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Weight during pregnancy: what increase of correct

the Question of weight - one of the first which is heard by the woman on reception at the obstetrician - the gynecologist. Besides, the doctor will surely take an interest: whether constant it or sharply changed as body weight during puberty how many kilograms the increase for the previous pregnancy made changed.

Why to the doctor it is so important to em to know the patient`s weight? What communication between the weight and a female genital? I will try to cover key aspects of the thin mechanism of work of our reproductive system and its dependence on body weight deviations in this article.

Optimum amount of fatty tissue

Fatty tissue of the person by right can call

one of largest of endocrine bodies . It was revealed several decades ago that it is capable to synthesize steroid hormones, including estrogen. In a postmenopause fatty tissue becomes almost only source of estrogen - the main female sex hormones.

Fat is metabolic active education which is constantly interacting with all systems of an organism. During puberty of the girl there is a sharp increase in specific weight of fatty tissue. So, for emergence of the first periods the girl has to save up not less than 17% of fat. Not so long ago two important hormones produced by fatty tissue - leptin and grelin which are directly involved in formation and regulation of menstrual function were discovered.

fatty tissue and a brain exchange
For maintenance of normal body weight the difficult hormonal signals influencing appetite, assimilation of food, power consumption and weight.

About hormonal balance in an organism can be judged by the relation of the sizes of a waist to hips indirectly. For the woman the indicator is considered optimum equal 0,68 - 0,7. It is signs of the “correct“ figure, and they say to doctors that the metabolism (mainly the level of estrogen) at this woman is normal. Therefore change of quantity or violation of distribution of fatty tissue demonstrates this or that hormonal frustration.

Fat before conception

Both surplus, and deficiency of fatty tissue can significantly affect ability of the woman to conception. Obesity is a serious problem at infertility. It is known that excess body weight leads to violation of maturing of an ovum, interferes with an ovulation, leading to violations of a menstrual cycle and infertility. At the same time and excessive weight loss with decrease in specific weight of fat to 13% leads to violation of synthesis of sex hormones and, as a result, amenory (to lack of periods).

the Percent of content of fat in a female organism much more exceeds man`s: it makes of 20 - 29% body weights against of 18 - 20% at men.

When pregnancy already came, conditions for additional development of fatty cellulose which biological sense consists in protection of fetal egg and a plodovmestilishch are created. Adjournment of fatty tissue mainly happens in mammary glands, buttocks, hips and a stomach. For providing a survival of a fruit and mother on a case of unforeseen circumstances (hunger approach) it is necessary to create fat reserves . The organism of each woman is evolutionarily ready for it, and it is not necessary to fight against it.

of the Increase of weight during pregnancy

How many the woman during pregnancy has to grow fat and what there is this increase of?

As a rule, the normal increase of body weight for pregnancy makes of 8 - 14 kg, on average of 10 - 12 kg. These figures consist of the following components:

  • the Fruit - 3300 g
  • the Uterus - 900 g
  • the Placenta and covers - 400 g
  • Amniotic waters - 900 g
  • Increase in volume of the circulating blood - 1200
  • Increase in volume of mammary glands - 500 g
  • Fatty deposits - 2200
  • Fabric liquid - 2700

on what number of kilograms future mother will recover, depends on a set of factors including from some specific features. If initially the woman had a deficiency of body weight, then it is necessary to expect that the organism will compensate a lack of reserves of fat, that is the general increase of weight will be higher, than, for example, at the pregnant woman with initially excess body weight which should not add more of 5 - 7 kg.

For more exact calculation recommends to use a body weight index (IMT). It is counted as follows: IMT = the weight (kg) / [growth 2 (m 2 )]

of IMT less than 18,5 - insufficient weight.
of IMT from 18,5 to 25 - normal weight.
of IMT from 25 to 30 - excess weight.
of IMT more than 30 - obesity.

At low IMT the pregnant woman can add of 12,5 - 18 kg, at normal - of 11,5 - 15 kg, at the excess weight the increase has to be from 7 to 11,5 kg, and at obesity - 6 and less than a kg.

Knows to

also that the age of the pregnant woman is more senior than , the more it will add weight. If the fruit large (more than 4000 g), then is more also the weight of an afterbirth and amniotic waters, therefore, the total increase will be higher than average. At polycarpous pregnancy the weight of the pregnant woman increases normal by of 15 - 22 kg.

the weight increase at pregnancy (less than 7 kg) at the healthy woman has to guard with

. It can be a signal of any trouble in a condition of mother or child.

the weight Increase on trimesters

Not less serious value has rate of an increase of weight on trimesters and weeks of pregnancy in comparison with total of the gained kilograms. So, in the first weeks after conception weight can not increase at all. The fruit does not need additional amount of nutrients, to it enough internal reserves yet. For the first 13 weeks pregnancies of an intensive increase of weight does not occur, as a rule, women gain from 1 to 3 kg. It is necessary to consider that if toxicosis develops, then the movement of an arrow on scales can be both in one, and in other party. Though the part of future mothers “jams“ the nausea, something is almost continuous chewing, adding about 5 kg already in the I trimester. In the II trimester weight at them is, as a rule, stabilized, and the gain renews after 26 weeks. Others feel painful nausea and even vomiting, loss of appetite, sometimes disgust for food. If there is a loss of body weight more than for 5% from initial, it is a reason for the address to the doctor.

As a rule, by 20 weeks the pregnant woman gathers of 4 - 5 kg. In the second half of pregnancy gradual increase in body weight approximately on of 250 - 300 in a week, and after leaving to a maternity leave - on of 300 - 400

of the Problem goes, connected with shortage and surplus of body weight

Should note

that regular measurement of body weight of the pregnant woman is not end in itself. The doctor is concerned not by the cosmetic party of a question, but mechanisms of emergence of a pathological increase of weight . It is important to understand why there are these or those deviations from average sizes, it is connected with metabolic features of each specific woman or is a symptom of any serious complication during pregnancy.


, the most terrible complication correlating with an excess or uneven increase of body weight is gestoz. The excessive delay of liquid therefore the sudden big increase in weight on late term is a disturbing symptom is characteristic of it.

the Analysis of a result of childbirth and a state of health of newborns from mothers with different body weight proves to

negative influence on pregnancy and health of the kid both deficiency, and surplus of weight of mother.

the Conducted researches demonstrate that initial deficiency of body weight is serious risk factor of premature birth, according to some information - to 72%. Besides, it is noted that women with an insufficient weight give birth to children with low body weight more often. Such babies are more subject to infectious diseases and to a thicket are ill. Also it is impossible to forget that malnutrition during pregnancy can result in direct deficiency some nutrients and minerals that can cause the wrong formation of the kid.

the Human body can lay off in a reserve no more than 130 g of fat a day, and everything that is higher than these values, is the detained water.
the Excessive set of weight

to emergence of the increased arterial pressure, a gestoz, a varicosity, diabetes of pregnant women, pregnancy interruption threat. Diabetes of pregnant women increases risk of the birth of the child with an excess weight (more than 4 kg) that can become a problem at spontaneous childbirth.

the Doctor observing pregnancy will help you to interpret correctly the results received when weighing and in time to introduce amendments in a food allowance. I wish you easy pregnancy and health to your kids!