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Love of

Friday. Evening. It, hopping from cold, at gate of some office, waits for it.

It is thin, blonde, sweet. Jeans in an obtyazhechka, the jacket fitted eyes crack - crack - crack. Devonka! Cookie! Caramel!

Days become considerably longer. Even at the most gloomy the mood is considerably corrected. Friday, after all! Ahead shopping, dinner, TV!

Here it! Hips shakes, eyes claps, teeth sparkles. Chick! Femina! Goddess!

- Hi! - kisses - a kiss.

- Hi! - kisses - a kiss.

Delightful languor in all body. Pleasant excitement. Painful


- How are you doing?

- Super!

- How houses?

- Order!

- Let`s go to me?

- I don`t mind!

They, young people, go on the sidewalk. He looks at it. “What it is beautiful. And hair at it silky, both eyes big, and a figure. As I love it“. She smiles to it. They are happy with each other.

Ah, what delightful anticipation! What pleasant expectation! What

remarkable world! People, trees, roads! Hey - hey - hey!

Suddenly they stop. On cold concrete, directly in dirt,-faced in the sky, the person lies. Young man. Nice-looking. Accurate espanyolka, stylish jeans and same jacket. A flush in all cheek, as at the girl.

They exchange glances. “To help?“ - ask his eyes in love. “Let`s go!“ - clap its charming eyes. “And suddenly he dies?“ - ask its

eyes in love. “And to us what business?“ - clap its charming eyes. “But, so it is impossible!“ - tell his eyes. “Why?“ - ask it. “Because, he is a person!“ - tell his eyes.

He looks around. At a stop it is full of the people. Strong men, elegant women. Many look at it as if they appeal: “Help, For goodness sake. We have no time. We have a shopping, a dinner, the TV“. “And at me here, love“ - his eyes answer.

Someone, hurrying somewhere, on edge, swearing, obpolzat a motionless body and hurries further, on affairs.

It approaches a body. Feels pulse. Heart fights exactly, as in a quiet dream. The alcohol smell is felt. “Yes, the guy obviously did not calculate“ - he thinks.

It comes back to it. She briskly chirps meanwhile something to the girlfriend in a tube. He looks at it, thinks and comes back to a body on the earth.

It grabs a body breasts and drags aside that it did not disturb hurrying home. “Hurry, warm“.

The body turns out difficult. “The kilogram so ninety, is not less“ - he thinks. He podnatuzhivatsya and, having torn off a body from the earth, plops it on a stop bench.

Having looked at the body face - “Years, so, eighteen, it is no more“. It gives to a body two - three sobering slaps in the face. The body lows, but an eye so does not open.

In pass of a stop he sees it. It does it gestures by a hand. She calls him. She cannot wait to leave.

He is once again convinced that the body will not fall down the earth and goes to it.

He looks at it. “And hair at it colored. Both not so big eyes, and figure so-so. And what I found in it?“ - he thinks. He does not look at it any more. She does not smile to it any more.

At the intersection they disperse in different directions. It on the left, it to the right. It is never more to meet. As in the sea the ships.