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How to determine marital status of the man by appearance?

How to understand that it for the person faces you? How to determine by appearance whether the man, or, on the contrary, the exemplary family man is single? We continue to publish lessons of the French lawyer, the author of the book “How to Understand and Resist to Technicians of Deception and Manipulations“ Jonah B. Domona.

Supervision over clothes

Studying of clothes allows to establish to


hierarchy of priorities of the person from the point of view of image.

Yes ladies are well!

Two simple examples.

If the lady made by

very bright make-up and is dressed provotsiruyushche, it can designate, contrary to the first impression that she is quite timid person. Its appearance, various receptions which demand other time and long preparation help it to calm down. Usually it will like rather the man whose attention will not be too fixed, and in general she prefers men who are only its mirrors, sparkling desire whose eyes allow it to feel safe. Often the woman of this kind will find means to complain of it, of course, noticing all who are ready to listen to her:“ I am not only my appearance“ or something like that. Of course, expensive, it is very logical as your shyness too strongly is evident to pay attention to something other, except an elaborate cover. The man who will not dare to be deceived by its appearance, but will manage to find this paradox, will at once fall into an advantageous state and will take the best positions for further rapprochement. At the same time externally it is necessary to show the complete indifference. It is in certain cases reasonable even to represent elegant coldness. And to cause thereby a series of reactions: misunderstanding (“I am not pleasant to this person, it is unusual“.), then anger (“No doubt, it is the dark pretentious idiot“.), then surprise (“A billeting - he looks at me as though he sees through, it what, does not put in anything me, at the end - that the ends who is he such?“ ), and then the finishing phase starting all the subsequent - curiosity follows.

Thus, the obvious indifference to its appearance which is followed by the doubled attention to her look as it is paradoxical, will be the best means to cause interest in women of this kind.

On the contrary if it is the woman without excessively difficult make-up but who is carefully brushed, dressed so that her advantages were not evident importunately, then it is possible to draw a conclusion that it is more mature personality accepting herself such what it is. It is more pragmatic type, it is more difficult to approach it. Such pragmatic people often fall in love, contrary to the rational mind, with people with marginal tendencies.

By practical consideration I removed

that it is more woman, than men, like to think that they have paramental abilities.

the Grief to men

the Vast majority of men is interested in the appearance much less, than women. Actually appearance of the man often depends on that, he is single or is married, and also from age and the social status. (Recently women had a tendency to be interchanged the position with men: women aged from 40 till 60 years spit on the age, a physical state or marital status and try to subdue young people of 30 - 40 years, to which treat only as sexual partners).

Married man: a wedding ring on the left little finger, the ironed-out shirt, clean trousers with folds, the well-groomed, good father of family, as they say. However if the man carries a wedding ring, but its folds are smoothed badly down also a shirt crumpled, then it is easily possible to assume that its marriage has not the best times. Matter is not that his wife is obliged to perform all manual labor, - often the person in an emotional turmoil forgets about how he looks that negatively affects his appearance even if it has sufficient means to charge care of the clothes to the hired worker. It is possible also that it remained one and does household chores. Not too successful man in love quickly loses an external luster.

the Married man without wedding ring from which trace remained with it on a hand: it is quite probable that he deceives the wife or his family broke up recently, or he became a widow/widower. The simple view of a finger with relentless logic leads to three guesses about marital status of such man. This information never should be underestimated. If to compare it with other data, then you eventually are approved in the opinion on object, and without asking a uniform question.

Bachelor: it has no wedding ring, and in general language of a body tells you that it is ready to search. All his clothes are subordinated to one purpose - to win the woman. It is necessary to allocate two subcategories of this type: romantic and serial lover.

the Romantic rather badly reacts to the celibacy, he will often speak about it and will become thoughtlessly pliable to any form of the benevolent relation. He is more dangerous, than it seems, and can fall in love to death with the girlfriend of the person close to it and not have at the same time any sense of guilt. He looks for passion about which we already spoke in chapter about “washing of brains“ and if it sinks down on your lady, you will need all your courage.

to the Serial lover nobody is necessary to

, it has a whole harem consisting of married and unmarried women, this is a lonely wolf who has enough of himself. Sometimes this serial ladies` man also consists in official marriage that represents its only thing, but quite healthy weak place. The serial lover usually excellent manipulator able to classify all the life and to force to accept this position of all the mistresses. At the same time he is absolutely sure that he keeps a situation under control and that his official girlfriend never learns that it conducts a double life. Thus, it will appear in the power of any witness or the rebelled mistress.

the Serial lover does not take out

when events develop not according to its scenario.


several examples eventually are only standard models. They are perfectly described and explained in the textbook created by the psychologists who were in the service of Markus Wolf nicknamed “the person without the person“ - the most great Soviet spy of times of cold war who invented “agent Romeo“ - not important, the man it or the woman, - breaking steady couples.

the Basis of any success - regular training.
Before beginning to show the skills to the stranger, try to check them for acquaintances to improve the abilities.
First act with

very carefully, asking questions of rather exact details to estimate the progress. Do not forget that besides the methods described in this book there is also an Internet which will provide you with the valuable information about people on whom you wish to exert impact.

you will achieve much more bigger effect if you train gradually, but daily. On one exercise of psychological processing, soft manipulation, rhetoricians, detection of lie in day - and it will allow you to approach the level shown by heroes of series very quickly.

From the book “Secrets of a mentalist: How to understand
and to resist to technicians of deception and manipulations“