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New year with the newborn: quietly and unforgettably!

your family were replenished with recently been born kid? This year the magic holiday of New year will be for you special though, perhaps, and not such noisy, as usual. There are several councils which will help you cheerfully and to interestingly spend this time.

the Festive photoshoot

In any day of New Year`s vacation can arrange to


photographing. Parents in evening dresses and the kid in a red cap will remarkably look in pictures. If the baby it is still absolutely small, it is rather simple to issue a bed in New Year`s style. The photoshoot will create festive mood, and pictures will leave memory of a holiday.

Suitable guests

If you decided to invite guests, then it is good if it are very close people in the presence of whom you do not feel any discomfort, for example, it can be grandmothers and the newborn`s grandfathers. They, by the way, will be able to remain for a while with the kid on New Year`s Eve when mother and the father leave on walk or on a visit.

we Simplify preparations

As young mother has enough efforts with the baby, it is better not to plan grandiose projects on preparation of a table. If it is planned to invite guests, then they can in advance declare a competition of New Year`s snack - it is practical and fun when summing up a competition of the company is provided. If all of you - decided not to refuse to yourself tradition of a rich feast, do not hesitate to ask for the help grandmothers and the husband. It, for example, can always charge part of preparations, and it is quite possible that you will open in it culinary talent. Or use recipes very simple in preparation and at the same time not harmful to the feeding mothers of snack.


In new year to the kid, of course, can invite the nurse - it will allow to carry out celebration in the habitual mode. However to find the good nurse on the eve of a holiday - a task actually impracticable, and you the baby will not entrust another, correctly? Another matter - the radio nurse. She will help to watch constantly the kid, even being in other room, for example, smartening up to a celebration or making a festive dinner in kitchen. At the choice of the radio nurse pay attention to the digital Philips AVENT models. In them the DECT technology which guarantees protection against hindrances, the created other devices is used: radio nurses of neighbors, wireless or cell phones. Thanks to system of coding of data and constant connection test (the device automatically chooses one of 120 free channels) absolute safety of communication between blocks and trouble-free operation is ensured. With the digital radio nurse of Philips AVENT you will always know what happens to the baby, even being in the most distant room of the apartment or a country house - the range of reception makes 330 meters. The parental block works without recharge till 24 o`clock, has the compact sizes and is convenient in carrying on a belt or a special cervical thong.

New Year`s travel

If nevertheless you decided to visit on these holidays relatives or friends all family, do not forget to stock up with all necessary on care of the small child. It is pair of diapers, spare baud, jackets and a romper suit, disposable diapers, children`s wet towel wipes. The comfort will provide to the baby also habitual berth - it can be a portable bed - an arena or a removable cradle from a carriage. By the way, and on a visit the radio nurse will be irreplaceable!

It is possible, you have interesting ideas or useful tips too for young mothers who will help to celebrate New Year`s holidays without special cares? Please, share them with us!

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