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Mother`s assistants for breastfeeding of

the Unique composition of women`s milk is optimum for food of babies. Unfortunately, prevalence of breastfeeding of children in Russia does not exceed 50 - 60%. Lack of information of parents on modern accessories to feeding of kids - one of the reasons premature the child`s otnyatiya from a breast at problem feeding.

mothers feeding the babies with exclusively breast milk cannot do Without small bottle with a pacifier even: any of them has situations when feeding by a breast is impossible or inconveniently and it is necessary to decant milk in advance. What to tell about cases when there is not enough breast milk and it is necessary to finish feeding the child artificial mixes - certainly, from a small bottle! As a result children who eat from a bottle throw a breast and gradually lose the most valuable product in the diet. The majority of constructive innovations in which modern accessories to feeding of babies differ bring closer artificial feeding to natural.

of the Nipple for a small bottle has to be

of the Pacifier wide and soft, most precisely imitating a female breast. The Sosatelny movements of the child when feeding by means of such pacifier will be practically same, as well as when feeding a breast.

the question of material of which the pacifier is made is Not less important

. Most of doctors around the world give preference to silicone - elastic synthetic polymer without color and a smell on which any case of allergic reaction at children is not registered. Many firms - producers already completely refused use of latex in production of pacifiers.

of the Pacifier with different types of openings allow to change intensity of a stream of liquid depending on age of the child and his appetite.

the Design of a pacifier has to provide to

its constant form - the pacifier should not stick together, be deformed and burst.

Modern small bottles are usually made by

of the Small bottle for feeding of babies from polycarbonate plastic - the safe material combining ease of plastic and thermal stability flew down (maintain temperature to 120 ° ).

It is desirable for

that the small bottle had a wide neck providing convenience of washing and allowing to fill easily in a small bottle dry mix. It is extremely heavy to wash small bottles of a bizzare shape - even with various brushes. Is much more practical to use special removable handles.

the Important point - stability of a small bottle. The below the center of gravity settles down, the probability of capsizing of a small bottle at the careless movement is less.

exact, easily readable scale has to be put to

On a small bottle.

Milk pumps

After process of breastfeeding will be adjusted by

, there is a need for decantation of surplus of milk, and then milk pumps will become irreplaceable. Milk pumps happen two types: electric and piston. Use of an electric milk pump does not demand mechanical efforts, however is accompanied by a number of inconveniences: noise during the work, need for power supply source, impossibility to sterilize electric part of the device. Some piston milk pumps imitate natural process of sucking of milk by the child: they are supplied with a soft silicone nozzle. The woman herself has an opportunity to choose suitable intensity of work of a milk pump. Besides, they work silently, and all details can be sterilized.

the Important point is compatibility of a milk pump with a small bottle, the container, disposable sterile packages for the decanted milk.

Disposable sterile packages for the decanted milk

Previously decanted breast milk can be stored in the refrigerator or the freezer for use in the absence of mother. For storage of milk special disposable sterile packages can be used.

the Decanted milk is stored by

in the refrigerator within 24 hours or frozen in the freezer at a temperature - 18 ° With for the period about three months. In case of need milk can be warmed up - for example, in a heater of baby food. It is possible to feed the child from a disposable package, previously having inserted it into a small bottle - the holder.

the Proofreader of a shape of a nipple

the Proofreader of a shape of a nipple - the unique invention of the English plastic surgeon Douglas Mack - George. The flat or concave shape of nipples (the pulled-in nipples) which is a consequence of the shortened dairy channels can cause certain difficulties when feeding the child a breast.

the Principle of action of the proofreader is based by

on creation of depression in the special cap which is put on a nipple. The cap is connected by the valve to the syringe. If by means of the syringe to delay air from a cap, the nipple takes the cap form at once. At a syringe detachment depression remains thanks to the valve. At constant (8 hours a day) carrying the proofreader in cups of a bra of pacifiers takes the necessary form approximately in three weeks.

is recommended to Use

the proofreader before pregnancy. However if the breast is not really sensitive, it can be used within the first six months of pregnancy and even in the first few days after the delivery.

Change of a shape of a nipple happens thanks to a lung and the dosed stretching of dairy channels which hold a nipple in the necessary situation. At the same time the main functions of a breast are not affected that provides a possibility of full breastfeeding.

of the Overlay for gathering breast milk are located with

of the Overlay for breastfeeding (cockleshell) with p in bra cups in the period of a lactation. Usually during feeding one breast from another reflex emits milk too. Cockleshells allow to gather breast milk to use it for feeding, and exclude infiltration of milk on clothes. Overlays of the last generation consist of two parts - silicone, adjacent to a breast and the mammary gland which is carrying out a light massage, and plastic which passes air and allows skin of a mammary gland to breathe. When filling a cockleshell milk it needs to be removed from a breast, to merge milk through a special nose in a small bottle or a disposable package for milk and to finish feeding the child.

Sterilization of accessories to feeding

Strict observance of the mode of hygiene - an important component of care of the newborn. Now steam use is considered one of the most effective ways of destruction of harmful bacteria. Simple, compact house steam sterilizers can be applied not only in house conditions, but also in hospitals. They work in the automatic mode and do not demand use of chemical components. The principle of action of steam sterilizers is based on transformation of water into steam which destroys microbes - including sort mushrooms Candida - less than in 10 minutes. Steam sterilizers for the microwave oven - furnaces are based on the same principle, as electric, however they are more economic as use the power of the microwave oven.

Heaters of baby food

At warming up of baby food in the microwave oven uneven warming up of liquid is possible

. Therefore it is better to use the devices which are specially designed for this purpose - heaters.

the Majority of modern heaters of baby food have system of thermostatic control which excludes an overheat or boiling of food and allows to heat small bottles or disposable packages of baby food in only a few minutes. Heaters are very convenient for food preparation at night.