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Holiday for adults: the universal scenario

In winter holidays at us at last is time to gather a family or the big company, and sometimes - and widely to celebrate anniversary. We offer you the scenario which will be suitable for celebration of anniversary of the woman or the man, any family celebration, a corporate and New Year`s party.

What is anniversary?

Latin this word is translated to

C as “anniversary year“. Anniversary is a celebration 25 - 50 - and 100 - summer birthday or activity of the person. So it developed historically. But presently any “round“, i.e. coming to an end on “5“ or on “0“, date is called anniversary. Since 5 - summer birthday of the child the whole such years celebrate as anniversary. In what the reason of allocation of “special“ dates? Probably, in love of all people to holidays.

All round in human life since the most ancient times was considered as

special, closely connected with natural and kosmicheskimy by forces. Even still before it became clear that Earth has the round form, pagans read the sun bringing them heat and light. The most different rituals were devoted to this round star - lit and skatyvat wooden wheels or hoops from mountains; girls spun round wreaths, and the belt having the circle form was considered as a charm at many people. Against evil forces people carried out around themselves a magic circle. Even the round dance accepted not only at Slavs, has ritual value.

the situation and with “round“ dates Also is. They demand to themselves especially reverent attitude as they mark a certain milestone in life. Anniversary is usually celebrated more widely, than annual birthdays, with the invitation of bigger number of guests and original entertainment program.

All anniversaries sharing for “4“, i.e. 20, 40, 60, 80 years etc. should be noted especially brightly, cheerfully and at richly laid tables. These years Jupiter giving happiness and material benefits is strong.
Anniversaries, multiple 7, - 35 and 70, it is good to note unusually, in an informal situation as the seven is under control of Uranium - the planet of surprises. It is possible to go to travel.
the Anniversaries terminating for 5, and also 30 and 50 years are noted among the best friends and close people in a pleasant, romantic situation. These years are under the influence of Saturn, the planet of stability, or the Neptune who is responsible for mutual feelings and sexual harmony.

Festive registration

First of all in an interior by means of beautiful inscriptions, spheres, flowers can beat figure of the anniversary - for example 25, 45 or 55 etc. But it is possible only if the hero of the anniversary - the man. Not any woman will want to see number of the years everywhere.

Opposite to an entrance can hang up the stand with an inscription: “If I was a wizard...“ It is necessary to tie a marker which all invited can add the phrase to it, having made thus wishes to the hero of the occasion.

At other stand from above should make by

an inscription “100 reasons (it is possible to specify age of the hero of the anniversary), for which we love you...“ And guests, in turn, specify these reasons. That stands did not look boring, they can be ornamented.


For holding competitions and draws of prizes for guests prepare checks from a color cardboard. Coming to a celebration take them, without looking, and keep until the end of evening.

the Scenario of a holiday

the Leader on a celebration becomes a wizard. On the head - a cap, in hands - a brilliant stick and the big book. Dancing pauses become at the discretion of the leader.

LEADING: As we love birthdays! And especially such anniversary! (The leader begins to tell a parable.) “Once at Malls asked how is called on - Arab cooled down pilaf. But did not know Mall and answered so: Arabs never allow pilaf to cool down“.

Then all guests are invited to a holiday table.

LEADING: Today`s celebration is devoted to special round date, so, becomes a little magic. Guests touched magic too, having left the wishes at the special stand.

“Waltz of the Flowers“ of Johann Strauss appears Then. At first the hero of the anniversary dances (with the wife / husband), everyone joins then.


the Hero of the anniversary, our friend,
Sit - chutochek,
Hey, pour on a pile rather!
Accept congratulations of friends
In remarkable anniversary!

the Competition poetic

the Leader announces a competition, having put on a cap and having waved a stick. Then looks in the “magic“ book and declares that for a competition it needs one guest who pulled out figure 5.

paper can write to

On a leaf some not really famous poem of the classic with the passed epithets, adjectives and pronouns.

the Task of the participant of a competition - to squeeze in a definite time the most suitable words from offered. Then all poem becomes engrossed in reading completely. Guests applaud.

the Competition mythological

having Again addressed the “magic“ book, the leader reports that all present guests will participate in the next competition, but having divided into two teams.

the Leader reads the questions connected with mythology, and teams answer.

  1. what gods punished the young man for, having turned it into a narcissus? (For the fact that he was engaged in narcissism.)
  2. Before gods turned the young man Hyacinth into a flower whom he was? (The son of the tsar of Sparta, the friend of Apollo who incidentally killed him during sports.)
  3. Why the chrysanthemum is so esteemed by
  4. in the Japanese mythology? (Because it is connected with a country origin. The highest award of Japan - the Chrysanthemum award.)
  5. What means the word “aster“ in translation from Latin? (Star.)
  6. In Slavic mythology the flower which is called by the female name is. What the flower is? (Pansies.)
  7. the Cornflower is considered an imperial flower why? (Because on - Greek sounds “bazilevs“ that is translated as “tsar“.) In what mythology of the people it is told by
  8. to li about a nonexistent flower of a fern? (In Slavic mythology it is said that it blossoms in the deaf more often than once a year - on the night of Ivan Kupala - and found it finds wealth for the rest of life.)

the Competition rhythmic

the Leader looks in the book again and reports that only even numbers will participate in this competition which returns us in pagan times. Odd numbers remain on the places and help carrying out game, loudly applauding. One of guests with odd number can give a children`s drum that he created a rhythm.

So, participants leave in the center of the hall and sit down on the chairs placed around.

the leader Sits down on a chair also and asks all to put hands on knees so that the right hand was on a knee of the neighbor on the right, and left - at the neighbor at the left.

the Task of participants - observing an order, to hit slightly with a hand on a knee of the neighbor. Begins the game playing from the left hand and further - his neighbor with the right hand, then - the neighbor the left hand etc. on the right. Blows have to make a peculiar magic rhythm.


A the guests who are not participating in a competition, clapping, set speed, accelerating it.

the Competition comical

the Leader begins with

the history with the fact that round objects always make special magic impact on people, and tells a joke.

the new Russian Was going to marry. And before a wedding came to the architect:

- to me needs absolutely round house. the Architect specifies
- Round?!
- Well I told: absolutely round!
- And how a floor, a ceiling and all the rest?
- I told that they have to be round!
- But what for?! - the architect is surprised.
- the mother-in-law says Yes: “You and for me will have a corner...“

Then the leader announces a competition of “round jokes“, for example about Kolobok, the sun etc. All guests participate.

Competition shadow

LEADING: Guess what is in the world same big how the Eiffel Tower, but weighs nothing? Correctly, shadow of the Eiffel Tower. Our competition is called “Guess a shadow“.

For its carrying out the hero of the anniversary is put on a chair facing a wall, and guests of festive evening with numbers 3, 7, 9, 13, 15, 17, 19, 23, 25, 27 prepare for participation. The ceiling light is turned off (the leader can make it a hand wave with a magic wand, having used the help of the volunteer from guests), and behind the back of the hero of the anniversary the desk lamp is established. On a wall before it it is possible to see a shadow of that person who stands behind his back. A task of the hero of the occasion - to guess whose is a shadow when players begin to pass between him and a lamp. Participants have to try that the hero of the anniversary did not recognize them - they can change gait, attach to themselves a clownish nose, do ridiculous gestures. The one whom the hero of the anniversary guessed replaces it on a chair. During a competition it is possible to put cheerful quiet music.


the Competition congratulatory

To its participation invite participants with numbers 4, 6, 8, 14. They are divided into 2 teams on 2 persons. They are given a task: for of 5 - 10 min. to write for the hero of the anniversary the story by means of one letter. For example, when all words begin on a letter “O“ or “P“. In the story there have to be a small plot and the signature.

If participants begin to be at a loss, the leader can help them such pass - stories :

“Once very educated monkeys went to examine vicinities.

“About! Charming monkey!“ The monkey had a rest about the lake: “Oh, charming monkeys!“ They were kissed. The charming cutie will estimate very frank opus.

Especially witty Olga, Oleg“.

“The elderly peacock met the decent guy. Saw, danced, floated. Then went on the desert, asked to drink. Crossed the ferry later. The correct perspective guy will understand the thought-up work.

Pioneers of last period“.

Stories in turn read

to the hero of the anniversary. Participants are awarded with an applause.

the Competition digital the LEADER says


that today`s celebration is connected with magic of numbers. And in the next competition of a task will be connected with numbers. To participation invite guests at numbers 26 - 36. it is desirable for nobr to hold a Competition under cheerful fast music.

Task 1. It is devoted to figure 3. It is required to call all known works, including fairy tales in which names there is this figure:“ Three companions“, “Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)“, “D“ Artanyan and three musketeers“, “Three pigs“, “Three athletes“, “Three fat men“, etc.

Task 2. It is devoted to figure 7. Here it is necessary to give examples of how often this figure is applied in our life. For example, “Seven times measure seven notes, seven days of week, a proverb - cut off once“ and “The majority rules“, the word “family“ - seven “I“ and so forth

the Task 3. It is devoted to figure 5. It is necessary to list 5 animals whose name consists of five letters. For example, squirrel, zebra, cat, boar, groundhog.

Task 4. It is devoted to figure 4. Participants have to count to 40, at the same time without giving figure 4, and replacing it with the word “following“.

For each task is allocated for 2 min.

the Competition “Namesakes“

Leading, having glanced in the book, invites for game of guests at numbers 16, 17, 18, 19. They have to, having remembered by means of the birthday man conducting all famous namesakes, to make for him on this basis a small horoscope.

For example if the birthday man is called Yury, should remember Yury Dolgorukiy, Yury Gagarin, Yury Nikulin and to think up such “horoscope“: “The birthday man possesses strong character, and its influence stretches so far that reaches even space. At the same time our hero of the anniversary is not deprived of sense of humour and very much likes to be in all the first!“


If the hero of the anniversary Sergey, then is helped by Sergey Yesenin, Sergey of Radonezh`s images here. If a name of the hero of the anniversary Alexander - here full revelry of the imagination: Macedon, Nevsky, Pushkin, Russian emperors. Ivan has “cool“ namesakes - Ivan the Terrible, and also Ivan the Fool and Ivan Tsarevich. The actor Derzhavin, the Russian tsar Mikhail - the first in Romanov` dynasty, and also kind Russian Mikhaylo Potapych will help to make Mikhail`s image. Gennady guests can connect a name with Gennady Hazanov and a kind crocodile of Gena. Valery - the name artistic, it is carried by such famous singers as Meladze and Leontyev. Vladimir is, undoubtedly, numerous courageous grand Russian dukes or maybe Vladimir Ilyich. Similar horoscopes it is easy for p to make

also for women. Natalya - Natasha Rostova, Natalya - the seigniorial daughter. Ekaterina - two Russian empresses; Elizabeth - both the Russian, and English empresses; Yuli can be associated with Julius Caesar, and also with the Italian Juliette; Olga on character will remind guests the princess Olga or the actress Olga Ostroumova; Maria is images of Virgin Mary, and also many Pushkin heroines - Masha Dubrovskaya, the captain`s daughter. Tatyana Larina will help to create Tatyana`s horoscope, Saint Tatyana is the patroness of all students.

the Competition usually causes huge interest in any audience.

Evening is ended by

. The leader takes off a cap, puts in it the magic wand, nearby - the book also is said by a final toast “one for the road“.

From the book “Holidays in a Family and at Work“