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Let`s drive? The recipe of winter family rest - the tubing

All hi! I want to tell about our family rest which it is safely possible to call sport. It does not have the name, however, but it is possible to call this disgrace somehow. For example, ballosport: in - the first, it will be a question about detsko - adult overindulgence, in - the second, this cheerful pastime is connected with cylinders for driving from a hill - they are tubings, they are cheese cakes.

So, our recipe of family sport and excellent mood such. You take the father by car who brings you to a slope; the child who terribly wants to drive and so there is no wish to go on foot to a hill; mother who very much wants to kill with one shot of several hares (to organize family leisure, to entertain and take off the unruly child, to arrange herself free fitness). Farther everything simply: you put the child squealing from pleasure in a cylinder (cheese cake) and drag it uphill from where under a cheerful laughter it is possible to fly down!

of Feeling - super! The easy frost rumyanit cheeks, snow from - under legs flies to a face, the child shouts something it seems “I want more!“ around fun and pleasure. Ah and! Still the same balloon fan of extreme sports should not be got under him “the rubber wheels“, otherwise consequences of accident will be sad. Hour of such driving - believe, the child does not want to stand just like that - and such splash in endorphins is guaranteed to you that reads off scale! And an undershirt which is put on under a jacket - through!



Here - that also needs the father: of course, it can roll down every other time together with the child to give the chance to mother not to get very tired; perhaps, he also will not refuse joyful flights by a sort from the childhood. But its main objective - to warm up the car that happy, wet little girls with brightly - red cheeks and the burning eyes could change clothes in dry and reach in heat to the apartment. And there it is already possible to take also a bath logically to finish business of beauty and health, to drink fragrant hot tea on forest grasses and just to have a sleep together with the tired child. And, can... and still what. Everything depends on your spirit! We so ride every weekend. Well, if weather and absence of cold allows.

Elena Ch.