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To the child - 1 year. Early development: what to begin with? The Author of books for parents tells

about the experience of early development of the one-year-old daughter. What developing grants to choose? To what authors of techniques to trust? How to the adult to derive from all this pleasure? And what dangerous in hobby only the “developing“ games and toys?

do not wait for result

Inspired with great idea of early development of almost one-year-old Dasha, I began to buy up “the developing grants“: puzzles for the smallest (on 2 - 4 elements), pyramids, a large mosaic, cutting pictures, and also a framework and inserts.

the Last are plywood or cardboard plates (tablets) with openings or dredging of different forms and the sizes. A problem of game - to pick up inserts to the corresponding openings. A classical framework by Montessori`s technique - with geometrical figures. But now on sale there is a huge number of other thematic plates (animals, fruit, colors and so on) - with a substrate (that is drawing inside as the hint) or without.

Also we in the house had training books on different subjects (for example, “Contrasts“, “In a zoo“, “Colors and forms“, “I study myself“). Then the turn of “photo albums“ came.

“Photo albums“ are a conditional name. Actually instead of photos keen mother inserts into picture pockets with the image of different objects, inhabitants of fauna and so forth. Nearby the signature, it is desirable written “on warehouses“ - in the spirit of N. Zaytsev`s technique. Albums have to be thematic (“vegetables“, “clothes“, “furniture“, “musical instruments“, “road signs“, “breeds of dog“ and so on). It is such remarkable way of acquaintance of the kid to world around.

to them I took

of the Picture and an inscription from the book of L. Danilova “How to give to the child encyclopedic knowledge“. Now on sale there is a set of special sets of the pictures systematized on certain subjects.

here everything was ready

I for occupations. But... life introduced the amendments. To the child the pictures which are palmed off by mother were absolutely uninteresting. No, are interesting, but for about three seconds. Then the attention switched to a scattering a pazzlinok on a carpet, in a moment - on a colourful framework and inserts, then on the slobbered bagels from a pyramid... Then all this was flung away, and the child crept away to wander about the apartment. I ran behind it with albums:“ Look, look, this is a toucan, and this fish a burbot“... Uselessly. That a toucan that a burbot that a bayan with an accordion were equally indifferent for Dasha.


In me zatrepykhatsya concern. But then, fortunately, experience of one mother caught sight. She told that her boy conceived a liking for the same albums only in 1 year and 3 months. I understood that not all is lost, and, remembering precepts of experts not to force an event, began to wait.

What we still were engaged in

at that moment? Tried to build towers of cubes: I built, and Dasha broke. Nothing, I calmed myself, it is the period such now - destructions. Creation time ahead. Our games in a ball, a framework and inserts, rhymes - poteshka - songs - all this was some... clumsy. I did not see a spark of reaction to my efforts in Dasha even.

Ya well acquired cautions “you do not raise the genius“, “you do not pursue records“, “do not load the child“. But the installation “do not wait for reaction and result“ somehow passed by me. And only then, having a little grown wiser, I understood that it is not necessary to wait - either interest, or a response, nor the fact that the kid will please mother with the progress. From the child it is necessary to wait for nothing at all! Not only during a time of his early childhood - in general never.

I should drive from itself thoughts that I supposedly am engaged in “early development“ of the babies as it is healthy what I am a good fellow. Such occupations should have neither hidden, nor obvious implication, nor any ambitious goals, except one - pleasure from joint pastime. All maternal rushes have to go from heart, but not because “so it is necessary“, it “is useful“ and it is “correct“.

Here it, early development!

... Progress as it usually happens, became noticeable when already nobody waited for them. In that 1 year and 3 months at Dasha “brutal appetite“ woke up. Everything became interesting to it literally - and thematic albums first of all. We began to study them every day, on slightly - slightly: I glanced over pages, called pictures, and Dasha with enthusiasm listened. The rating of the most popular subjects was headed by animal - house and wild.

Being engaged in

with Dasha, I opened for myself a lot of new. For example, learned to distinguish a lap dog from a Pekinese, learned how the flounder and who such dolgoper looks... I remembered that the longest river on the earth is Nile, the biggest island - Greenland, and the deepest, the most “ancient“ lake purest in addition - our Baikal.

I it was only the beginning! My child then still more than once helped me to look in a new way at habitual things and to pull out dusty bags of knowledge from memory back streets. In one memorable day I saw that Dasha herself began to take albums from a shelf and to consider them. And my maternal heart calmed down finally - process went.

Along with albums the child “sat down“ on a various framework and inserts and plywood games, similar to them. (The correct name - the developing Segen`s boards. These are plywood tablets with dredging of different degree of complexity: for example, several identical doggies of the different size; the picture consisting of several details, and other.)

Other our favourite entertainment. These are 8 bright plastic glasses painted in all colors of a rainbow which it is possible to put one in another or, having turned upside down, to build of them a tower - a pyramid. Here both studying of flowers, sizes, and acquaintance to the concepts “it is more-less“.

At the same moment the husband went to business trip to Hungary and brought to Dasha a gift from there - a big “logical cube“ with a set of openings in the form of different geometrical figures (one more name of such toy - a sorter). In them - that it was also necessary to push the details suitable in a form. And the cube appeared the increased complexity: besides a banal circle, a square, an oval there were holes for a semicircle, an ellipse, rectangular, isosceles and equilateral triangles, five - six - eight - decahedrons and even a parallelepiped.

“Producers incidentally mixed nothing

? - it was thought to me. - This precisely developing grant for children of the second year of life?“

What. Then I finally believed Masaru Ibuk - the brain of the small child has almost unlimited opportunities. It is necessary to do only every day with it “exercises“.

Approach to the child

However, to each child is necessary the approach. Somehow time I suggested three-year-old Dasha to paint the picture - the girl with the sledge. By the way, she was not able to paint then still at all. But it is necessary to learn to begin once, the truth? The child with enthusiasm took a felt-tip pen and... put it back.

- Is not present

, mothers, at me will not turn out.

- And you try. Look, it is absolutely simple, - and I painted to the girl a hat.

Dasha in any:

- Is not present

, at me it will not turn out.

here me broke through


- Dasha Is impossible to those who do not even try to learn. If you do not try, will not try, at you really nothing will leave. It turns out only at those who get down to business, and trains, trains, trains, without being afraid of mistakes. To anybody it is impossible at once, but if at all nothing to do, will turn out ever. Here!


Ya. Then reflected. To whom did I tell all this? To the three-year-old girl? Yes unless such baby can understand all these prichinno - investigative communications of “the adult world“ and furthermore to note them?

Besides, having got experience in “early development“, I understood for myself several important things:

  1. Maria Montessori, Nikitina`s spouses one thousand times are right, advising to do never for the kid what he can cope with. Playing with the child, at all it should not point right there to his mistakes and to prompt, “as it is necessary“ and “as it is correct“. Let is mistaken, let does as considers it necessary. Because only straining the head, thinking out own ways of the solution of a task, he will learn to think and create. Only this way he will grow up internally free and confident in own forces. It is good to move this installation to all other spheres of life of the child. In the future it will need least of all that insistently advised it how to live and what to do.
  2. If something is impossible to the kid, and it with rage any more never flings away a toy with obvious intention to approach it, it is necessary to try to minimize this negative. And once again quietly and unostentatiously to show, explain, encourage, support self-confidence. “At you surely it will turn out, you such well done!“ .

But... What did I see after stopped? Dasha, having sighed, shy took a felt-tip pen and began to paint to the girl of a mitten. Ineptly, of course, continually getting out for “border“, but she tried! In the evening we with pride showed “the girl with the sledge“ to the father who came from work who, of course, nearly fainted from such beauty. And Dasha believed in the forces since then and asked to buy her a coloring. Who could think that such fruitless task as “adult lecture“, will help it to break “barrier“ and to begin to be engaged in the fact that as she considered, at it it will never turn out.

“Useless“ games

Somehow it is imperceptible for itself I began to be engaged with the child only in the “developing“ games, having at all forgotten about the games “useless“ (a hide-and-seek, tag, daughters are mothers and other). The situation was rescued by Dashina who appeared in our life the nurse - Natasha. She was a musical director in kindergarten and earned additionally at us two times a week.

- Modern children are not able to play at all, - I Natashina remembered words. - And it is the biggest problem when they come to kindergarten.

our nurse I am still immensely grateful to

. That it just remarkable person. For the fact that in two years of its work at us I have nothing was it to reproach. But first of all for the fact that she taught to play my child.

At Natasha it turned out very naturally. They with Dasha took plush toys, thought out roles, situations (shop, “at the doctor“, on the street, on a visit, in a zoo and so forth), beat them, developing the imagined plot. And though my girl at that moment told only separate words, game turned out and absorbed the daughter entirely. And very much - I noticed soon that it does not go for me a tail any more, does not ask that she was entertained, and plays with pleasure.

How to teach to play the kid independently? to
  • to Childish sports alone are disturbed by two feelings: feeling of vulnerability and feeling of uncertainty in. To feel security, it is necessary that mother constantly was in a visibility range. And to feel self-confidence, it is necessary that mother encouraged all the time and praised (“As well at you it turns out! You well done!“ ).
  • That the kid began to play
  • independently, it is necessary to show it as it becomes. Therefore at first we play some time together with it - in the most different games and toys which are at home. We show various options (it is possible so, and it is possible so), we experiment and, of course, we dream.
  • to
  • Sometimes when the kid in difficulty, we help it to choose game, we offer something. Buying a new toy or game, also at first we play together.
  • It is absolutely optional to li to break and run right there when the child calls to play. If we are busy, we can tell quietly (and it is firm):“ I am busy, but I will surely play with you when I am released“. So we let it know that mother - the certain person with the requirements, and she can have affairs too.

By the way, with enthusiasm playing, the child comprehends world around much more deeply and mnogogranny, than when performing of the “developing“ tasks as makes considerable sincere efforts and involves creative imagination. For the kid it is very important to endure various emotional states. To worry most, but not to study according to pictures. It has to learn to rejoice, empathize, care, be attentive and other. To try on on itself various social roles and to look at the world from the different points of view. Only then it will be possible to call its development full.

Now I know

:“ useless“ occupations for the kid do not happen. Any game, any interesting interaction with the adult develops it, gives new knowledge and abilities, does cleverer, independent, mature. Also it is not necessary to be afraid that involved in syuzhetno - role-playing games the child will get used to participation of the adult and will not be able to do without it any more.

will be able! The one who constantly lacks attention cannot with whom play a little to who in the earliest childhood did not show how it is cheerful, interesting and can spend time with advantage.

From the book “the Kid. Mother`s happiness“