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We return a form after the delivery: 4 councils for young mothers of

It is no secret that about 70% of mothers gain weight after the birth of the kid. The main thing, not too to worry about it and to have patience. As a rule, most of women approximately within a year, and breastfeeding here - not the enemy, but the ally in fight for symmetry completely can return to a former form.

Anyway if you decided to take care actively of the own life, experts recommend not to force events and to observe sense of proportion - 1 - 2 kilogram in a month will be optimum for the feeding mother.

Seeking to return former appearance, you should not forget also about a condition of hair and skin - as a rule, appearance of the kid affects them not least. Therefore it is better to combine healthy food and the sparing trainings with procedures for personal care. And to achieve the maximum result in a short time, it is worth choosing an integrated approach and to follow simple advice.

  1. of Healthy products for symmetry and full feeding
    during breastfeeding to mother cannot be fond of rigid or monotonous diets, it will inevitably affect quality and amount of milk. Give preference to useful products - it will help to return quicker to a form, without doing harm to the child`s diet. Nutritionists recommend to adjust a diet of mother on hours, at the same time to reduce the size of portions and to increase number of meals. Diets with restriction, but not an exception of evening meals, fractional food, calculation of calories are suitable for the feeding mothers. Not superfluous will be to consult to the doctor: it has to define day norm.

  2. of of Training - on health and level of preparation
    If you were on friendly terms with sport and before becoming mother, and childbirth took place in the regular mode, then, according to most of experts, it is possible to begin trainings of average intensity through 3 - 4 month after the delivery. The yoga, Pilates, shaping with the subsequent transition to aerobics and a kallanetika will approach. If the health or physical shape raise doubts, consult to the gynecologist and the doctor in fitness - the center. Compromise option, suitable both for occupied, and for not really prepared - easy aerobic loadings. Fast walking with a carriage or without it, 10 - minute charging in the mornings and to evenings: once you begin, and in few weeks the result even from such not really tiresome exercises will be visible.

  3. of Problem zones - we eliminate gradually
    quicker to cope with a stomach after the delivery, experts recommend to think of it in advance. The strong press before pregnancy will help a figure to get quicker sports outlines when the kid was already born. But in whatever form there was mother, in the first month after the delivery it is possible to master breath by a diaphragm. It helps to grow thin and tighten a belt, and also helps to feel more vigorously for all day. Later the press can be swung three-day cycles: today five minutes on the top muscles, tomorrow - on slanting, the day after tomorrow - on lower. And here legs it is better to carry out squats and moves every day - only this way it is possible to bring hips to an initial state.

  4. of the Tone for skin and food for hair
    to tighten and smooth skin on a stomach and hips, as a srub it is possible to use ground coffee or sea salt, having added a little cream. Rub a house srub after a warm shower or a bathtub easy roundabouts, paying special attention to problem zones. If hair grew dull or began to drop out - do not panic, as a rule, it is connected with hormonal reorganization of an organism. It is possible to strengthen them by means of elementary means - for example, applying burdock oil, crude egg or a rye grain crumb before washing of the head.

O to procedure there was a speech, the main thing for achievement of effect - not intensity, but a regularity. Therefore at home mother needs whenever possible to give to the appearance at least several minutes a day. However for some procedures it is necessary to be removed from the house nevertheless - in fitness - the center or beauty shop. But if in advance to provide the kid with food, having decanted milk, then there is nothing terrible in leaving it for an hour - another together with the father or other family members. Especially as now you can not worry that the child will refuse after that a breast - it is possible to combine both types of feedings with a new small bottle of Philips AVENT of the Natural series easily.

the Novelty has the wide physiologic pacifier imitating the breast form. Such form allows the kid to take correctly a pacifier and to make during feeding the sosatelny movements similar to what it does during breastfeeding. The clinical trials conducted in Scientific Center of Health of Children of the Russian Academy of Medical Science showed that when using a small bottle of Philips AVENT of the Natural series most of kids continues to be fed easily from mother`s breast therefore now even the feeding mothers have an opportunity to find for itself time and to be confident that the baby receives the best - breast milk.

For protection of the child against infantile gripes the new pacifier is equipped with special “petals“ in the basis which do not allow it to stick together, and the double antikolikovy valve. It prevents swallowing air, passing it in capacity, but not in a tummy of the kid. Such small bottle besides is convenient in use - will even easily hold it to yours to the baby. And, besides, it is simple to fill and wash it, and also to combine with other accessories for feeding of Philips AVENT.

do not refuse to yourself an opportunity to give a luster to appearance and to take care of the own life. Stock up with patience and be correctly adjusted, each child will be glad to see beloved mother well-groomed and beautiful, and even it is not necessary to speak about men!

By the way, for certain each of us will have couple of cunnings on food, exercises or the refreshing cosmetic procedures. Let`s share them with each other!

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