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7 questions and answers about a SARS and flu

a SARS and flu are a group of the viral diseases affecting the top airways. Viruses of this group are easily transmitted vozdushno - drop and contact in the ways. Symptoms of flu are known to all because everyone at least once in life had it.

the Soviet poet Sergey Mikhalkov briefly acquainted us with the main symptoms in the childhood:

“A sad look,
my Head hurts me,
Ya I sneeze, I became hoarse.
That it?
Is flu!“

its rhymed list practically does not differ in

from the list stated by usual language. Reproduction of a virus in cages of an organism causes a number of symptoms:

Of course, any person does not want “to pick up“ a virus and for a week, and even on two, to stop active full-fledged life. But from it nobody is insured, especially World Health Organization, as well as the Russian physicians predict a flu epidemic and this winter.

What questions we usually ask

in anticipation of a flu epidemic which comes nearly an every year to our cities?

1. Where the greatest probability “to pick up“ a virus?

the Maximum risk to meet an infection at those who often are in places of a congestion of a large number of people, and also at those who work as a part of groups on several people in the small badly aired rooms.

2. Whether it is possible to avoid infection if the colleague or the family member got sick with flu?

of People becomes the distributor of a virus at the end of the incubatory period, that is for 1 - 2 day before it has symptoms of a disease. The maximum concentration of viruses is observed through 1 - 2 day after the beginning of a disease. Later 5 - 7 day of an illness quantity of viruses in the exhaled air sharply decreases, and the patient becomes almost harmless for people around. Therefore the main danger falls on the hidden (incubatory) period of an illness when symptoms of a disease are not visible yet, and we communicate with the sick person as usual. When the illness was already shown, it is necessary to undertake preventive and protective measures not to allow infection of people around.

3. The flu inoculation and whether it is worth doing it is how effective?

Unfortunately, the vaccine cannot “capture“ all possible options of a virus since in connection with its high variability new strains appear every year and compliance of a vaccinal strain to epidemic is very seldom reached. Therefore having received by means of an inoculation immunity against one subtype of flu, the organism is not protected against another. In the researches of efficiency of various vaccines conducted in the USA it was found out that the antiinfluenzal vaccine in the form of nasal spray of the live weakened virus of flu is rather effective among children.

to Give to

a definite answer to the question “do or not do?“ it is difficult therefore everyone has to resolve this issue for itself(himself) independently, previously having studied all information.

4. What means (except medicinal therapy) facilitate a state during flu and a SARS?

First of all, during an illness it is necessary to drink much, it is desirable mineral water, fruit drinks, rather weak tea with a lemon. The bed rest has to be provided at least on first 3 - 4 day of an illness. It is obligatory to air regularly well the room where the patient lies - fresh air well influences immune system.

5. What can be complications of flu and how to warn them?

the Undertreated flu or flu postponed “standing“ can give to

serious complications: bronchitis, otitis, meningitis, endocarditis and so forth. The main prevention of complications - a bed rest, food restriction (especially fats and animal protein) and effective treatment. During recovery it is desirable to support an organism by the balanced food (with a large number of vegetables and fruit in a diet) and vitaminno - mineral complexes.

6. Why at flu it is impossible to accept antibiotics?

Antibiotics - the substances suppressing growth of living cells:

7. What medicine is most effective against flu?

For treatment of flu and a SARS needs to use the medicines capable to cope with a problem source - with a virus. If the used means has also symptomatic effect, i.e. stops unpleasant symptoms of a disease, it is twice effective.

it - double complex action the combined preparation of Anvimaks possesses (this new name of the known preparation AntiGrippin - the Maximum).

the following components are its part:

All components of a preparation of Anvimaks work with

at the same time, in a complex, that provides not only an absolute recovery, but also reduction of time of an illness.

Preparat Anvimaks

is issued in the form of a sachet (bags) of soluble powder which turns into medicinal drink.

Four various tastes - lemon, lemon with honey, crimson and blackcurrant - allow everyone to choose to themselves drink to liking. Before application of a preparation it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

contraindications Are available. Before application it is necessary to study the instruction.