type dolls for private theatricals, a coloring, a doll which are able to talk, eat and bathe in a bathtub, elegant dresses.
of 6 years Sets for active games, sports ammunition for winter walks, skates, the sledge, a helmet, board games with electronic elements, sets for creativity. Sets for creativity, a doll - model with long hair by means of which it is possible to learn to do the hair training and developing books as the electronic game book with pass - the computer, skates and the sledge for active winter recreation.
of 7 years School supplies, elegant suits, small thermoses, small bottles for water or containers for food, robots - transformers and sports ammunition. Fancy dresses, a bright stationery, sets for creativity and role-playing games, beautiful dresses and jewelry.
of 8 years Electronic robotic toys, the mobile phone, sets for scientific experiences, the game console, collection figures of favourite characters, such as Batman, the Spiderman etc. Dresses, jewelry, caskets, photo albums, a beautiful set of a cap, gloves and a scarf, a stylish bag, an easy and ergonomic small bottle for water, collection figures of animal and favourite characters.
of 9 years of the Puzzle, board games, telescope, e-book. Bright and interesting books, notebooks, caskets, desktop mirror, electronic assistants: hours, alarm clock, book.
of 10 years . Cosmetics bag, small purse, watch, jewelry.