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New Year`s adventures. Playing morning performance for children of 5 - 6 years of

on balalaikas, 3 buffoons run in.

1: Ege`s
- ge, the people honest,
Come more safely, not stop!
On the street a frost - protect the nose

2: the sad look who does not smile
For a holiday of a New Year tree
is not allowed by
U of whom to us!
Adults and kids, you have fun with all the heart.

Today holiday New Year`s, festival of a fir-tree and winter.
of All friends on a visit we invite today!

Under music the hall is run in by children, stop near chairs.

With songs and laughter all ran in to the hall,
I the forest guest everyone uvidat.

1reb.: As the New Year tree is good
As dressed up it, have a look!
the Dress on a fir-tree of green color,
the Bright beads shine on a breast

2reb.: the Fir-tree at us is high and harmonous
During the holiday all will begin to sparkle it,
Gloss of fires and snowflakes and stars,
As if peacock the revealed tail.

the Fir-tree in pockets gold
hid a set of different sweets,
I stretched us branches dense. As if the hostess welcomes with

Song about a fir-tree

Silver, fires and spangles -
the Whole world from silver.

Leading: with
In pearls birches burn,
Is black - naked yesterday.

the winter came silvery,
White snow it swept up an open country
in the Afternoon with children everything skates,
on snow fires is scattered at Night

Leading: At windows writes
patterns with a needle
I knocks to us on a window a fresh fir-tree.

the Belle winter, on patterns a fringe,
From transparent small pieces of ice, asterisks, snowflakes
All in diamonds, pearls, multi-colored sparks.

the Song about winter

Being turned by

under a waltz, the winter enters.

you about me? Here I!
Hello, my friends!
turns Snow and creeps
the Street is white, I - Winter - a blizzard.
On a visit to you came. by
I in a palm Collected the
Sparks of asterisks ardently - blue.
them today I to all distribute to
I the magic song I sing
B it is day I with the friends.
Let under a fir-tree creeps
the White blizzard.

Dance of snowflakes with ribbons (“Blizzard“)

1reb.: This day we waited for
were not seen the whole year
Become, the winter, you is with us
In our cheerful round dance.

Round dance. The winter with children sings.

Thank you for the invitation -
I will not be in debt
That was more cheerfully than
the Fir-tree I will light now. to
you, children, help and repeat after me.
Well - together: time, two three. with
the Fir-tree, New Year`s, burn!!!

the Round dance of winter with children.

I Have a game for you, with
Ya will begin it
Ya now I will begin, you repeat, amicably answer with chorus.
In this hall festive, in winter day fine we congratulate.

Children: . Happy New Year!

Winter: Also we wish.

Children: . Happiness!

Winter: all people Have fun, it is a holiday.

Children: New year!

Outside the frost grows stronger, the nose rumyanit, cheeks burns down
A we meet merrily here.

Children: . New year!

Winter: At it a ruddy nose, it bearded, who it?

Children: Father Frost!

Winter: it is correct, children! With you I am glad to play, songs to sing and dance!

Knock at a door. The hare - the mail carrier runs in.

Telegram! Telegram!
Ya I hurry from post office directly! Receive
, undersign.
of All happy New Year! Have fun!

Leading: Well - we will read
from whom this telegram?
“My dear children, you I ask not to miss, to sing
of the Song, to read verses. On a visit to expect me.
to you I carry gifts a cart. I will be soon. Father Frost“.

On a fir-tree light dies away. Appears with a small lamp and a toy rat of Shapoklyak. It has in hands a telegram.

Opera hat: Well - it is esteemed, aha. Here.“ Father Frost loving you sends hi“.
(Wriggles). ha - ha - ha. Loving.
to children: And you wait for it and too love this Father Frost

Children: Yes!!!

Opera hat: See you! And awfully it is not pleasant to me when around such approximate and love. And what, you are always such good?

Children: Yes!!!

Opera hat:
I in a quiet time always you sleep? cream of wheat you eat
A I do not love such! My friends you know who?
Hooligans and the biggest idlers. Catch
(Throws the leader`s rat, that recedes aside).
Ouch - yay - yay! Same an artificial rat, I sent Larisku to business trip. She hunts for cats there.
Sings. Who to people helps
, that spends time in vain:
it is impossible to become famous for good affairs! That is why I advise
to you to do everything as I am old woman Shapoklyak.
Ha - ha - ha!!!
is Loved by me inadvertently on a bench to pour out glue,
Will be pasted the passerby - to me will become more cheerful!! When people from a balcony I pour over
to me it seems that again I became young!
That is why again is advised by me to you to do everything as the granny - the old woman Shapoklyak.
Ha - ha - ha!!!
Well and whom you invited to yourself to a fir-tree?

Children: Snow Maiden, Snow White, gnomes, Cheburashka.

of Shapoklyak: Cheburashka? Yes it howl the worst enemy! And his friend, this green, how it?

Children: Gena`s Crocodile!

of Shapoklyak: Here - here. One muzzle of what costs! And I was not invited here! Well anything - anything. I have friends too! Yes here and they!!!

the Baba-yaga Runs in.

of Shapoklyak: Get acquainted, the lady of uncertain age

the Baba-yaga: Baba-yaga

of Shapoklyak: And where wolf?


him together. The wolf runs in and sings.

Wolf: Animals began to tremble
, people escaped, the coward hare set
I chirring.
It I for laughter, muffling an echo,
loudly and warmly song began to roar

Three together: to Break
! To destroy and tear to parts! This
life, this happiness!

of Shapoklyak: Here that I learned - invitations are carried by the Cheburashka. Here we will also catch it, forward - for me!!!

on the other side of a fir-tree the wolf and Shapoklyak Leaves.

For hunger in eyes all floats head over heels.
Bothered to ransack on the wood for Cheburashkas.

of Shapoklyak:
Tsyts! To stop. Be silent, a puppy! Give
, drag a bag here! Here the Cheburashka we will wait for
, and we will select invitations!
Ya in a different way I will dress up, I will pretend to be deaf-and-dumb.

hares Run out, dance.

of Shapoklyak: That it still it? What do you dance it?

Hare: And we prepare for a New Year`s carnival!

Wolf: Kysh!! Impudent became!!!

Hares run away.

Cheburashka: Oh! Who here?

of Shapoklyak: I am a grandmother blind, mute and deaf.

Cheburashka: Deaf? And how you hear?

of Shapoklyak: Yes hardly - hardly.

Cheburashka: And how you speak?

of Shapoklyak: Yes slightly - slightly.

Cheburashka: And what you in the wood do?

of Shapoklyak: Yes I in the wood of a toy collect
, to Father Frost I help
was Lost by their Ded in the wood,
Oh, the bag is heavy - I will not inform.
Help me, the Cheburashka.

the Cheburashka approaches

a bag, the wolf and Shapoklyak thrust it into a bag. Drag for a fir-tree.

Leading: Children, Shapoklyak and her friends start something bad, Rather Father Frost would come. Let`s it call!! Someone sings the song, likely, it goes

Father Frost Enters. Round dance, games. Riddles.

of D. M.: And what my Snow Maiden not to see it? Children, it did not come yet?

Children: Is not present!!!

the Baba-yaga Enters: , disguised as the Snow Maiden, sings:
Ya today long - long dressed up,
I to you on a rendezvous gathered
of a shoe of Vzula and Zabula firm
On me From sekond - the henda pulled a skirt.
What you, Ded, grew to the earth? You do not dance, you do not sing?
your handle, to bat - a dritta!
needs to lift up eyes to the sky and to begin to jump as a goat!

are Danced to music “by seven - forty“.

of D. M.: Oh, I was also tired!

A well, straighten shoulders, straighten a back!
Is far to you to the real man!
That you such cold,
As an iceberg in the ocean? I conceal
A from feeling as in the summer of an eskimo!

of D. M.: Perhaps it is not my vnuchenka the Snow Maiden?
(Bypasses around Yagi).
A standing at you that?

Baba-yaga: And you do not look at legs, you to me in soul glance
Gets heart from material. Here you see
how fights!

of D. M.: If you are a Snow Maiden, sing to me a song

of Yaga sings.

What, tell, I am not a beauty?
Or my voice is not pleasant? as I will start singing
A - the wood shakes, and the wild beasts everything run up

of D. M.: It is clear!!! You are Baba-yaga!!!

of Shapoklyak: you Will think, ingenious what!

of D. M.: Children, you did not invite them?

Children: Is not present!!!

of Shapoklyak, the Baba-yaga and a wolf leave, sing:
the Plane flies, wheels were erased,
you did not wait for us, and we were secured

of D. M.: Stop! And where Snow Maiden?

Those continue to sing

It is not over yet, it is not over yet!
I our meeting did not end still.

of D. M.: Just already New Year`s evening and without Snow Maiden is impossible in any way. Children, at me magic dried out, I will turn them into small pieces of ice now!

Baba-yaga: As if not so! Well - my assistants, forward!

children - reductions Take off and are turned near Father Frost.

of D. M.: Children, give everything together strongly we will blow and reductions will depart.

Children blow, Shapoklyak, a wolf and the Baba-yaga try to hold them. Father Frost catches the Baba-yaga.

of D. M.: Aha, got! Well - a staff my magic, Turn Yagu into an icicle!!!

All shiver.

Baba-yaga: Is not present! No! No! It is not necessary, forgive us. We will not be any more! Now we will give your Snegurka

there is a Snow Maiden: from songs.
Children, I know that Shapoklyak, the wolf and the Baba-yaga took away the invitation to a fir-tree, but I want to make to you a surprise! I brought all whom you wanted to see today

gnomes Enter, drag a bag.

Song “Cheerful Gnome“

1 gnome: Let`s glance we in a bag, maybe, is kozhushok there?

2 gnome: And it is useful to me, I do not want to catch a cold.

3 gnome: There at all not kozhushok, you look-: live bag!

is Jumped out by the Cheburashka. Gnomes fall for fear.

Snow White: As, gnomes, it is not a shame to you? Very much for me for you it is offensive! And you as got here?

Cheburashka: Shapoklyak`s
and a wolf I was caught,
of the Telegram selected

the Snow White: do not worry, the Snow Maiden came to a ball And all with herself the Snow Maiden gave

: you wanted to invite Prinze from the tale of the Nutcracker, here it.

Somewhere it is far the country - the chocolate earth.
All there all from chocolate,
From halvah and fruit jelly - there we should go!

candies Leave.

1: .
Ya a chocolate,
In a candy wrapper bright I am dressed by
In the kingdom chocolate and with a stuffing on
Ya honey on a look all the time.

Dance “Tango“.

Game Who will quicker take


Snow Maiden: And here everyone, apparently, is familiar with this old man.

is Put by a jug. The roar is distributed. From - beyond fir-trees there is an old man Hottabych . Falls on knees.
Ahchoo!!! Ahchoo!!!

C. X.: Yes Suleyman ibn Daud will forgive me! I spent 100 years in this jug at the bottom of the sea and got this awful cold

Addresses the Snow Maiden: Tell, what is your name? Tell, the most worthy what adolescents are?

Snow Maiden: It is children from kindergarten

C. X: From what garden?

Snow Maiden: From children`s.

C. X: And where this garden?

Sees a fir-tree, in a fright falls on knees, closes the head hands.

Snow Maiden: What happened?

C. X.: Why fires on this big palm tree burn?

Snow Maiden: It is not a palm tree, it is a fir-tree and bulbs burn on it.

C. X.: I do not know any bulbs! And who filled on a tree so many diamonds and pearls?

Snow Maiden: It is not diamonds, these are Christmas tree decorations. You want, I will present you one? Choose!
C. X. takes cautiously, considers.
A a fir-tree was brought by Father Frost.

C. X.: Where this great gin?

Snow Maiden: Yes here it!

C. X.: Oh, mighty gin! I admire you!
(Showing on children:) .
Means they wizards too?

of D. M.: They are able too if they try

C. X.: Thanks for a gift, I want to present you something too.

is Pulled out from the head by a hair and tells magic words. There are children in east suits and dance an oriental dance.

Snow Maiden: the Grandfather, all give each other gifts, and you prepared for children gifts?

of D. M.: Of course, well - bear my bag!

Snow Maiden: And does not have it anywhere, the grandfather!

of D. M.:
Oh, and head my full of holes!
That bore, I remember and where left, I do not know!
Howled a blizzard, snow turned. Where a bag I put
the Wood is big, I will go to look for,
to you should be waited

the Voice: Father Frost!

of D. M.: Who calls me there? Let rather here will enter!

the bag Runs in.

of D. M.: Ah you, fathers, a bag itself here all right! You where were gone?

Bag: it was let to Travel

of D. M.: you Have to stand still or go with me together.

Bag: And today New year, will be everything on the contrary!

D. M: . Stand you, stand you, wait a moment! Do not leave anywhere!

Bag: I am a bag difficult. I - magic, here what!

of D. M.: Well, then you turn round and round, seem to all children!

the Bag is turned by

, runs for a fir-tree.

of D. M.: And again you run away, I will catch you now!
(Takes out the real bag). Here caught
! Well - I will untie and that there, I will have a look. The Snow Maiden, help!

of Shapoklyak: We will help too

of D. M.: And you will not prevent to offend also kids?

All three: Is not present!!! Let`s not be and about dirty tricks we will forget!

of D. M.: Something is not untied. Children, let`s tell magic words: Unda, pounds, Gounda, the gay - be untied a bag rather! It was untied.