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Christmas decoration the hands. How to make a crown - a template

These sparkling crowns, maybe, not absolutely real - but absolutely safe even for the little princess. And princesses are more senior will be able to make such: plastic bottles from - under waters or aerated water and glue with spangles - here all that is required. The master - a class from the Canadian blogger Dzheromingy Huang.


Make such crown to celebrate with the daughter a magnificent wedding of dolls - or New year. All girls like to be princesses, but I cannot claim with confidence that this occupation will be suitable for children of preschool age. This project is designed for children of 8 - 11 years, who will be able to cope with such laborious work where accuracy, skills of work with glue and scissors is necessary. Then they will take pleasure from creative process.

you can think up own design of a crown or use those templates which I for you specially prepared (it is possible to download them here).

to you it will be necessary for

For work of p:

a plastic bottle
  • glue
    • 2 of l with spangles
    • sharp scissors and an adhesive tape (adhesive tape)

    the Instruction:

    1. Cut off 1/3 part of a bottle so that at you the cylinder turned out. Using 2 or 3 pieces of an adhesive tape, fix your template from the inside of the cylinder. A marker lead round drawing on a cliche, without drawing in detail details.
    2. Using sharp scissors, cut out a crown on a contour so that on plasticity there is no marker trace left. Be convinced that you cut out a form together with a rim. At you preparation of a crown which can be decorated now has to turn out.
    3. Using an adhesive tape, again attach a template to your preparation. Brilliant glue lead round a crown on a contour and trace all details.
    4. Clean a template. Let`s glue dry approximately within 2 hours.

    Attach a crown to the girl`s hair by means of invisible beings. And about yourself do not forget - if in the house there is a princess, there has to be also a queen!