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Cheerful time - management for mothers: jars - organizers of

Very interesting idea - though for summer - are offered by American Merili, mother of 2 boys and one very little girl. But nothing will prevent us to adapt excellent idea by winter: to plan holidays cheerful and full of the most various impressions. And after such vacation of inspiration will be enough also for usual days!


This idea me was prompted by the cousin Cristal. Here what she wrote in the blog:“ This summer we with children made summer amusing jars thanks to which I had not to think out every day something new and creative. Once a week children pull out from a jar a piece of paper with wishes, than they will be engaged on the street what food we will cook and that they will do houses. We are sure that we will execute all three wishes within a week“.

Such way very much is suitable

for our family. I am often busy, and it seems that my friends in a different way spend days off: walking in parks, visiting pools, the museums and other interesting places. It is ashamed for me before my children, and I worry that their life will be not such cheerful and saturated.

Drawing up such calendar suits also my younger son as demonstrates the forthcoming planned projects and actions, and to the eldest son who needs to be borrowed during vacation. Personally to me this way allows to plan all events taking into account my operating schedule: it is not necessary to invent something new and extraordinary every day. My children like to look in our calendar and to learn, than we will be engaged next time.

to make our amusing jars, we used old banks from - under a pickles (and we are big fans of a different pickles), having decorated covers with decorative paper and having pasted on each jar of a label with names:“ Let`s go “, “ let`s make “, “ let`s eat“.

of Times a week, gathering in the evening all family, we give to each child the chance to pull out a card from each jar. Children very much like to discuss the forthcoming events for a week. Under the name “Let`s Go“ I put cards with photos and names of interesting places where it is possible to go to picnic or excursion, and transfer of the fact that it is possible to make nearby, near the house, for example, “a barbecue with friends“ in our jar.

under the name “Let`s Make“ I put a number of cards which demand from us creative sharpness, for example In a jar:“ Make a collage on circus “or“ master new skill“.

the Jar under the name “Let`s Eat“ became at us a hit (pay attention to a photo what quantity of cards lies in a jar).

Eventually I decided that I have to make something with all recipes which I collected on Pinterest page.

(Pinterest - the social network for creativity and inspiration allowing to add the image, to break on subjects (collections), to share them with other users. The images loaded on service are called “buttons“ (English pin), and collections - “boards“ (English boards)).

Ya printed out several pages with recipes, cut out cards and put in a jar “Let`s eat“. It became the most popular of all three therefore we decided that we will pull out 2 cards from there: the first meant some sweet entertainment, and the second - a juicy or exotic dish. (For exotic food I made a separate jar, on a photo it is not presented).

to Children it is very interesting to p to consider cards and to learn that we will eat. Let`s take, for example, the recipe of tasty mint cakes - me could not wait to bake them since I saw the recipe on Pinterest. And now the card with the image of this entertainment is placed with us on a calendar. We will bake them today!

All ingredients which are necessary for preparation of a dish we write down

in our list of purchases for a week. During this process children learn to shop and prepare (at desire, I can give several advice during shopping as it is necessary to spend correctly money).

to make our calendar, I took a big black sheet of paper and divided it into squares by means of a narrow decorative adhesive tape. Then a white pastel wrote days of week and number. We pasted the turned-out calendar for a wall a paper painting adhesive tape.

When children pull out a card from a jar, we choose day of week and we paste it on our calendar. Children adore this occupation!