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The correct television for mothers and kids of

What place is taken by television in life of mothers? Whether often they watch TV? Where to find qualitative and interesting video content for the child? How to choose the good TV for all family? We resolved these and other issues to set to visitors within poll “Television in mother`s life“.

Results of poll showed


: modern Russian mothers are active consumers of video content, they with pleasure master new functions and technologies, and as the main criterion at the choice of the TV consider quality of the image. Supports actual tendencies in the world of television and develops, and often and the TP Vision company - producer of Philips TVs anticipates, - which is ready to offer modern mothers and fathers hi-tech TVs with a wide set of additional functions, actual design and an opportunity to independently choose movies and transfers for itself and the child already today.

In poll on the website 7ya. ru 945 women from the different cities of Russia took part. By their own recognition, the television plays an important role in life of mothers - 58% of respondents answered that they watch TV every day, and another 17% spend time at the blue screen several times a week.

at the same time mothers who, as a rule, are responsible not only for own health and comfort, but also for wellbeing and good health of the whole family approach

the choice of the TV with all responsibility: the main criterion of 79% of respondents called quality of the image. 37% also mentioned special functions.

Aspiration of women to give to the family the best are supported by engineers of TP Vision: they developed the whole ten “clever“ functions which bring quality of the television image to new level. Thanks to them “picture“ becomes much brighter and more contrast, dynamic images get ideal clearness, trembling and blinking disappears. Realness of video and an excellent color rendition are guaranteed even during the work with materials of low quality, and the option “Assistant to Settings“ will allow mothers to optimize easily the image to the taste in real time. Ability of the TV to transform video from 2D in 3D and an opportunity to watch it will also become pleasant news, without feeling discomfort.

One more popular criterion of the choice of the ideal TV: it was called by 22% of mothers. It is not surprising: even if the TV is switched off, it takes the central place in the house and always is on a look, supplementing an interior. Of course, mother always tries to create a cosiness and comfort in the house, to surround herself and the child with beautiful and at the same time functional things.

Philips TVs always differed in uncommon design, but as a ruler pearl by right it should be taken into account the Philips DesignLine series. It is remembered at first sight thanking zhemchuzhno - to the white case and the frontal panel from whole transparent glass - the feeling is created that the TV soars in air. The series 6907 model in the graceful case without frame - perhaps, an ideal gift to yourself and a family by New year will faultlessly fit into an interior of the modern apartment.

One more unique element of design of Philips TVs - background illumination of Ambilight. Its functional features will be to the taste to modern mothers, many of which combine education of kids with study or work therefore can have a rest at the TV behind viewing of the favourite program only in a night-time. 41% of participants of poll admitted that they watch TV only in the evening or at night - and with illumination of Ambilight they will be able to spend this time not only with pleasure, but also with advantage for health.

According to the conducted scientific researches, this patented technology allows to reduce tension of eyes and a brain as much as possible: color and brightness of illumination automatically adapt to the image, smoothing border between the bright screen of the TV and a dark background of the room, and the screen visually increases due to projection of soft light by a wall behind the TV. Such effect guarantees the new level of comfort and allows to relax and plunge completely into the events on the screen.

the Special attention in poll was paid by

to types of television content which the Russian mothers choose for themselves and the children, and also to that how actual viewing of movies and programs is attached to a broadcasting schedule. Movies and series (54% of respondents) were leaders in popularity among mothers, the second place was taken by news (46%). The Internet (57%) became the most demanded source of content for the child. 30% of mothers are guided by the television program when planning viewing, the others watch everything or find the materials interesting them in a network.

search and the choice of qualitative movies and programs in license quality the Philips Smart TV technology will help to Facilitate

to mothers. The home Philips Smart TV screen includes popular Russian online - ivi movie theaters. ru and zoomby. ru, and also in public favourite YouTube video service. Simple pressing of the button any mother can start the pleasant video or the animated film and to enjoy it on the big screen or to choose from tens of thousands of movies or programs in online - movie theater and with pleasure to look at time, chosen in convenient for it, without being guided by a program schedule. What is especially important, the most part of this content is available to all users of Philips Smart TV absolutely free of charge.


Quite recently the list of applications for Philips Smart TV included four appendices from TV channels “STS of Media“ (STS, “House“, “Pepper“) and the Videomore portal. Thanks to the appendices “following-for-air“ the father and mother will be able to look at favourite transfer or series at any time after its broadcasting on the channel, and access to library of “Videomor“ will provide even more wide choice of programs for viewing - including those which did not leave in an air.

Convenient, intuitively clear settings, actual services, refined modern design, high level of comfort and an opportunity to independently choose interesting and qualitative video content for itself and the child - that else is necessary for the real mother!