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New Year`s candlestick the hands - even kids will cope!

For this hand-made article we will take remarkable material under the name salty dough - it is simple to mold from it, it costs not much, and products from it are very durable. The ready hand-made article from the salty test can be both a remarkable gift, and decoration of a table in New year!

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together with small children, since 2 - 3 years - together knead and roll dough, together cut out from it on a template, together paint and decorate a hand-made article. And children are more senior than 5 years will master this master - a class independently with the small help and support of the adult. to you it will be necessary for

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    1. we Knead dough according to the recipe. Pour out flour and salt in a bowl, mix them a tablespoon and add oil. And further slowly add water to a bowl. Knead dough at first a spoon, then hands. It is necessary to pour in water, uniform elastic, but abrupt weight will not turn out yet. Dough has to come unstuck easily from hands and to be soft.
    2. A can start creation of a hand-made article now. Unpack and cut out a template. Take a ball of the salty test of the size of a palm and put it on a plain surface on a piece of a foil. Roll dough about 5 mm thick. Check whether the template is located on the test.
      Generally a form of a candlestick can be any - a circle, the sun, rombik, a fir-tree, etc. Templates for them should be made independently or to take from other hand-made articles. Several such candlesticks will change your New Year`s table and will make it fantastic.
    3. Impose a template on dough and cut out flow down from the test a star. When cutting do not forget to moisten to a stack with water, so dough will not break.
    4. the Heating candle place

      on the middle of a star. Make a candle in the test deepening and then expand it a little. Your task - to receive deepening which has to correspond by the size to a candle when the candlestick dries. If to make deepening precisely by the candle size, then when drying it will a little be narrowed, and the candle will not rise there.
      Actually, is not obligatory to use heating candle - usual, not really long candle perfectly will be suitable for a New Year`s table also - the ensemble all the same will turn out very graceful.

    5. Process edges of a star that they became equal and smooth. For this purpose the brush moistened in water walk at the edges of a candlestick.
    6. Transfer a candlestick, without removing from a foil, to the secluded flat place, for example on a window sill, and let`s it dry. Drying will take about 1 week in the open air. In couple of days turn a product: accurately pull together a product from a window sill on a palm, turn it on other palm and pull together on a window sill again - already with the face down. Now slowly remove a foil. Under it dough will be crude, not dried up at all. Leave so (a bottom up) for several days.
    7. When the candlestick will dry, it can be painted with blue gouache (instead of gouache it is possible to use acrylic paints). Coat a product, and in a day it is possible to varnish it - so the candlestick will be more durable. Dry even days.
    8. On the dried-up product PVA glue we paste paillettes.
    9. Also for a decor can use acrylic contours (they can be replaced with brilliant glue), having put wavy lines on edge of a product. Dry a hand-made article within several more hours. And here the first ornament is ready to a holiday!

    From the book “Christmas Decorations and Gifts the Hands“