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All secrets of the real risotto from the chief - the Italian: 5 recipes of

of Pietro Rongoni - the Italian chef working in Moscow. In the book devoted to risotto and paste it shares secrets of preparation of dishes of Italian cuisine. Let`s try to prepare the 5th different for risotto according to classical recipes and under the leadership of the master!

to Prepare for


rice quite not easy. Even the chief - to cooks it is difficult, especially if this ability is not part of their native tradition. I am from the North of Italy, and there rice everything is more popularly, than in the south. I do not want to tell that southerners do not know how to cook it, however in general it is our northern culture.

Ya I adore risotto, I like to cook it and I derive pleasure that Russians gradually begin to appreciate this dish which in Russia was not known earlier at all. But complexity is that rice is not paste which it is possible to leave on a plate, having been engaged in preparation of sauce. Behind rice it is necessary to watch, stir slowly all the time. Especially it is unpleasant in the summer, during an intolerable heat: you are above a plate of 15 minutes and on a sekundochka you will not come off!

Rice in risotto keeps the form. But it is for this purpose important to be able to observe balance: rice has to be at the same time both not rigid, but not friable. Too dry risotto difficult is digested, and too liquid - well, it is already porridge, but not risotto. The secret of achievement of such balance is seemingly simple, it is covered in gradual addition of broth in the necessary volume. But this ability comes with experience. If you add a big portion of broth at once, then rice will quickly reach readiness, and broth will not manage to be evaporated. Therefore, what at you will turn out? Porridge will turn out. Always it is necessary to try what you prepare, and, proceeding from it, to work further.

We essentially do not boil rice in the boiling water as it is done in other countries - we gradually bring it to readiness. To cook rice or to weary it in a small amount of liquid - absolutely different things.

the saying Exists: rice is born and dies in water. When it is cooked, it loses the useful properties, all of them remain in water. And in risotto amino acids and proteins remain. Often serve with boiled rice with sauce at French and many other people. In Russia French therefore also rice preparation procedure here same, as well as in France were the first foreign cooks. And in Italian cuisine rice - first course, and sauce is already mixed with rice in a preparation time.

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A what advantages at rice before paste? It can be combined with any ingredients. Open the refrigerator, get four any products, add them to correctly prepared rice - and receive brilliant risotto! Of course, I exaggerate, all - not anything, it is possible to add, but... almost everything. With paste such number does not pass. And in general, if risotto it is made with soul, it cannot be tasteless, and it is the axiom which is not demanding proofs!

of Risotto byanko

is a risotto without additional ingredients - white risotto. For preparation of risotto the frying pan has to be old, acquired and only for rice. Broth in which pour in risotto in process of cooking has to be hot, but not boiling. It is better for Rees to prepare at a constant temperature, without allowing sharp jumps.

On 4 persons

In a cold frying pan, is better pig-iron and old, put oil - olive or creamy (or their mix), then small cut onions.


on average fire several minutes to transparency, then add rice for risotto, fry it with onions. Grains of rice become transparent at the edges and incorporate aroma and taste of onions and olive oil (if you cook risotto with additives, for example with mushrooms, then at this stage it is possible to add other ingredients).

Then add alcohol to rice: cognac, white or red wine (that is near at hand or that more preferably according to the recipe) and evaporate it almost completely.

after that in the small portions add broth (meat, fish, vegetable etc. depending on risotto ingredients) and, stirring slowly, bring rice to a state “al an awning“ (literally: on teeth, i.e. to such an extent readiness when rice remains slightly hardish, but not rigid). At this time it is better not to depart from a plate as broth needs to be added in process of evaporation and to disturb accurately.

of Risotto prepares near of 16 - 18 minutes.

When grains of rice will inflate and will emit starch, and in a frying pan still will remain a little starchy hot weight - remove risotto from fire and let`s stand 1 minute.

Then put in ready risotto slightly - slightly grated parmesan and stir, later put the cold butter cut with cubes and carefully mix before formation of a creamy emulsion.

Rice has to turn out not friable and not dry, soft, but keeping a form - to reach this state rather difficult.

of Risotto with a lemon

On 4 persons

Make for

vegetable broth, having dissolved a cube in 0,5 l of water. In a deep bowl shake up the mixer cream, put them in the refrigerator for half an hour. Meanwhile be engaged in rice preparation, periodically watering it with hot broth. Take 2 lemons, squeeze out juice of one, grate a peel of another. In half an hour add lemon juice, a polished peel, a saffron and a pinch of salt to cream. When hashing cream will begin to gain yellowish color. In 10 minutes prior to readiness of rice gradually add to it the paste which turned out from cream and a piece of butter, mix. When giving at will it is possible to add grated parmesan to risotto and to decorate a dish with a pinch of a grated lemon peel.

of Risotto with a salmon and cheese of skamorets

On 1 person

Small cut onions, lay out it in a deep frying pan and fry to a golden state in olive oil. Then add the fish fillet cut with cubes and slightly fry it. Add rice, roast it within several minutes, carefully stirring slowly.

Pour in wine and let`s it be evaporated properly. You bring rice to readiness, gradually adding broth. Cut pieces cheese of skamorets and in one minute prior to readiness of risotto mix it with rice. When laying decorate a dish with red caviar.



of Risotto with cepes

On 1 person

Fry mushrooms on olive oil, then with them fry onions. Add rice, brown several minutes.

Pour in cognac, let`s it be evaporated. When all alcohol evaporates, begin to add gradually hot mushroom broth, having brought risotto to readiness. At the end of preparation add butter and grated cheese. When giving lay out risotto on a dish, strew grated a gran it is given or parmesan, decorate with the mushroom which is separately fried on a small amount of butter and the cut greens.

of Risotto of Marinar

On 1 person

Redden seafood and greens on olive oil. Then connect everything to rice, brown several minutes. Pour in wine and let`s it be evaporated. Gradually begin to add fish broth, adding it as required. Add tomato sauce and bring risotto to readiness. When giving lay out rice on the middle of a plate, decorate it around with mollusks, from above strew with small chopped greens.

From the book “Italian cuisine. It is all about aromas“