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How to learn about character of the person more it is imperceptible for it?

After emergence of series “Theory of Lie“ (“Deceive me“) where the main character as live “lie detector“, finds the criminal on the slightest changes of a mimicry or position of a body, many dreamed also to learn to distinguish emotions of people at first sight. It is time to undertake lessons!

“Appearance of the person will give you much more hints, than you could assume, under a condition, of course, that you will be rather attentive“, - the French lawyer, the author of the book “How to Understand and Resist to Technicians of Deception and Manipulations“ John B. Domon says.

Careful supervision can be executed, for example, within conversation, without exciting at the interlocutor of suspicions. Obvious survey from legs to the head is felt as the veiled contempt. Also do not forget that in the physical analysis what is not present, sometimes also important, as well as what you will see.

Sources of visual information

Gait and a general view

“When you plan to go on a meeting, once a golden rule conforms: you come minutes for fifteen till the planned time and settle down in the place from where the object cannot see you. It will allow you to observe attentively it without his permission. Let`s take the politician, for example Sarkozy. It is amusing to see a difference in language of his body to and during interview - at first it has a nervous tic and when interview begins, Sarkozy very much tries to hide it. Mister X has the same. Looking at how he goes on a meeting with you, you receive as much information how many during conversation. Just two sets of the obtained data will strongly differ. In the first case mister H behaves almost naturally, and in the second he tries to make impression on you“.

“When we study a situation during demonstration, we know a lot of things still before demonstration begins actually. It allows us to reveal leaders, to photograph them, to estimate their potential of influence on the supporters, the importance of internal problems if those are available, defects of their organization“ (from conversation of the author with the former employee of service of the general information of police).

Me it seems to

that after you read these statements, any more than nothing will speak it is not necessary. So professionals so the good manipulator will begin the analysis still before the object of its interest understands it act. It will begin the supervision with gait.

Some examples of gait

Free, imperious gait

is a person who does not allow surrounding to distract himself from the planned purpose which made an appointment and resolutely goes on it. It has a specific goal: to arrive on time. Hypothesis: this is the person who is capable to take the responsibility in quite many affairs.

Gait uniform, but the person constantly turns

is a gait of people who stare at the shadow, let`s “acquit the defendant for the lack of proofs“. Hypothesis: or it is a little absent-minded person, or he has quite high libido and he is always ready to various love affairs.

Careless, a little slow gait, the person goes, having hung the head

the Hypothesis: the object thought of something special, it is excited, passive or badly feels.

Nervous gait, the useless movements, the person jumps up from the slightest noise

Object all the time tries to meet the eyes of other people. Hypothesis: this person has a stress or is very intense and disturbing.

When the person came to the meeting place, you should greet each other. Handshake also provides very many information.

contact Establishment, handshake

Quite sluggish handshake

Hypothesis: the tired, passive person, or if came several people to a meeting and you - only whom so greeted, so you at this meeting are not of any interest to object.

Handshake when the person sticks into your hand as an eagle in production

the Hypothesis: he decided to break to you fingers, deliberate tactics, social manifestation of confrontation. Mistrust.

Having taken you by one hand, the second hand of people the Hypothesis puts to you on a shoulder

: or the object estimates you, or before you other manipulator. In both cases ahead of you waits for great pleasure from communication with it.

of People of

the Hypothesis takes you by hand two hands

: he intends to ask you about something, to report something.

These supervision made at the very beginning of a meeting (besides you used many methods from given above “to scan“ your interlocutor), will allow you to understand whether there corresponds the behavior which you analysed without his permission, to what it shows you further.

If behavior before and after a meeting identical, you have to check the first supervision and can continue the analysis. Otherwise it becomes clear that this person sufficiently respects you (as ally or as opponent) to hide from you the natural behavior.

“In the same way when you say goodbye, should not leave at once, but once you pass to the observation post and to look, this person will behave, having left you. Whether his behavior changed? If yes, that as it is connected with your conversation? Whether the object to the habitual behavior came back? All this is a daily bread for the intelligence agent, a mentalist or the illusionist - all of them collect information without the knowledge of other person.

If you go accompanied by object of your interest, the same way.

of Supervision over gait

of People goes near you, having hung the head

the Hypothesis: his behavior shows that he is person of no character or something hides.

of People goes in the same rhythm, as you, looking forward directly before itself, nothing around it the Hypothesis interests

: the object is excited, but does not wish to show it. Thinks of something special or concentrates only on conversation, perhaps, at it acoustical memory dominates.

of People goes, having put hands in pockets

the Hypothesis: contrary to the standard representation of a hand, thrust into pockets, do not confirm lack of self-confidence, it is rather on the contrary. This person is relaxed and accepts the most convenient for himself a pose.

of People goes, trying to impose you the rhythm

the Hypothesis: this is the person who got used to dominate him interests only the fact that he can receive from you.

Supervision over eyes

Circles under eyes will at once tell

to you that the person did not sleep. Meanwhile bags under eyes will report much more. At some people shadows under the eyes are not connected at all with sleeplessness whereas bags under eyes put the owner with giblets. If they “heavy“ and in addition the person of object which swelled not to tell inflated, then most likely it demonstrates reception of one of two substances: alcohol or marijuana.

Alcoholism is confirmed by such recognizable signs as a smell from a mouth, characteristic complexion and presenilation.

Of course, the reddened eyes can just indicate that the person cried recently - “same obviously, Watson“.

Anyway the condition of eyes of the person at once shows

whether there is it in a condition of a stress, and also it accepts toxic preparations or not.

If the person wears glasses, you should pay attention to them. Before many people refused to carry contact lenses, considering that they have for this purpose too sensitive eyes. The same can be told about an epilation of hair on a body or about Botox injections.

Supervision over teeth

Owing to high cost of stomatologic services the people having beautiful teeth come from rather well-founded environment which representatives can allow themselves it. And on the contrary, the person with pleasant appearance who has no tooth and which is forced to smile so that to hide this shortcoming, has obviously no money to address the stomatologist.

Other important instruction: what tooth is not enough? Everything depends on age. Let`s take as an example of the person of years of about forty: natural evolution assumes that the first distant teeth as they are stronger subject to risk of caries or infection will drop out. If the lacking or implanted tooth is located in front, you can claim almost for certain that it was lost as a result of accident, falling or quarrel.

Surprisingly equal teeth specify that the person, undoubtedly, used services of the orthodontist in the past. This rather expensive intervention is most often carried out in youth and speaks about financial opportunities of his parents. Naturally, black spots on teeth demonstrate that your interlocutor - the smoker or was of

Supervision over hands

Location of a watch is very important and can give you certain signs which are, however, capable to put you on a false trail so you do not hurry to draw premature conclusions. For example, classical postulate: the person who wears watch on the right hand, - the lefthander. But if you face the accordion player (I know, it happens seldom), then know that hours on the right hand will prevent it to play. The same is faithful concerning some other musical instruments, for example, of a violin.

It is natural, purity of nails - an important detail which cannot be missed in any way. The person with manicure has means to care for it. Sometimes, however, appearance is deceptive. For example, the singer Serge Ginsburg put on quite carelessly, dirty. But if you look at pictures where his hands are visible, then be convinced that it has a manicure. Ginsburg thought up for himself a role - it is for anybody not a secret, but similar fine details allow to understand to what degree this person differed from as what appeared at public.

White nails often are a symptom of anemia. Yellow nails, especially on index and big fingers, say about what the person smokes much. Violet outflow of a forefinger testifies to problems with blood circulation. Equally as unusual redness and coldness of hands. Similar problems often occur at women. The nails covered with points can testify to some form of eczema or psoriasis.

Supervision over hair

Is natural

, it is possible to get accustomed to hair only if they are visible. Less people wear today hats so the closed hair can speak about desire to hide baldness or, of course, - it became actual recently - demonstrate to religious beliefs of the woman.

of the Woman are seldom hidden by the hair if, of course, from them it is not demanded by religion. Thus, if the person constantly carries a headdress, it, most likely, is a symptom of the baldness caused by an illness or the accepted medicines.

to Define

whether hair at the person are painted, not important, men or women, it is possible, having compared a hair color to color of eyebrows.

Supervision over footwear

Many people who watch closely the appearance as it is paradoxical, neglect footwear. Mainly men. Therefore if you see well dressed man with carefully picked up and well-groomed footwear, know that he devotes quite considerable part of the time to creation of a perfect image. Especially if the back part of heels is not worn out. Average men forget about them most often.

the Condition of heels of the woman will at once give you valuable information on its financial position because heels most quicker wear out at a sock, skin on them spoils from any, even the smallest scratch. It is much more difficult for women to keep footwear in an order and is much more expensive.

Today more and more women wear shoes on a low heel to unload legs, but the fashion quickly comes back to a high heel therefore do not lose material for the analysis.

Be continued.

From the book “Secrets of a mentalist: How to understand
and to resist to technicians of deception and manipulations“