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New year: for boys from a year to 10 years of

If you have gifts the son, the nephew or the younger brother, then you for certain already began to think of what present to it for New year. We made the whole list of the most various things which will be pleasant to boys of absolutely different age - from the birth and till 10 years. Let what you present to the child will bring it a lot of joy and will be remembered for a long time!

of Distinction between needs of boys and girls for this age are conditional

Till 1 year and are shown generally in a form and color which is preferred by parents of the kid or the baby. You can safely give the developing rugs, prorezyvatel, rattles or mobiles. Also you can get accessories for feeding (depending on a type of feeding of the kid) or overalls.

1 year

Get as a gift musical toys, the designer with large details, the game centers with small hills or a swing. Walkers will also become an excellent gift: many of them are even equipped with bright game panels which help to develop small motility and coordination of movements of the child.

2 years

we Diversify with

vehicle fleet: we buy fire trucks, excavators, buses, tractors, trucks into which body it is possible to load all designer or tell-tales and to bring them to other room. We do not forget also about the developing toys: cubes, pyramids, puzzles with large details, finger-type paints, toys for a bathtub and balls. That not only to please the boy, but also to help parents, you can present clothes for the house or overalls for the street - excellent option.

3 years

the Sure bet - the children`s railroad. And to it - army of tell-tales, toys - robots, the radio-controlled machine. It is already possible to give books with bright volume illustrations, the piracy ship or toy guns.

4 years

of the Boy - the same dandies as girls. Therefore pick up to the child an elegant suit for kindergarten either a fancy dress or the superhero`s mask for festive morning performance. The boy matures, he is already ready to learn to read and write, so, it is possible to present a board with the magnetic alphabet or an easel for drawing by chalk or markers, the training books with figures, letters, cars or animals, and also fairy tales and songs on CD.

of 5 years

At this age boys like to design and play active games. Present to the child an interesting game set by means of which it is possible to learn to conjure, operate a stream of light or to study magnetism force.

of 6 years

Preschool age - fine time for active development of skills. Perhaps, it is worth studying attentively the range of board games and sets for creativity. The boy, most likely, will want to burn out pictures on plates and to collect models of planes or ships. And still it will like a set of the real conjurer, game for the company and board games with electronic stuffings (color monitors or the mechanism which changes rules and sets conditions).

of 7 years

to School students small bottles will be useful to p for water or small thermoses which can be taken with themselves for study. For physical education classes new sneakers or a sports suit (even if for growth), and also any sports accessories have by the way: scooter, balls, skates or skis. Also boys will like various robots - transformers and characters from favourite animated films.

of 8 years

the Boy will be delighted to modern electronic devices: to the mobile phone or game console. Also pay attention to a variety of sets with scientific experiences and experiments: it will be interesting to child to learn how to grow up a crystal, to assemble the electric car, the wind generator or to teach to draw the robot.

of 9 years

of the Child will be carried away by the puzzles or board games developing thinking especially as the well-known checkers or chess had a great number of fellows.

of 10 years

the Compact audio system, an interesting alarm clock, hours, radio-controlled models of helicopters or planes, an unusual t-shirt or a telescope is also more senior than

. it is pleasant and interesting to p to Give to

gifts to children, their sincere pleasure is transferred to you! Before purchase it is possible to study the range of children`s goods by means of the Internet. So it will be simpler to you to make a choice, besides, you will save a lot of time in New Year`s Eve days.