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Rabbit in sauce, a duck in herbs and other meat - effectively and simply

How to prepare a rabbit? With what seasonings to bake a duck in an oven? How to diversify pork dishes? What recipe to take for mutton? All these questions are in detail answered in the book by the culinary specialist and the TV host Natalya Skvortsova. We chose dishes which effectively look, just prepare and perfectly disclose taste of each type of meat.

the Pork baked on a lattice from a celery (1,5 hours)

of 4 - 6 portions

  1. Garlic, onions, a celery and carrots we clear
  2. . Garlic is cut in half, we cut carrots long strips, onions - feathers, and a celery tuber - bars.
  3. the Form for roasting we spread
  4. celery stalks in the form of a lattice.
  5. we do to
  6. In meat by a sharp knife cuts.
  7. In pockets we put halves of garlic and carrots alternately.

  1. Then meat we rub

    with salt and pepper.

  2. Is fried on olive oil before formation of a ruddy crust. We add the onions and a celery cut by feathers and we fry 5 more minutes.
  3. the Oven we warm
  4. to 190 º Page. In a form with celery stalks in the form of a lattice we put meat and the fried onions and a celery.

  1. It is added a little water or broth and we put in an oven. In 50 minutes we add the tomatoes cut in half, and we bake 30 more minutes.
  2. Ready meat we take
  3. from an oven and we leave for half an hour. We give with the baked vegetables.

  1. Next day the baked meat turns into magnificent home-made boiled pork.

Mutton, stewed with prunes (1 hour)

For 2 portions

  1. Prunes we presoak cinnamon in warm broth, and raisin - in orange juice for 10 minutes. We purify mutton of veins and excess fat and we cut small pieces.
  2. Onions are peeled by
  3. and we cut feathers.
  4. Ginger is purified by
  5. , we cut in very small cubes.
  6. In a wide pan we warm oil and we fry on it meat from all directions within 10 minutes.
  7. we Add onions and we prepare on average fire of 5 more minutes.
  8. the prunes Soaked in broth are cut by
  9. in half and together with broth it is added to meat.
  10. we Season
  11. with salt and pepper to taste. We add cinnamon, ginger and raisin together with orange juice.
  12. Is closed by a cover, we allow to begin to boil, we diminish fire to a minimum and we extinguish still of 20 - 25 minutes.

the Duck in fragrant herbs (2,5 hours)

of 6 portions

  1. the Duck we undress

    on part: we separate legs.

  1. Slightly pressing

    a hand, we break ridge.

  2. we Cut off wings.
  3. by
  4. skinned also fat.

  1. we Separate breasts.
  2. In a bowl we mix dry herbs and salt.
  3. we Rub a duck with this mix, we shift in a form for roasting (well if it is a clay form) and we clean in the refrigerator for days.

  1. Next day all cut-off fat is small cut by


  2. we Fry
  3. on a frying pan to a condition of cracklings.

  1. we Fill in a duck with the melted fat (fat has to cover completely all pieces) and we put in previously warmed to 160 º About an oven on 1,5 - 2 hours.
  2. the Ready duck we eat
  3. at once or we display on jars (filling in with the melted fat).

  1. Is cooled and we clean in the refrigerator.

  1. Let does not frighten you by

    that you will prepare a dish two days. Real time for its preparation leaves much less. But what effect! In - the first, you will be stunned by taste, and in - the second, having spread out a ready duck on jars, you can store her in the refrigerator within several months, having always near at hand perfectly made meat. Do not throw out fat from a duck - on it it is possible to fry potato or to extinguish cabbage.

the Rabbit in mustard sauce (40 minutes)

For marinade:

For sauce:

of 6 portions

  1. In a small bowl we mix all products for marinade preparation.
  2. of the Rabbit is cut on portion pieces, we cover with marinade and we fry from all directions on melted butter to a golden crust.
  3. we Pour in wine and we extinguish half an hour at the closed cover. Ready rabbit we shift in a stewpan.
  4. In the remained sauce we pour in cream and we warm up on slow fire.
  5. skatyvay a ball also we add
  6. From flour and oil to sauce together with mustard.
  7. Is mixed before full dissolution.
  8. Then we remove
  9. from fire and we add the grated cheese.
  10. the Fried pieces of a rabbit we shift
  11. in the form for roasting oiled, we sauce, we strew with cheese and we bake in previously warmed to 220 º With an oven during of 8 - 10 minutes.
  12. we Give
  13. with boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes or macaroni.
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From the book too.
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