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in the Morning in rye chain Juli,

Where zlatitsya bast mats in a row,

of Seven oshchenil of a bough,

of Red seven puppies.

S. Yesenin

It appeared at my neigbour as suddenly as there were also all others, previous which then, also suddenly somewhere vanished. In the beginning there was a shaggy lame mongrel who it is lazy and always timidly crept out of the lop-sided box, once I appeared in the yard where I usually went behind water. For a sentry dog it was too phlegmatic and friendly and that it is worse - quite coward. Having carefully put out the long muzzle from the shelter, she at first was convinced that it is threatened by no danger that in the yard are not others, and the, only then ventured on halfbent paws, to be servilely in this world to wag a dirty tail - a stump and, perhaps, to cadge a piece - another something tasty.

However, everything as the dog always was hungry was tasty. Her hostess was a woman lonely, pre-retirement age and often was absent on the whole days at home - at work was on duty, to children to the country went. So the animal often remained in the days not kormleno, but I learned about it a little later.

Going on water, I always took with myself for Lokhmacha (so I called it) what piece of bread or the stone which remained after a dinner what a beast he is grateful for and also phlegmatically wagged to me a tail, is yellow looked to me in the face then I together with a bone or a piece of bread disappeared in the doghouse.

A year later Lokhmach got sick some strange illness: refused to eat and leave the doghouse. Then, without thinking twice, he was lulled, and the shaggy little body was thrown out in a ravine behind houses.

The place of a sentry dog of the neigbour was vacant and, most likely, after a short casting on it the sickly puppy of a black color and unclear breed was taken.

In the beginning he for days on end sat in the doghouse and the black nose outside refused to show. But after he, was gradually convinced that this world not only a short heavy chain, the dank doghouse and dirt around it, but also tasty pieces of stale bread and the yesterday`s remains of a dinner, it became more courageous, and already plaintively whining, ran out from the box and joyfully yelped, trying to lick me in a hand.

I felt sorry for a puppy. As well as his predecessor, he was from time immemorial hungry. Once I brought it the most inedible - I worked for days on end in addition holostyakovat and therefore in the house there was not always bread for me - as it, with whining snatched brought by me out of hands, and is frequent together with the newspaper in which my modest gifts were wrapped, devoured, faithfully looking to me in eyes. Once, together with porridge, he swallowed a cellophane package in which I brought it. I did not even manage to give a hand to snatch out it from a dog mouth as that and the trace caught a cold.

Several times I carefully hinted the neigbour, the woman pleasant in communication, but far from everyones “city tendernesses“ there, on the fact that the dog needs to be fed more often and sometimes to unchain. But having given a hint few times thus, and having read in her eyes something reminding offense, I hasty stopped. I did not want to quarrel with it as I took water from its well. I just continued to carry to a dog all edible that came to hand.

However gradually I nevertheless changed the opinion on the kind sosedushka as to the woman pleasant and nezloblivy. Days went behind days, months replaced each other, and the tvarinka in the neighboring yard turned from a puppy into an adult dog. From a sickly cub the angry rachitic dog with eternally become hollow sides and a hungry silly look turned out.

Nobody was engaged in education of a dog. Yes what there education! For half a year of the life he two times was unchained, no more, then staggered such wild around my house, jumped dirty paws on me, was licked as the madman, barked at everyone that I thought that it is better for me to retire - one never knows, intoxicated with dog freedom, he still will bite me.

The hostess gave it a big name Basseterre (that in translation meant “Breaking off on part“), about what, seeing my unindifference to it, did not fail to tell me. However the place at the box of Basseterre was still terribly dirtied. As the chain on which this sat “Breaking off on part“ was no more than one and a half meters in length, the dog was facilitated practically in the same place where ate and slept. It was impossible to approach the box not to step on one of it the left dog min. Only then I began to understand popular wisdom and national reality, to them, the people, and created: what means “As broke loose“, “Dog life“, and later and even more sad truth “To a dog - dog death“.

All ended, as always, sadly. Somehow, having come from work in the neighbour`s yard I heard terrible shout of someone`s beaten flesh. Having hurried on revenue, I found the banal truth: the neigbour beat Basseterre after what popadya for the fact that that strangled one of her chickens. Castigation happened in the presence of her little grandsons who with horror and curiosity from respectable distance looked at execution. I decided not to interfere and punishment to my arrival already ended. Basseterre whining, crept to the box, and any more I any more never saw it.

Next day I on a habit brought it something to eat, but found only the collar rolling in dirt. Full of the most bad presentiments, I came two more time, but the doghouse was still empty.

A week later I met the neigbour on the way to work and took an interest where the dog was gone. “And, nasty was a dog. Gave it“ - she declared. But something prompted to me that that, rachitic and eternally hungry skotinka is dead long ago. As it was comprehended by a gloomy fate of Lokhmacha.

In the village whether you know, especially do not stand on ceremony with dogs. Will take a puppy, will put on a heavy, cold chain a neck - protect the house and property. However, in a bowl often forget to devour to put, and even do not feed with days and for months do not unchain. And here, such sentry dog in the days and at the nights on a chain which one and a half in length - is no more than meter sits. Grows numb in the dank box at a twenty-degree icy cold in the winter, in the summer its poyedy fleas and ticks, well eat, and if he was guilty of what, it, at best, as a kick under the back livelihood to look for that dog in the animated film “Once upon a time there was a Dog“ will send. But more often dogs “disappear“, or perhaps simply die - I do not know, only, as they say, working rotation at them - time in three years. In any case, I speak, proceeding from the experience.

Also also dark Basseterre disappeared, and its place was taken by small extremely touching doggie, a color reminding a German shepherd. There was it before the cold weather, and me it which is torn off from mother and thrown into others cold doghouse, it was especially a pity. (I that, unlike her, already expected what stepmother - the destiny waited for her).

With eyes - the damp, looking in the heart beads which ridiculously hung forward ears and a rack “Take me to yourself. I will be your most faithful friend“, it to me was as if an everyday reproach for all the domestic fellows.

Later I learned from her hostess that it is the girl, and like to her a bigger pity, and already not just lured it, and patted on withers and ironed her cold black nose. And right there, for some reason, named her Juli.

In the beginning Juli, as well as her predecessors, also did not want to leave for anything the cold monastery, having timidly hidden in a far corner and trembling all over. But gradually, with the help a hlebushka and sugar, we became friends with it, and now every time having scented me, going from work or for work, she ran out from the box and began to yelp so plaintively that I quickened the pace that my heart did not scatter on small sharp pieces, making herself the promise first of all to bring it something tasty and to stroke a cold nose.

This time I did not limit myself to a piece of bread or the yesterday`s remains any more, and bore, all that was if only Juli did not remain hungry: I shared with it soup which ate itself, potato hash browns, meat roll.

To the cold box I brought and laid it the old sweater. And what me especially pleased - well, I just rejoiced - it is the fact that when there came Bitter cold and I on a habit rushed to Dzhulka at least to feed her if not to warm, I found her plaintively yelping behind the closed door of the sosedushkiny house. Means, in the hostess something moved, moved something human, time she did not shun to take to itself in an outer entrance hall a mongrel not to allow it to freeze in a thirty-degree icy cold. Means, and humpbacked not only the grave can correct, and the water drop sharpens a stone. Means, and in it my small merit.

Juli, having scented me, compassionately barked behind the locked door, it was scraped by paws, asked to me, and I faced there, the locked door, shivering from night cold, but on heart to me was hot - hotly. I as if was for the first time fallen in love, got drunk, deafened on the head by something like that good and kind from what with pleasure sucked in the pit of the stomach and rustled in the head. From the sky, in yellow splashes of a distant lamp, in ice cold air as in the slowed-down shot, the Epiphany snowball soared. Juli suddenly became silent, and suddenly there came such universal deafening silence that it seemed to me - I one on Earth. Or perhaps already and not on Earth, and where - nibud in the sky. Or still where. Suddenly seemed to me that I already died both to me it is very good and that it at all not I, and not here, and not now.

The hostess also dragged some rags to Dzhulkina the doghouse, and next day, being almost proud of herself, told me that she took a dog in an outer entrance hall: “That can freeze in such frosts“.

I was very grateful to it for it and hurried to change about it the opinion. People often create angrily unintentionally. Just they, owing to the ignorance, do not think of the fact that they do or, on the contrary, that is not done. The rare person creates angrily deliberately, for the sake of the evil.

There came March. Days became longer. Juli normally developed, in the eyes turning into beautiful is black - a pale-yellow sheep-dog with light domestic touch. Her ears, still funny overhung forward, and eyes shone healthy gloss.

The hostess already quite often unchained her and then that, fawning and fawning as all dog representatives of the floor, crept at my legs, without wishing to rise for anything.

She was quite playful dog. Will jump on knees, will make a start and with plaintive bark entrains. Will return, twisting a tail as the propeller, will cavort on knees again, will drop on - plastoon to the earth, and again away. And so so far you smeared with dirt of her paws will not shout on it, not angrily so, will not wave a hand: “Well! Enough!“. Then she will cheerfully rush from you, will stop, will bark just once - another, but will already beware to jump on you.

However kind and good - only then kind when it is resisted by bad. Only in comparison and resistance it can be. And in any way differently. And, alas, bad often wins. Or it seems so to us, apparently, because that good that was, continues to live in us with the doubled force.

I forever remembered that day. Having returned from work and having gone, on a habit, to feed Dzhulka, I saw what forced me to reject the parcel aside and in horror to run out from the yard somehow to recover.

At first I not absolutely understood that I saw. The show was so unusual and unclear that it is difficult for the person with normal perception of reality so, to a descent to realize what was seen. Before the doghouse mixed up with untidily - brown swill, vyvalyanny in dirt, something bearing a faint resemblance lay on the earth to a big shapeless a lot of rags or the broken-off skin of some animal.

Without having realized that I saw eyes, I understood that hour that I saw heart. It was it. I did not sort where it has a head where paws, in such shapeless and ugly look it to me appeared, but I precisely knew that it it.

Having deeply inhaled several times to dizziness, I returned to its doghouse and could already distinguish also unnaturally twisted neck, with the head turned round its pivot-center, and the paws broken in many places which were bent and twisted as at a healthy animal they cannot be bent. Its belly was ripped up in several places, and through longitudinal wounds - cracks the fact that it once, probably, was interiors looked out. One eye - a bead was widely open and from the drill - yellow dirt looked at me.

It was still on a chain which, as well as her body, was defamed by multiple heavy traces which turned the place before the box into a dirty bog.

In the same place, in meter from the fact that yesterday still there was Dzhulkoy in dirt two rusty pipes with traces of blood and hair of a poor animal rolled. It was not necessary to be Sherlock Holmes immediately to understand that Juli to death was killed with these pipes.

She was beaten so mercilessly, with such force and exasperation that when I baged its remains to bury in a ravine behind houses, her paws developed like a meter ruler, and the head dangled as at recently destroyed chicken, and through dirt the sharp ends of the broken bones were distinctly probed.

Who and why committed this cruel crime for which he will never be punished, I learned much later. One neighbors said that they heard how the dog shouted, but they did not leave as were busy and in general, it does not concern them. Others told that they saw three or four teenagers with sticks in the yard, but those soon silently disappeared.

I also twirled. At work there were problems which I needed to solve, then I resolved some other issues, then more and more, and in two weeks I, to admit, already almost did not remember Dzhulka, so I was busy.

However through the hostess and her girlfriend who often went to it I nevertheless found out that the dog was slaughtered by young people who climbed behind apples and behind something to the yard more than once. Whether the dog began a bark - she was able to bark so plaintively that it became feel ill at ease - whether to children were junked and they wanted to have fun - goodness knows. Well metal tubes were put to use. Blow, another, the third. Well, and there only finish!

Though I already not so am childly sentimental as I is once when in eight years I sobbed on White Bim, and on the century saw and worried not only death of animals, but also my loved ones, Dzhulkina eyes black beads from under the hanging-down ears - brushes still look at me from where - that from there, of our past in which we could make, change a lot of the world to the best and was made so a little. Made so a little.