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Professional mothers: 11 families, one hundred children, 15 grandsons of

Maria Savina and her husband Dmitry Makarov - a young married couple. Masha is a gymnast, graduated from sports institute. Dima served in army, was disaccustomed in college and got a job. Together with the one-year-old son Lesha they arrived for the Mother`s Day to the settlement of Tomilino that in Lyuberetsky District the Moscow region. Arrived to congratulate the mothers on a holiday.

of their mother - from the Children`s village - SOS. Masha and Dima (his mother Larisa Ivanovna together with them) grew by a photo here, lived in the neighboring houses. Children`s villages - SOS are an alternative to the state orphanages, unique model of education of the children who lost a family.

the Village

Children`s villages - SOS exist worldwide, thought up them in Austria in 1949 for a solution of the problem of a post-war orphanhood. In Russia the first Children`s village - SOS was built in the settlement of Tomilino in 1996. Now them in Russia six - for children aged from 3 till 16 years.

In the tomilinsky Village - 11 lodges, live in each of them 5 - 8 children and the woman who works with SOS - mother. Children live as they in a normal family - go to usual kindergartens and schools, go to shops behind purchases. Mother lives in the house round the clock, is engaged in economy and teaches children to everything that can be necessary for them in adulthood: from cooking and house cleaning before planning of the budget and shopping.

It seems to

self-evident if not to know that most of graduates of the state orphanages, living before “all found“ and getting to adulthood, have no idea of life, rules of conduct in society and the handling of money. How many cases when they exchanged the apartments provided by the state for beautiful things and finished the days is deplorable, without having managed to adapt to reality.

At the Tomilinsky village in 16 years - 73 graduates. All children could settle in life, got an education, professions, 20 of them established families, raise the kids. Mothers from Tomilino have already 15 grandsons who periodically visit them on a visit.

of Mother

to become SOS - mother in the Children`s village, it is necessary to have strict selection, interview, work with psychologists and other experts and to graduate from school of mothers. The main selection criterion are human qualities of the pretender, but not profile pedagogical education. Preparation of SOS - mothers continues till 2 years, during study the attention is paid to all aspects of education of children: to medicine, psychology - with special attention to age crises, cookery and other. All children who get to children`s villages, with difficult destiny, and a problem of SOS - mothers - to help them to heal spiritual wounds which they received after parting with a native family.

of SOS - mothers never ask that they were called mothers, all frankly here. But, as a rule, all children - from the smallest to teenagers - through some time begin to speak “mother“. So by itself it turns out.

Larisa Ivanovna works with SOS - mother in Tomilino 16 years - since foundation of the Village. When it arrived here for the first time, there were only walls and furniture. Remembers how bought curtains, ware, linen, equipped life... Remembers how brought from a shelter of the first children. Here what she tells:

- I was given at first four children - all of them were brothers and sisters. And then three more - too from one family. If they got to public institutions, would separate them because uneven-age children are distributed in different orphanages. And we specially try to take children from one family that they lived in one place, in one house. My all adults senior already, independent. One girl from this seven graduates from the institute. All others received specialty, work, all have the housing, families, except for the youngest - to it only 19 was executed. Call, come. One boy lives in Fryazino - at it recently the child was born...

Behind this story - the whole life, with sleepless nights, desire everything to throw also for minutes of happiness. And there is a lot of happiness. When brought the kid who was not able to smile, and in half a year all saw his smile. When the difficult teenager for the first time cleaned the room and muttered to mother:“ All right, give the list, I descend in shop“. When at the daughter it turned out to cook soup - let absolutely simple, but such tasty...

the Mother`s Day in the Children`s village - SOS in Tomilino


mothers in Children`s villages - SOS have

of no plan of educational work which is usually written by tutors of orphanages on group of children. They are not engaged in education by any technique. The main principle - it is simple to live together, being engaged in daily affairs.

- Each our mother lives with children in a real situation: goes with them to shop, erases, buys clothes, - the director of the Children`s village - SOS Tomilino Anatoly Anatolyevich Vasilyev tells. - This is also real education - through the example, through the relation. Still big plus - our children are not isolated from the world, as in orphanages: they go to usual schools, they have friends outside the village, and they since the childhood independently establish relations with an environment.


the Budget of Children`s villages consists of three components. 70% are financed from - for a boundary are means of the big charitable organization SOS Children “s Villages which representations are in 133 countries of the world. 20% the Moscow government - lists that is the put standard on one child, 12 thousand rubles a month. And about 10% collect in the form of donations. There is such concept as friends of the Children`s village - Tomilino has their about 300 people. They transfer the sums, feasible for them, into the charitable account of the Village. As it is paradoxical, 80% of friends of the Children`s village - pensioners.

- the International subsidies are reduced every year, - the director of the Children`s village - Tomilino`s SOS complains. - For our foreign patrons surprisingly and strange why such rich country in which there are a lot of rich people cannot finance the Children`s villages. There are countries which completely undertook the maintenance of such Villages. Russia so far only goes to it.

On celebration of the Mother`s Day in the Children`s village - Tomilino`s SOS gathered graduates, many - with the children, and also SOS - mothers who retired. The big drawing room hardly accomodated everyone to look at a concert, to congratulate dear mothers, to communicate to old friends at a big sweet table. Graduates sang several sincere songs to the guitar - they were echoed by all hall. Then spilled tea from huge teapots, cut pies, kids with squeal rushed, showing gifts, mothers nursed grandsons... There was a feeling of one big close-knit family, the warm house, surprising rest and pleasure.