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How to call the girl? Female names and their Expecting values

the girl`s births, future parents touch female names, are interested in value of this or that name - that the girl to call harmonious also according to family traditions. Our list of female names included the Russian, Muslim and European names. So, popular and rare names for girls - and value of these names.

Names for girls on a letter A

the Aurora - Latin: “a morning dawn“.

Agata - the same, as Agafya.

Agafya (Agata) - Greek: “kind, good“.

Aglaia - Greek: “shining, magnificent“.


- Latin: “purity, purity, lamb“.

of Hell - Hebrew: “elegant“.

Adelaide - Old German: “noble, high-native“.

Adele - Old German:“ pious, noble“.


- Arab: “holiday, Friday fun“.


- Arab: “storing God“.

the Aida - Arab: “advantage, remuneration“.

Alevtina - Greek: “aromas, without fetid odor“.


- Ancient Greek: “the defender of people“, from a man`s name Alexander.


- Old German: “noble, resistant“.

Alice - German: “significant, powerful, worthy“.

Alija - Arab: “sublime“.

Alla - two origins: Ancient Greek - “another“, Old German - “to become, nobility“.


- Latin: “white“.


- Ancient Greek: “reviving“, from a man`s name Anastas.


- Ancient Greek: “messenger, angel“.

Angela - Ancient Greek:“ angelic“.

Anjelica - the same, as Angela.

Anna - Hebrew: “pretty, nice“.


- Latin: “opponent“ in Ancient Rome designated the girl`s belonging to a certain sort.

Anfisa - Ancient Greek: “blossoming“.

Arina is the Russian form of Irina.

Asya - Greek: “reviving“, came from a name of Anastasius.


- Ancient Greek: “air“.

Names for girls on a letter B

Barbara - the same, as Varvara.

Beatrisa (Beata) - Latin: “happy“.

Bella - Latin: “beauty“.

Bozena - other form of Bogdan: “God-given, divine“.

Names for girls on a letter B


- Latin: “healthy“, from a man`s name Valentin.


- Latin:“ strong“, from a man`s name Valery. Arose as the Roman patrimonial name.

of the Barbarian - Ancient Greek: “foreigner“.


- Ancient Greek: “queen“.

of Vaasa - Ancient Greek: “desert“.

the Veda - Bulgarian: “mermaid“.

Belief - Russian: “belief“.

Veronika - Ancient Greek: “victorious, bearing a victory“.

Victoria - Latin: “victory“, from a man`s name Victor.

the Viol - Latin: “violet“.

Violetta - Latin: “fialochka“.


- Slavic: “owning“, from a man`s name Vlad.


- Czech: “homeland“.

Names for girls on a letter G

Galina - Greek: “quiet, serene“.

to Gayana - Turkic: “beauty“.


- Old German: “the noble beauty, beautiful“


- Scandinavian:“ defender“.


- Ancient Greek: “graceful“.


- Arab: “a beautiful flower“.

Names for girls on a letter D

Dine (Dean`s)

- Hebrew: “revenged“.

Darina - Persian: “owning gifts“.

Darya - Ancient Greek: “strong, winning“.


- Arab: “fine“.

Diana - a Latin name of the goddess of hunting.


- Ancient Greek: “Charisma“, from a man`s name Dorofei.

Names for girls on a letter E

Eve - Hebrew: “live, life“, first female name.


- Ancient Greek: “noble“, from a man`s name Evgeny.

Eudoxia - Greek: “goodwill“.

Ekaterina - Ancient Greek: “pure, pure“.

Elena - Ancient Greek:“ fine, light, shining“.

Elizabeth - Hebrew: “I swear God“.

Names for girls on a letter Zh

Zhanna - Hebrew: “Grace of God“.

Names for girls on a letter Z

Zara - Arab: “gold“.


- Turkic: “a scarlet dawn“.

Zemfira - Latin: “rebellious“.

Zinaida - Ancient Greek: “belonging to Zeus“.

Zoya - Ancient Greek: “life“.

Names for girls on a letter I

Ida - Ancient Greek: “fertile“.

the Isabella - Spanish: “beauty“.


- Old German: “gloss of gold“.

Inga - drevneskandinavsky: “winter“.

Inna - Latin: “a rough stream“.

Irina - Ancient Greek:“ world“.

Names for girls on a letter K

Karina (Karina) - Latin: “looks forward“.

Carolina - German: “queen, royal blood“.

Cyrus (Kiriyen`s)

- Ancient Greek: “madam, hostess“.


- Latin: “lame“. In the Roman Empire was a patrimonial name.

Christina (Hristina) - Greek: “devoted to Christ“, arose after establishment of Christianity.

Ksenia - Ancient Greek: “chuzhestranka, guest“.

Names for girls on a letter L

Lada - Slavic: “lovely, fine“.

Larisa - Greek: “seagull“.

Leyla - Arab: “night“.

Lidiya - an Ancient Greek name for inhabitant Lidiya.

Linda - Spanish: “beautiful“.

Lolita - Spanish: “grief, grief“.

Love - old Slavic: “darling“.

Lyudmila - old Slavic:“ lovely to people“.

Names for girls on a letter M

of the Moor - Ancient Greek: “dark, opaque“.

Madina - Arab: “city“.

of the Maya - two origins: in Ancient Greek mythology - “the goddess, Hermes`s mother“ in the Indian religious mythology - “the progenitress of all live, the Universe“.


- German: “weakness, tenderness“.

Margarita - Latin: “pearl“.

Marianna - are considered as merge of names by Maria and Anna with sea value.

the Marine - Latin: “sea“.

Maria - Hebrew: “desired, sad“.

of March (Marfa) - Aramaic: “tutor, madam“.

Matrona - Latin: “the honorary lady“.


It is lovely - Slavic:“ darling“.

of Myrrh - two sources of an origin: Hebrew - “a myrtaceous tree“ during the Soviet era was perceived as an abbreviation “world revolution“.

Names for girls on a letter N

Hope - Slavic: “hope“.

Nail (Nail) - Turkic: “gift, gift“.

Naina - Hebrew: “innocent“.

Natalya (Natalia) - Latin: “native“.


- Ancient Greek: “light“.


- Greek, it is formed on behalf of the founder of the Syrian state Ninos.

Nonna - Latin: “ninth“.

Names for girls on a letter O

Oksana - arose as the Ukrainian form of Ksenia.

Olesya - Belarusian: “forest“.

Olga - drevneskandinavsky: “sacred, sacred“.

Names for girls on a letter P

Pelageya - Ancient Greek:“ sea“.

Polina - Ancient Greek, means accessory to god Apollo, is formed as a short form of Apollinariya.

Praskoviya - the Greek name for designation of those who were born on Friday.

Names for girls on a letter P

Rakhil - Hebrew: “lamb“.

Rebecca (Revekka) - Hebrew: “true, capturing“.

Regina - Latin: “queen, queen“.


- Latin: “reviving“.

Rada - Slavic: “cheerful, pleasure“.

Raisa - Greek: “easy“.

Rimma - Latin: “Roman“.

Rita - a short form of Margarita.

the Rose - the Latin name of a flower a rose.

Ruf (Ruth) - Hebrew: “girlfriend“.

Names for girls on a letter C

Svetlana - Slavic: “light, purity“.

of the Seraph - Hebrew:“ fiery angel“.

Snezhana - Bulgarian: “snow“.

Sofia (Sofya) - Ancient Greek: “wisdom“.

Stella (Estella) - Latin: “star“.

Susanna (Sosanna, Susanna, Syuzanna) - the Hebrew name of a flower a white lily.

Names for girls on a letter T

Taisiya - Latin: “fertile“.

Tamara - Hebrew: “a date palm tree“.

Tatyana - Greek: “the ustroitelnitsa placing rules“.

Names for girls on a letter U

Ulyana - the second option of Yulian.

Ustinya (Yustina) - Latin: “fair“.

Names for girls on a letter F

Faina - Ancient Greek: “shining“.

Fatima - Arab:“ weaned“.

Flora - the Latin name of flowers or a name of the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.


- Old German: “true“.

Names for girls on a letter X


- option of Olga.

Hristina - the second option of Christina.

Names for girls on a letter E


- French: “hazelnut“.

Eleonora - Jewish: “God - my light“.

Elisa - Old German: “Grace of God“.

Ella - Old German: “light“.

Elvira - Old German: “defender of people“.

Elza - Old German: “restless“.

Emma - Old German: “flattering“.


- Hebrew: “star“.

Names for girls on a letter Yu


- one more option of Ulyana.


- Latin:“ curly, fluffy“. In the Roman Empire a patrimonial name.


(Oona, Yunna) - Latin: “only“.

Juno - Latin: “forever young“. So called the Roman goddess - the wife of Jupiter, the patroness of marriage.

Names for girls on a letter Ya

Yana (Yanina) - Hebrew: “God given on favor to all“.


- Slavic: “bright glory“.

From the book “We Choose a Name to the Kid“