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Why the stomach hurts your child?

the Majority of us seldom think of microflora of the intestines. We got used to solve all complications with a stomach tablets, often simply without realizing that eliminating symptoms, we do not solve a problem.

Modern life is so dynamic and saturated

that sometimes there is hardly enough time for short having a snack during which near at hand most often there are not really useful sandwiches and Coca.

Enlightenment, as a rule, comes while the stomach begins to hurt your child. The children`s organism much of is more sensitive to various diseases therefore not only it is easier for child to pick up the next sore, but also it is much more difficult to get rid of painful symptoms which the kid feels much stronger.

of Colic, lack of appetite, diarrhea - all this is the reason of bad mood. Each parent dreams to give to the children the best, to protect them from possible difficulties and problems. For this reason for the child it is important to find the correct preparation which will not just hide symptoms, and will remove an etiology.

simply and quickly


Most often the reason of disorders of digestion children can have a change a diet. Gentle children`s intestines and unripe microflora are sensitive to change of structure of food. The majority of disorders of digestion at children happens in the period of the beginning of visit of kindergarten or school. Reception of antibiotics can become one more rather common cause. Besides the main function (destruction of pathogenic bacteria), antibiotics are also capable to do harm and to useful bacteria which provide full digestion of nutrients with an organism.

Each mother knows

how it is sometimes difficult to force the child to take necessary medicine. It can not like taste, color, a smell and still something known only to it.


the best exit in this case - means which easily is dissolved in any liquid and remains unnoticed for the kid, in order to avoid excess problems and whims.

One more critical moment at the choice of medicine - frequency its reception. Even if the child is at home, it is all the same difficult not to miss any reception on hours. What to tell about it if the child goes to kindergarten or school? Therefore the most acceptable option - means which needs to be accepted only once in day.

As we already mentioned

, disorder of digestion is frequent and problems with a chair can be a consequence of reception of antibiotics. Therefore, ideal means is means which can begin to be accepted along with an antibiotic not to allow development of dysbacteriosis.

of the Probiotics and prebiotics - double advantage for an organism

Keeping in structure of a preparation of probiotics and prebiotics - an important indicator of quality and efficiency of medicine. These are extraordinary useful substances which normalize intestinal microflora, improving digestion.

As it was p, the secret of ideal medicine for the child is simple: it is qualitative structure, resistance to antibiotics, a convenient form, frequency rate of application and reasonable price. New means of “Normobakt“ of production of the ChristianHansen company conforms to all these requirements. It is distinguished by faultless European quality, a convenient form of release - a sachet - and frequency rate of reception only once a day. Normobakt it is possible to give to children, beginning already with the 6th monthly age, just dissolving in milk. This means possesses pleasant taste, and therefore by all means it will be pleasant to your kid.

“Normobakt“ will help to cope with disorders of digestion when changing a diet from - for visits by the child of kindergarten or school, and also with the dysbacteriosis which developed after reception of antibiotics.

the Course of reception of Normobakt - only 10 days, and it means that very soon your child will be able to enjoy life without diarrhea and other unpleasant consequences of disorders of digestion. Each sachet is Bol 4 billion useful bacteria for the kid!