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New year: gifts from a year to 10 years of

Ahead New year - means to girls, time to buy gifts came! This very pleasant occupation, but, you see, is sometimes hard to decide on the choice. Especially if it is necessary to choose gifts to children. And not only the - you for certain have nephews, children of friends whom you will surely meet on holidays, or younger brothers and sisters. Today we will talk about with what for New year it is possible to please girls.

the set of sure bets of gifts for girls Exists. For example, it is considered to be that any young person will like dolls or a set of children`s jewelry and cosmetics. But it is more pleasant to give a special gift which will please the child, and will surprise him. Especially for you we chose interesting options of gifts for girls taking into account their age.

Till 1 year

to the Child at this age it is unimportant

that to it will be presented, and here it will be pleasant to parents if you buy something useful. The little girl can present the developing rug, interesting bright mobiles, toys for bathing with which lap in water, pyramids with the large details helping to develop small motility, or a prorezyvatel.

1 year

we Continue to give to

the developing toys: designers with large details, lacings. It is possible to please also parents and the child, having bought an elegant suit for growth, warm overalls or couple of bright house sets.

2 years

Useful will be large puzzles and mosaics with big details, compound puzzles, designers. Also the child can present a ware set - let the girl will have own plateau and a cup with an original list or with the image of favourite characters from animated cartoons and fairy tales.

3 years

Small cunning: children are not yet of a material value of this or that thing therefore the quantity and a variety of toys are more important than quality for them. In other words, you should not buy expensive doll or the most modern radio-controlled toy. The child is too small to estimate all their advantages. Present several small, but absolutely different dolls better and tell the girl that it is a big close-knit family which lives in a doll lodge (which can be your gift too). It not only will make impression and will be remembered for a long time, but also will help to develop the imagination: the girl will constantly think out new plots therefore the gift will bore her not soon.

4 years

Most likely, to you will be possible to surprise the girl with thematic sets for role-playing games. For example, toy kitchen with plastic equipment, ware and other accessories - everything, as at adults! And still it is possible to present a set of the doctor, teacher or seller. Besides, girls will like easels - boards for drawing by markers, a piece of chalk or for letters on magnets.

of 5 years

the Set of finger-type dolls for private theatricals, interactive toys - dolls which are able to talk, drink water, to bathe in a bathroom and many other things. For certain girls like a coloring, books with big and bright pictures, animated cartoons, fairy tales and songs on CD and, of course, elegant dresses.

we Give to

of 6 years sets for creativity: let the girl will master technology of drawing, will learn to do by the hands toys of felt or big beads. Besides, it is possible to present the real model - a doll with long hair by means of which the girl will learn to create various hairdresses and to decorate them with bright hairpins and beads. Also do not forget about the training and developing books and interesting workbooks.

of 7 years

Before you any more not just little girl, but the diligent schoolgirl. Though the study subject in New year is not so actual as in September, all the same will be pleasant and will be useful to the child: bright paints, felt-tip pens, sketchbooks, unusual books (colourful encyclopedias or books with volume illustrations).

the Pleasant gift. And even more pleasant gift will be the factory of desserts which looks as toy, but at the same time knows how to cook the presents ice cream, cocktails or fruit ice from natural products and without preservatives!

of 8 years

Less time remains to p at girls on games, they are already almost adult! So it is safely possible to give stylish, qualitative and practical things which will serve not one year. Among them - ornament, caskets, photo albums, a beautiful set of a cap, gloves and a scarf, a convenient bag or an easy and ergonomic small bottle for water which can be carried every day with itself in school.

of 9 years

Interesting books, a beautiful notebook in a bright cover, a desktop mirror or a sports equipment. And in general it is better to consult to the girl`s mother in advance: it - that precisely will help to decide on the choice.

of 10 years

Before you any more not just the girl, and the young lady is also more senior than

. You can safely give a cosmetics bag, a small purse, a watch, spirits, the stylish USB stick, a bag and many other things. And still children at such age like interesting games for the noisy company: desktop or mobile, cheerful and not deprived of the competitive moment.

Presently the range of children`s goods, toys, clothes, accessories, books, jewelry and other things is wide so what to limit itself in the choice is simply inappropriate. Another matter - a lack of time for shopping before New Year`s holidays, but also here is the decision - to find and get gifts on the Internet. Make pleasant to and present to the child the real holiday!