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Muffins with ginger and vanilla milk with a fig - is tasty and cozy

Holidays absolutely close - and many already bake (or baked) Christmas cakes, shtollena and different cookies. Today we publish the recipe of tasty and gentle muffins from the culinary blogger of Nastya Ponedelnik. And if in such cold weather their tax with hot milk with vanilla and a dried fig, then turns out even more tasty. Present how the kitchen will become impregnated with these aromas - will be cozier than the place not to find!

Amount of ingredients - approximately on 12 muffins of the average size or one big cake:

  • with

    imbir on the smallest grater. Add all ingredients to a bowl of the mixer and mix at an average speed to a uniform state. If your weight turned out too dense, you can add a little yogurt. Grease molds for muffins or a loaf pan with vegetable oil and fill with the test about 2/3 forms. You can use paper cups, and you can do also without them.

    Warm an oven to 200 degrees and bake minutes 13 - 15, you can check readiness a toothpick. Everything depends on oven power, each producer has it different.

    you, of course, can bake also the whole cake, it is exclusive on your discretion. And as drink I suggest not to forget about hot milk with vanilla and a dried fig. I in the childhood hated it, and here somehow time tasted in the evening after two-hour skating in Gorky Park, and now this drink - my main winter favourite.

    Milk with a fig and vanilla

    • of 500 ml of milk of any fat content
    • of 4 dried figs
    • of 1 St. honey spoon
    • seeds of one pod of vanilla

    In the blender crush a fig. Put a sauce-boat with milk on a plate, add to it a fig, vanilla and honey. Bring to boiling and remove from fire. Cover, wrap up with a towel and let`s be drawn about half an hour. Then filter and drink. I usually warm up it a little in a microwave as he manages to cool down already. Such drink turns out much more tasty, than just milk with a fig.

    These cakes turn out very gentle and air - especially if is with hot milk and just with morning coffee and tea. And what costs in the apartment aroma during their baking!

    Bon appetit and good day!