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New year: a holiday it is possible to note differently

Aroma of oranges, elegant garlands on a fluffy fir-tree, a holiday table, Father Frost, guests and, of course, gifts! So New year is celebrated in Russia. But whether always so was?

Very few people know that the majority of New Year`s traditions got accustomed at us in the country not so long ago. In Russia New year did not do without Christmas carols and fortune-telling. On a holiday table gave a kolivo from whole grains and pancakes. And only at Peter I we felt influence of the Western European culture, with pleasure having adopted tradition to decorate a Christmas tree or to start fireworks. Solemn peal of bells, Father Frost and the Snow Maiden became the integral symbols of New year only at the time of the USSR.

Despite some cultural loans, at each country of the world the unique history, so, and the traditions to celebrate the lightest, long-awaited and solemn holiday of year. Today we will tell how New year is celebrated in other corners of the world.

you, probably, paid attention that traditions to celebrate New year in the different countries of the world are not similar at each other at all? We are united only by belief in miracles and big love to gifts! The festive atmosphere comes to each house irrespective of, we believe in Father Frost or already not.

We want to wish

to you that this family holiday collected at one table of the closest people. Only then year will begin joyfully, cheerfully and carefree.