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Advice to travelers from Paris

Paris - the most visited city. Every year to it there come more tourists, than to Rome, Athens or London. Some leave disappointed, criticize French cuisine, the subway, garbage on streets, crowds of the same tourists...

What should be visited in Paris? It is possible to sweep by excursion bus “L`Open Tour“ which circulate along three routes, with an opportunity to be photographed near sights and to listen to excursion in earphones. But across Paris it is better to walk on foot. Especially as “actually“ Paris, except for the numerous suburbs which in the summer are buried in flowers (in which more than 7 million French live), is small: from a cathedral Notr - I Will give on the island to Zita from which reckon to kilometers in France, to the district boulevard only four kilometers. And in general, say that in three hours it is possible to pass Paris lengthways and even in three hours across...

do not forget to glance

to Montmartre. The dance du Tertr (“Holm`s Area“) is the real kingdom of the artists, long hours staying here before the easels, many of them suggest to write your portrait fast. If you agree, I advise in advance to agree about the price and to prepare for possible disappointment. I was dissatisfied with the portrait written last year. On one of buildings the plate which tells about an interesting historic fact. It appears, exactly here the Russian Cossacks who entered Paris after Napoleon`s defeat in 1815 and standing a billeting on Montmartre often and loudly demanded binge and snack, hurrying at the same time the owner or the hostess: “Quickly, quickly!“ Under laws of French this call of Cossacks turned into “bistro“ with an accent on a final syllable and became current French for designation of small inexpensive cafes and vegetable marrows where it is possible to drink and have a snack quick. Today their infinite quantity. And on Montmartre there is Salvador Dali`s museum, at Clichy Square - the huge museum of Eroticism with two thousand exhibits from the different countries.

of All in Paris about 200 museums for every taste, and by the way, on the first Sunday of every month an entrance to many of them - free (including in Louvre, D`Orsay, in Picasso and Rodin`s museums).

Should have a rest on a shop in the garden Tuileries or in Luxembourg is a huge park of 23 hectares. Here fountains, sculptural groups, sports and playgrounds are located. The palace built at the beginning of the 17th century by order of Maria Medici is magnificent. Now the Senate, the upper house of the French parliament sits at the palace. In reservoirs goldfishes and huge carps float, competing with ducks and seagulls, snatch out grain crumbs nearly from hands of visitors.

Of course, nobody forgets to walk on the Champs Elysee, on the best-known of world “Broadways“ is a present place of parades, festive processions. As France wins first place in the world on attendance tourists, in any, even the most small town, there is “An office of tourism“. On the Champs Elysee it huge, it is possible to take free of charge catalogs, schemes of traffic, the card, advertizing of the museums, theaters, etc. in different languages there (which - that is also in Russian).

it is interesting to p to sweep on the walking boat across Seine.

Should wait in line and to rise by the Eiffel Tower, but only it is necessary to wait cloudless clear day. A view from three hundred-meter height to Paris - the best that I saw in life (I in Europe was already in 10 countries).

is better to move in the Evening in Latin quarter where between the embankment and Seong - Zhermensky Boulevard further, to Sorbonne, in the summer till the morning the motley, noisy crowd - mostly all youth flows. Here it is possible to feel what it is, “a holiday which is always with you“...

Should be glanced in the well-known cafes on Montparnasse:“ The rotunda“, “Kupol“, “Cafe of du the House“ - favourite institutions of artists - avant-gardists and writers to walk down the street Fobur of Saint - Honore on which mass of smart shops of haute couture, to glance in the largest department stores “Prantan“, “Galeri La Fayette“, but Seong - Michel and Seong - Germaine is better to make purchases in boulevards (more democratic at the prices).

If you arrived with children, of course, it is worth going to the Disneyland, and it is still interesting to visit a zoo Vansen stretched on 15 hectares and to look at elephants, giraffes, monkeys, the predators living in almost “natural“ conditions...

Of course, it is worth trying the well-known French cuisine, but you remember: from all national cuisines of the different countries which are widely presented in Paris, the real French restaurants the most expensive (as well as Russians - with caviar, borsch and pancakes). On them, but not on the first snack bar, it is necessary to judge French cuisine. And in general, it is quite good to eat it is possible at Chinese - time in 4 - 5 cheaper (here these restaurants the cheapest), the personnel are very obliging - for what thanks to numerous Chinese diaspora in Paris. Only I always ask that not strongly seasoned, and then I add spice.

I will write

To protection of the subway which is often abused for inconveniences, the confused transitions, shortage of escalators that it very old - he is more than 100 years old. Also it is worth to remember that in the beginning the Parisian subway was private. The site was bought, and the branch was laid there. Because there are lines going very long in parallel - that it seems nonsense. And twisting transitions - from - for what many tunnels built on the place of the well-known Parisian catacombs. From advantages - the whole system of discounts for tickets: there are books from ten tickets which to buy twice more favourably, than the single ticket. There are monthly and week monthly cards - “the orange card“... And who has no money for the ticket, it is possible to jump through a turnstile - in the face of the cashier: it has the work, and at the controller - the (but penalties are quite big). In due time in the Bet Match magazine it was possible to see such photo: the mayor of Paris of that time, and the current president Chirac as the teenager, jumps through a turnstile (I will notice that officials in France have no privileges for use of transport, is only at large families).

in conclusion I will note

that Paris is the city to which it is worth coming back... And about love to it... He already, probably, itself chooses, it is pleasant to whom (as Gioconda)...