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New Year`s card the hands. ``A winter lodge`` of

the House - a symbol of a home and family happiness. Ours “The winter lodge“ will warm everyone who will receive it as a gift for New year. Make this card together with children as a New Year`s gift to relatives. Do not forget to write the warmest wishes in a card!

Kids can take part in a pasting glue of ready details and dressing of a card. To children of 4 years suggest to cut out independently details for a card, but to mount on a basis better together. And children of school age can make a card, to be necessary for them the help of the adult only for selection of materials. to you it will be necessary for

For work of p:

As it to make 17 cm (in folded form) by

  • :

    1. and cut out templates, impose them on paper of the chosen color for a lodge and a roof. Cut out, make bends in noted places.
    2. the Cut-out door paste

      to a house wall. Smear walls with glue at the edges (to the first bend from each party) and paste to a card that below there was a place for a snowball.

    3. In the same way at the edges smear with glue a roof and paste it from above, over a lodge, with a small overlap on lodge walls. Properly press a roof, having pushed long scissors through a lodge bottom.
    4. by

    5. Make a snowball. On white paper draw and then cut out wavy any strips, it is desirable that strips had sharp tips. Tighten up strips and paste below under a lodge.
    6. cut out a small circle for a garret window Now. Paste it for the remains of paper of the same color, as a door, and cut out a circle of bigger diameter approximately on 4 mm (from each party on 2 mm). Stripes 2 mm wide make a frame for a window. And still make the handle for a door of one thin stripe.
    7. make


    8. Of scraps of paper of yellow color month and paste it in the volume way: at first the narrow strip of paper put by a ringlet is pasted, and already on it - the detail, in our case - is necessary month.
    9. Paillettes - asterisks recover the sky, having pasted them by means of PVA glue. Put with brilliant glue tochechka - it is stars too, but less bright.
    10. Spread with

      PVA the roof edge and from above salt - it turns out as the real snow!

    11. recover a snowball in the bottom of a lodge A little, having spread it with brilliant glue.

    That`s all! Dry within an hour and it is possible to sign and give!

    From the book “Christmas Decorations and Gifts the Hands“