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We raise the thrill-seeker! Active sport for the child - where whether and how to begin

you Led active lifestyle or more and more with a book in park sat - with the advent of the child you will have a fine opportunity to join, to continue or look at the interest in sport on the other hand. Today we publish the review how and when to begin occupations with the child extreme, or, at least, not most widespread sports.

should not Say goodbye to active sports definitely, at least, for a long time. Now you will not only do it, but also learn how to teach another. And even if you do not plan to grow up athletes and champions, sport is a fine way to together spend time. What to do to those who “neither a dream, nor spirit“, and in general is afraid? Yes it is a high time to try! You are not able to ski? You come to a slope together (but do not forget about the instructor). Never stood on rollers? Take two couples in hire, and you will hold a bench and a fence.

How to treat mountain skiing, cycling or surfing - you to solve. It is possible to allow to the child to try several times. Or to work with it independently - for strengthening of health and family bonds. And if there is a wish for more serious approach - and to give to school or section. Choose to whom that is closer.


What types of active sport are available to children?

1. Mountain skiing


Mountain skiing - it is fashionable, cheerful, easy and available. Parents can participate in training, considering it as part of game, and can entrust the child to the instructor. Resorts with equipment rentals for small are everywhere now. And if you think how to make winter rest interesting to the child - a lodge where - nibud in the Alps very much will approach: there will be both mountain skiing, and the pool, and the ice town, and the sledge, and snowmen.

Some keen parents try to put children on skis in 2 years. And it is not unsuccessful - if it is pleasant to the child, he will move down from educational hills. Of course, it is more likely about joint game, accustoming to skis.

A here in 4 years the child can already fully master this sport - with the parent, the trainer or in group. The equipment of the small sizes is both in shops, and in rental centers. It is the most convenient to teach children of such age in the European resorts - they are equipped far better than domestic.

of Service of the individual instructor in Moscow (for example, in the center of Snezh. the lump) will cost 1000 rubles for hour occupation. In group will be cheaper, about 600 rubles, however it is necessary to pay for the monthly subscription, without potential admissions and mood of the kid.

alpine ski schools cost

In Europe around 25 € in a half a day or 40 € in a day. Rent of children`s stock - from 7 € in day.

2. A snowboard

Little snowboarders look on slopes especially touchingly. And still it is considered that conscious training should be begun with of 6 - 7 years. Though if all family - snowboarders, and the child does not understand why all have a ski one, and it was bought by two - it is possible to begin individual occupations earlier. Someone and in two years fastens the successor to a board: mother pushes from above, the father catches from below. Why is not present if process by all in pleasure?

it is not much more difficult to Find

snowboard instructor, than on mountain skiing. The Moscow Proboard on Vorobyovy Gory takes children of 5 years, and here SAS in Luzhniki from 8 years already learns more difficult elements, than just descent from the mountain.

3. Skates

Skates if to consider them not as figure skating, and as family pastime, - it is slightly simpler than skis and a snowboard. Some three-year-olds look on ice very surely, in groups of children gather with of 3 - 4 years.

Now skating rinks with hire are in many shopping centers (plus - there warmly and is, than then to feed the child). It is possible to look at several lessons on Youtube and to begin to acquaint the child with skates by own forces, and it is possible to take on 1 - 2 occupations of the instructor who will show what to teach to.

in the Winter ice will appear at all nearly in each yard so and it is not necessary to go anywhere. In ski resorts the skating rink for those to whom skis seem too extreme is often filled in too.

of Service of the private trainer will manage in of 800 - 1000 rubles. Bring several children, having cooperated with friends - the group will turn out: both to children is more cheerful, and to parents is cheaper. Group occupations, for example, in “New league“ (skating rinks at metro stations “Victory Park“, “Mira Avenue“, “Krasnopresnenskaya“, “Hugo - Western“) - 5000 rubles for the subscription on 8 occupations.

4. Rollers

Actually, it is possible to skate on roller-skaters not only in the summer. Of course, in the summer it is especially pleasant - it is necessary to find the flat platform only. Ride special rollerdroma, for example, in Rollkholle in the winter (an entrance of 250 - 300 rubles with the rollers).

can Deliver to

the child on rollers in 3 years if he wants that. And with 4 - 5 years of children take in group. In a scooter Kirill Ryazantsev`s school for 12 occupations and 5500 rubles of the child will teach bases of this sport. The same will take the cost and duration of a course in School of federation of roller sports only with of 5 - 6 years, .

5. Surfing

Surfing - not the most popular sport in our country: neither the ocean nearby, nor big waves at the seas. However an increasing number of compatriots leaves in holiday in tropics. And if parents thoroughly “sat down“ on surfing, they logically will want to attach to it and children.

the Most advanced in training of children in surfing - Australians. They with pleasure take in groups of children from 5 years (the truth, parents of small children surely are present at the coast during occupations). Let`s tell, the course from SurfGroms for 8 hours will cost $165-180, schools - across all Australia.

But to Australia and with an opportunity to finish studying 8 hours in one place, are reached by the few. The beautiful place to master surfing for the adult and to get acquainted with this sport for the child - the Indonesian island of Bali. There is also no lack of Russian-speaking instructors.

Individual occupations from Easysurf cost to

$70 for one and $290 for 5 meetings, from 7 years.


A is offered at all by the real surf - Kemp for children: 10 days for $450, since 8 years. But it is rather for those who already seriously were fond.

options closer, for example, Portugal Are. In BalealSurfCamp with pleasure will accept a shestiletok. It is a surf - Kemp, accommodation and training within three days will manage in 148 € from the person.

6. Diving

of the Small fish - what can be more interesting to the child at the sea? But adults day and night dive to these small fishes, and the kid sits with the nurse or the grandmother ashore. Offensively. Alas, long enough the child should be content with swimming with a mask on a surface.

But on the eighth anniversary you will be able already to give it a fine gift: course PADI Bubblemaker. Whether it be Charm - ale - the Sheikh, or Maldives, you do not need to choose specially the resort for rest. In any large dayv - school of your child will acquaint with diving according to specially developed program, in the presence of the necessary equipment, in the safe and calculated on tender age conditions. Cost - about $70-100 (a course one-day).

If you are not going to tropical countries, and similar experience seems to you and to the child interesting - in Moscow is dayv too - the schools working in pools. For example, Akwa - Luzhniki club offers the same Bubblemaker at the price of 2200 rubles.

if the child “was involved“ by

A, there are also more serious programs, for example, Scuba Rangers (SSI standard) in sports club “Dayving“ on base fitness - the Marina Club center on Leningradskoye Highway, for children of 8 - 12 years.

7. Rock-climbing

Even if you do not go to mountains and do not gather, the rock climbing wall - the place in own way remarkable. Especially, in bad weather and in the presence of the child from of 5 - 6 years. Rock climbing walls in Moscow become more and more, it is possible both to come to polazit independently, and to take a lesson with the instructor.

of Bigwall, m Savelovskaya, independently - 250 rubles, occupation - 700 r, of 5 years.

“the Rock of City“, Kutuzovsky Avenue, 550 rubles for occupation, since 6 years.

the Rock climbing wall in Shopping Center Ekstrim, m. The river station, 250 rubles - independently, 750 rubles - occupation with the instructor. Also there is a fine option - you receive for 600 rubles instructing in an insurance, all necessary in hire, and further without restriction on time will insure the child (it actually is not difficult at all).

And still the free fall is...

It for the most resolute. Or, on the contrary, for loving a safety guarantee.

8. Wind tunnel - acquaintance to parachuting

Even if you are not eager for

at all that your child sometime jumped from - under heaven, be sure: it is worth doing some flying in a wind tunnel all family - it is cheerful and unusual.

Pleasure not from cheap (2 minutes - of 1500 - 2000 rubles), but feeling of a free fall at full understanding that you do not fall anywhere - it is healthy.

can Have a good time in Krylatskoye, children of 5 years.

Or in more professional pipe in the city of Chekhov. Children since 4 years (for greater pleasure the instructor is ready to put on in a suit of the spiderman).

Now you precisely know

: if the parent was fond or dreams to play active sports, for certain there will be something similar and for the child. It is time to acquaint the kid with the new world or just to have a good time at the weekend!