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Breastfeeding renewal - is possible. Experience of mother

to my daughter will be executed year soon and if you see how this robust fellow willingly sucks a breast, then you can not believe that the three first month of life I fed her from a small bottle. Only the huge desire and patience helped me to solve this problem and to adjust a lactation. But about everything one after another.

long before the birth of the second child I decided that I will surely nurse the kid. But neither in the first day, nor in the subsequent my daughter did not take a breast. I was nervous. Tried to feed itself, nurses helped, but the child shouted, and it was necessary to feed with mix. So it turned out that after maternity hospital to us a month more was necessary to be in children`s hospital. The baby is weakened, she has an alfalfa butterfly. Perhaps, therefore there were no forces to suck a breast?

the First small hope for restoration of a lactation at me appeared when our father bought a good milk pump, and I could decant a milk and give it to small Victoria (this day the child at last had a name). The first step is taken - Vikusya drinks a mother`s milk! Let the breast do not take, by mix it is finished feeding, but maternal milk arrives to the child and helps to strengthen immunity.

It, of course, was tiresome

. Infinite decantations, the child cried, there was not enough milk, neigbours in chamber askanced; one so in general was obscenely expressed in our address. My patience almost ran low. But once the new nurse advised to put the daughter to a breast more. Speaks: let will not gorge on, but pochmokat and will calm down. Here it, the second step to achievement of the purpose - frequent applying to a breast!

Two and a half months fed with

Victoria from a small bottle, several times in a day put to a breast. But there was a small miracle - in one of social networks we were found by the neigbour in chamber which had the same problem. Liouba supported me in we wash aspiration to nurse, shared the positive experience, the benefit she lives in the big city and has an opportunity to address consultants for breastfeeding. She told that there was a case when the woman did not feed the child 3 months, and then began to feed. It so impressed me that I solved: at us everything surely will turn out.

there Passed three more weeks... Once I suddenly felt that Vikuska is enough a breast, sucks and swallows! I with a sinking heart looked at the baby, and tears were shed in three streams. Of course, that mother who without problems feeds the kid, or that which does not consider it necessary it at all will never understand me, but I at that moment was so happy what in words not to express. With what impatience I waited for the following feeding.... And my Victoria, indifferently, gorged on and fell asleep under a breast.

Here so I began to feed with

the child. Often and with pleasure. The most interesting was that nobody could believe that we passed to breastfeeding. Relatives and acquaintances who advised long ago to feed the daughter with mix and not to torment themselves and the child, very much were surprised and even came to look at us.

the Only person whom we did not surprise is our father. He knew that I am on breastfeeding renewal very in a forceful mood, and patiently supported me in this decision. And now with affection looks at Victoria during feeding, and especially at how she finds a breast, clings two hands, sticks and, coming off a breast, all in milk, smiles to it.


Ya I am glad that not only began to nurse the daughter, but also felt that special proximity which arises at mother and the child during feeding. So in restoration of a lactation there is nothing impossible. It is worth it.

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