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Christmas tree decorations for children the hands: we prepare for New year!

In New Year`s Eve days especially there is a wish for homeliness which can be created only with own hand. This article how to sew Christmas tree decorations - and not simple, but very nice and absolutely safe for kids. The detailed master - a class from Olga Vorevodina.

my Main idea was to make safe toys that children could decorate a Christmas tree.



So, to us it is required:

  1. we Draw a pattern or we look for necessary on various amateur resources.
    cut out on a pattern felt. If felt thin, all pair details we cut out at the same time from the felt folded double.

  1. the Taurus of our owl consists of 3 details. That the toy turned out equal and accurate, we note the middle of details and we combine.

  1. we cut off a long thread Now to sew all parts one thread: it is less than small knots - the seam and work in general are accurater. We sew everything a decorative seam.

  1. When the little body is almost sewed by

    , we fill a synthetic winterizer and we sew up. We put the cut-out eyes and a nose, we pass a thread of other color in a needle. I advise a nose at first to paste, and then from above to sew area of eyes.

  1. Area of eyes and a nose on the place, we start the most interesting - we do ears - brushes!

  1. That our toy was more expressive, a peephole we sew beads to area, we embroider with a bright thread around and we paint with acrylic paint, then at each author the will turn out a scoop! We sew ears.

Ears can leave


“eyelets“, and it is possible to cut loops - then a scoop it will turn out with fluffy ears.

we Sew a ribbon - the toy is ready for a fir-tree!

of Ideas of felt toys set:

Dream and experiment! And surely get an album with the ideas and patterns. Good luck and with coming New year!