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The newborn is also more senior: secrets of bathing of kids of

Bathing of the kid - remarkable procedure during which the child not only washes but also moves, becomes tempered much, receives the mass of positive emotions; it is an excellent way of prevention of various diseases and full care of skin. There are some of simple, but very important rules which implementation does bathing by the most useful.

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is better to Bathe the peanut in the evening days, before feeding. Before bathing prepare fresh linen, a cotton diaper, a big towel, diapers, children`s shampoo, foam and cream. Measure by the thermometer water in a tray - it has to be about 37 degrees. Air in a bathroom has to be heated-up to 25 degrees.

What means to use when bathing

the First question which arises at parents: than to bathe the kid. It is necessary to approach the choice of means most seriously as the mistake can turn back irritation, an allergy, decrease in natural protection of skin etc. Dermatologists recommend:

  • to Get special children`s skins, shampoos, gels for bathing. Level rn good children`s means is close to rn skin of babies therefore gentle skin of kids when bathing does not suffer. Such means often contain various additives which are well influencing skin and hair, for example, extracts of a camomile, a train; they are hypoallergenic and pleasantly smell that too is important when bathing.
  • to Apply the specialized children`s means developed and approved by the Russian dermatologists, for example, production of the Sweetie pie brand. Before their admission to sale, a number of the mandatory tests confirming safety for children is carried out. All production of the Sweetie pie series is approved and recommended for application of “MNII of Pediatrics and children`s surgery“ of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.
  • to Bathe babies the means calculated strictly on their age. There are very soft skins, gels and shampoos which can be applied since the birth, and those which are intended for children of a year - there are added a fragrance with a smell, pleasant for children. For example, “Sweetie pie“ lets out directly for newborns shampoo with a camomile and a skin for bathing with a train, and also the combined means - a skin - shampoo with extract scarlet and a rice milk. For kids 1 years the range are more senior “The honey melon“ includes shampoos “Candy Freshness“, “Juicy Tangerine“, a skin for bathing.

As it is correct to li to bathe the kid

In warm water add several drops of a skin for bathing - it has favorable effect on skin and gives to procedure special mood. Means should be chosen depending on age of the kid.

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  • of For newborns a gentle skin with a train or a skin - “From top to toe“ shampoo “Sweetie pie“. These means are ideally suited for gentle skin of babies therefore they can be applied though every day.
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  • For children of a year try a skin “A honey melon“ with oil of avocado which humidifies, protects and calms sensitive children`s skin.

Accurately lower the kid in a tray - at first legs, and then all little body. The nape of the child has to lie on a wrist of the left hand (if you the lefthander - right), you wash with the second hand the child. That the kid did not freeze, water him with warm water from a tray. Then apply a small amount of funds for bathing on a palm or a soft bast, make foam it and start bathing.

wash with

of the Kid in the following sequence - at first a neck, then a tummy, legs, handles and a back. Carefully walk on all folds, do not forget about armpits, sites between fingers of legs, knee bends. It is especially carefully necessary to wash out genitals - babies wash away at first in front, then behind.

How to wash the child`s head

If the body of the child is not difficult to wash up

at all, and the kid even rejoices to such procedure, then washing of the head often is followed by tears. Negative reaction can be caused by caustic shampoo or the wrong behavior of parents. First of all it is necessary to decide on detergent as improper shampoo can cause in the child not only irritation a peephole, but also dandruff, an itch, rash on the head. Good shampoo is focused on age, for example, since the birth till one year, does not contain “adult“ additives and has no pungent smell.

can take
  • of For newborns shampoo with a camomile “Sweetie pie“. It is so gentle that even at hit in eyes it is imperceptible. Besides, the camomile looks after head skin. Children get used to pleasant painless procedure and are not afraid of bathing.
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  • For children of a year will be suitable fragrant shampoos “Candy Freshness“ or “Juicy Tangerine“. These means also very soft and well influence hair, doing them soft and obedient. Kids wash with pleasure such shampoos, especially if to alternate them, suggesting the kid to choose aroma independently.

Wet the child`s hair, drip shampoo and make foam it. Massage head skin a little, and then slowly wash away means, beginning from a face of the baby. After that accurately rinse the kid. For this purpose it is necessary to use water on 1 - 2 degree colder, than in a tray. Then wrap up the child in a towel and the easy movements rub off. Wrap it in a pure dry diaper and take a little on hands that the baby was warmed.

Final procedures

After bathing gentle skin of children can dry up and demands moistening. Good cream will quickly soften a surface, but it is necessary to apply it after skin of the baby dried. As experts recommend to use means of one series, and here it is possible to take the children`s moisturizing cream or oil for kids “Sweetie pie“.

Carefully process all folds of skin. Put on a diaper the baby. The headdress that the kid did not catch a cold is surely necessary. Bathing is finished - your peanut pure and happy, feed him and lay in a bed. Now your favourite sun will see only the most sweet dreams.