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The case from practice of

Shortly before a lunch break in a corridor, against office at which worked Daredevils clearly was heard some noise, someone`s excited voices and a shuffling of legs as if to the people not less than ten people jammed there in any way.

In a second the door of an office was sharply opened and in the long term which was covered by a look, in dimly lit corridor, really it was possible to make out a ball of human bodies which as if antique fighters in incredible tension, hard puffing and screaming, tried to overcome, overcome each other.

Having hardly torn off the heavy torso from this assemblage of other bodies, one of fighting hard rose to the feet, and, without looking towards Smelchakov, on a hysterical note, rose: “Call a first-aid post!“.

Did not understand daredevils to whom this short team concerned, but, seeing a curious stupor of the colleagues, it, having loudly thrown “Aside you call! “, itself rushed from an office, by “fighters“ in a corridor, on the run noticing the body of some person fighting on a floor. The head is thrown back, legs and all body of the poor creature shudder in epileptic dance, brown spots of blood, probably from falling backwards on a concrete floor nearby.

Having assessed on the run a situation - affairs at unfortunate really not all that well, and having left all others to give it first aid, Daredevils ran down a ladder on the first floor, is farther along a corridor, in the end to a high door with the inscription “First-aid post“. The accountant Ella Leonidovna and the accountant Maria Stepanovna who are meeting requirements of him, with a fright looked at the adult man rushing on them who until the end of life, on their ideas of corporate etiquette, was necessary to go sedately, and not to run on in any way - youthfully.

Daredevils, having braked, rushed into doctor`s monastery, rushed on the left, in an office of the doctor. It is empty. Curtailed to the right. And here towards to it, from procedural, the deaf-and-dumb old woman - whether the nurse, whether the assistant to the doctor on duty - a little lopsided cuttlefish with the dissatisfied person who always was in somebody somnambulistic dismissal crept out.

- Where doctor? - leveling breath, began to wheeze Daredevils.

- And - and, at - at, y - y. Not - e - et - he distinguished.

- There to the person it is bad! It is necessary to give first aid!

- And - and, at - at, y - y. Not - e - et.

- But you the nurse, the nurse, I do not know! Sal ammoniac there! Bandage! The head of it is injured!

- And - and, at - at, y - y.

- Blyad! Where doctor? Ring the ambulance!

In a first-aid post, meanwhile, gathered two more women who carried out

of function whether cleaners, whether still whom and who helplessly looked at it, expecting from it some consecutive actions.

Daredevils, having waved on them a hand, gathered 103 and already through five - six seconds called the address and the reason of a call of ambulance.

Having hung up and having mentally sworn, it, having already reduced turns, zatrusit up on the second floor. The crowd of gapers around the fellow in a faint became even more. It was already put on nearby by the standing chairs. But he all also fought in an attack, having thrown back the head and convulsively podrygivy legs.

- Similar to an epileptic seizure - Nikolay

Mikhaylovich, the chief engineer, that heavy “fighter“ who first

reacted and gave command to ring a first-aid post suggested.

- Well. Ezhov not the epileptic - noticed one of workers who, most likely, was with unfortunate on familiar. - He almost did not eat the last days.

- Well that? - Nikolay Mikhaylovich - turned around to Smelchakov. - Where doctor?

- There is no Doctor. The deaf-and-dumb nurse can help nothing. I called “ambulance“.

- You then go on a checkpoint warn that passed and showed where to go.

Daredevils, as was in a sweater, rushed on a frost, towards protection. For

to them one of women, the worker of club whose name he did not know, but which showed readiness to help with the created situation walked.

Together they explained to security guards that they should pass immediately an ambulance car and to show the way to the patient.

For the third time of Daredevils already at a slow pace went back to the scene, but this time, without rising by the second floor, found unfortunate, lying on soft seats of the first floor. The foyer was filled by deaf-mutes who gesticulating “told“ each other what occurred.

The fellow was covered with a blanket, put under the head accurately curtailed quilted jacket, but, despite the shown care from all compassionate, it continued to lie blindly, having still thrown back the head, from time to time pulling legs.

Bleeding on a darkness, most likely, stopped in itself. Was not visible to blood any more.

Daredevils, having thrown with a jacket shoulders, again ran out waiting to see the “ambulance“ roaring a siren to a checkpoint. But, having passed a turnstile, instead of ambulance he saw Galina Leopoldovna, the attending physician who is slowly going towards a checkpoint.

- Listen, to the person badly there. Lies in a faint, eyes are closed, jerks legs. Similar to epilepsy, but speak, he it did not suffer. Idemte quicker, I will show.

Galina Leopoldovna, too eternally sleepy, as well as her nurse, in any way not

reacted to an ardent appeal of Smelchakov to hurry, and continued to touch also pensively legs.

Having entered the foyer, Daredevils a hand directed it to that place where, surrounded with crowd, the patient lay.

Galina Leopoldovna all in the same sluggish manner approached responsible for an agiotage, wearily looked at it as if in a today, he was already the tenth who had to make it the diagnosis “Goner“, became near with the gathered accountants and economists and, appear, started talking not about the patient and about what - that, such important that forced it to leave the enterprise in the middle of the working day.

She indifferently looked two times on lying under a blanket, is lazy skosobochitsya on the left side and quietly continued to whisper something nearby standing as if was afraid to wake the one who reminded the broken doll at which, despite of gravity of breakage, some invisible springs continued to pull from time to time one, other leg.

She never approached, did not touch before absolutely still the young boy. Did not try to listen to his heart, to glance to it in whites of the eyes, to grope pulse. She did not rush to herself in doctor`s behind bandage to bandage to it nape wound. She did not distribute any orders somehow to improve matters of the one whom had to rescue now.

It just continued is indifferent to stand where there were also all others, two steps away from the one who still was in unclear and, appear, a death agony.

Abusing about itself all doctors on light, Daredevils left to a checkpoint in hope to see people in white, hurrying to the aid of those to whom it is the worst now again. But as he peered the short-sighted eyes for thick glasses of the local check point, there found nobody new.

Passed twenty five minutes, and “ambulance“ still was not. “Well that for wild ugliness! That for sloppiness and carelessness!“ - he thought, rising in the department.

Without taking off a jacket and having noticed that one of his colleagues already started a lunch on the place, having got the jars - sklyanochka with porridge, salad and yogurts, and others cheerfully left along a corridor towards the factory dining room, he dialed number of ambulance.

“As if nothing occurred. Business as usual“ - it was bitterly thought to it.

- And you where go?“ - with the filled mouth Natalya Vladimirovna took an interest.

- Waited for “ambulance“ on a checkpoint.

- And what, it became better for the poor fellow not?

- No. You saw that it and itself(himself) broke a head and in general in some wild attack fought. And still did not depart.

He hung up phone, again removed it and again gathered 103, mentally

calming himself not to attack on those who will answer it on other end of a wire and it is polite as far as could, took an interest:

- “Ambulance“ on Suvorov, 94 left or not?

- To Sekundochk - and in minutes three short answer - yes, left.

“… and to make chicken fillet with cardamom …“ - the last that

was caught by him, having left in a huff in a fit of temper, and already slowly started wandering down to almost native patient.

The patient was transferred, meanwhile, to infirmary. The crowd resolved, and there was a wish to believe that everything was already adjusted, by itself. And “ambulance“ is not necessary any more, both any drugs, and any leaving. There was a wish to believe that now, this minute of calm, the patient will leave to him towards, and slightly rubbing the hurt head, will whisper “Everything is all right“.

But towards nobody left and nobody told that everything is good. Daredevils carefully opened a first-aid post door, glanced inside, saw Galina Leopoldovna at himself who was drowsily explaining to one of masters how to drink some tablets.

- Well, how? It is better for it?

- To Whom? - Galina Leopoldovna, seemingly, did not understand about whom she could there be a speech. - And, to Ezhov. And having glanced in the next procedural, proshamkat:

- Did not recover consciousness yet.

- And what is it? Epilepsy?

The doctor shrugged shoulders, and Daredevils already went to a checkpoint, damning also a bad

vrachikha which suited only for writing out tablets and to take a thermometer temperature, both her sleepy nurse, and ambulance which, seemingly, went from other city.

Having stopped at an exit, he leaned a back against door glass, reflecting over strangenesses of life.

- Will not arrive Any more - he heard, and, having turned back, saw the security guard, young

the nice woman who, judging by moist eyes, appear, sympathized also with the patient and it.

- Why will not arrive?

- Well, forty minutes passed. It is unlikely.

And here, mouse VAN color with a modest inscription on one side “Ambulance“

slowly curtailed into their lane. Braked at gate. Gate began to open slowly, being shaken as legs of the dying poor creature who still lay somewhere in a corner of a worldly-wise first-aid post.

“Ambulance“ stopped, and two stout persons in white dressing gowns slowly fell out of it. Tetechka and man of quite cozy exterior. He joked, she slightly considerably smiled to him. They were very happy with each other.

- There, until the end of a corridor - showed Daredevils to them a hand, and, having convinced that

they reached a door of infirmary, it exhausted zasharkat to itself(himself) upward.

At office nobody noticed its emergence. The lunch break ended.

Clicked keys of computer keyboards, clapped doors, unfamiliar people to and fro scurried about. In total, as always. Well, business as usual, and any snivels.

This sad story really happened. Moreover, it is written down literally, without any exaggeration, trying to play on emotions of the reader or to somehow allocate the main character from crowd of black, stale people.

All characters real: both the fellow dying in an attack, and the sleepy nurse - the cuttlefish both indifferent the freezed vrachikha, and the slow “ambulance“ appearing with 40 - minute delay.

to draw Conclusions to you.