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Packing of gifts the hands: 3 fresh ideas by holidays

“If you look for an available way as it is original to wrap up gifts, then you found it. I have several ideas of packing, any of which does not demand special abilities or skills of origami“, - the Canadian blogger Dzherominga Huang promises. Detailed instructions and a photo will help to give your gifts unforgettable - and at once, during delivery.

1. A gift with the “volume“ monogram

Besides color paper and scissors to you it will be required to h2: the pencil printed on the printer a letter cliche, a cutting torch and glue clamps.

  1. Wrap your gift without use of any tapes and an adhesive tape, having convinced that the main drawing is from above boxes.
  2. Develop a gift, turn brown paper the face down. A pencil lead round a letter cliche, having put a letter the mirror party on paper.
  3. Using a cutting torch, accurately cut out the monogram.
  4. Paste glue clamps around the turned-out letter. I used 2 layers of clamps to give big illusion of the “drowned“ monogram.
  5. Accurately apply
  6. and paste brown paper on a box that the letter was on the center.
  7. Wrap a gift completely.

Council: do not throw out the letter which is cut out by you from color paper. You will be able to use it for a decor of a greeting card, an envelope or a gift box.

2. Lacy “corset“ for a gift

Fine packing for graceful gifts. Put inside a palatine, a cashmere scarf, a silk blouse or sexual underwear. Everything that for this purpose is required to you, is a cardboard tube, a red tissue and a black sateen tape.

  1. Cut off a tube if it was too long. Put inside your gift and close a cover.
  2. Pass a tape through a tissue, as shown in a photo.

3. A package of accordion pleats

to make such “pleated“ gift package, to you will be necessary: tape, thin leaf of a cardboard and bilateral adhesive tape.

  1. Take

    the sheet of brown paper and cut off a piece 45 cm wide. On this leaf note the middle. Having receded from the middle about 2. 5 cm to the left, fold paper double. Make the same fold, having receded from the center to the right.

  2. On the left side begin to put paper an accordion so that the distance between the previous and subsequent fold made about 1. 2 cm
  3. by
  4. Make the same folds on the other hand.
  5. Turn your product the face down. Using a bilateral adhesive tape, fix a small piece of a cardboard on the center, as shown in a photo that at you the bottom turned out. You can make a bottom of a package of such width what want. Paste an adhesive tape at the edges of a cardboard and at the edges of paper along folds.
  6. Put
  7. in half, stick together at the edges and create a product in the form of a fan with a flat bottom.
  8. Fix by
  9. tapes from the inside of a package that handles turned out.
  10. your gift bag is ready
  11. . Now it was necessary to put something in it!