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What are overdose and a lack of vitamins dangerous by?

are difficult to overestimate a role of vitamins B the correct and full development of an organism. Such vitamins as A, B, C, E, D and many others are simply irreplaceable for the person.

Many consider that for active development of the child there are enough vitamins which are contained in food. That is if it is ideal to balance the child`s diet, to add to it enough fruit and vegetables, then it is possible to satisfy completely need for vitamins of the young growing organism.

But today pediatricians advise

surely to include in the child`s diet vitamins as by more detailed consideration of a food allowance of modern children, the amount of vitamins which is present at the child`s diet becomes clear, how far from the recommended standard daily rate of their use.

Besides content of vitamins B products considerably decreases at long storage, a freezing and heat treatment in a preparation time. Add to it an adverse ecological situation and stresses which increase need of the child for vitamins, and you will understand that vitamin supplements are simply necessary for a children`s organism that full to develop.

But vitamins are a two-edged sword. Their deficiency provokes development of a set of diseases and violations in development of bodies and systems of a children`s organism, but overdose of vitamins is also fraught with not less dangerous consequences.

I all - give, without going into extremes, we will separate myths from the scientific facts to understand, than overdose and a lack of some vitamins can threaten an organism.

Risk of overdose of vitamins: myth or reality?

Vitamin A promotes development of active immune system, also it is simply irreplaceable for normal sight, healthy skin, teeth and hair.

the Lack of vitamin worsens passability of bilious channels, breaks process of absorption of fats in a stomach.

Excess of vitamin A is capable to influence negatively sight, to make a hair loss and sick, and also to do much harm considerably to work of a liver and a condition of bones.

Vitamin C - protects an organism from viruses, accelerates regeneration process, reduces cholesterol level in blood and reduces risk of emergence of allergic reactions.

At a lack of vitamin C weakness, anemia, loss of weight, bleeding of gums appears.

At its surplus violations in work of heart can happen, raise arterial pressure, appear skin rashes.

Vitamin D - the important participant of many processes proceeding in an organism he participates in activity of muscles, nerves, hearts, and also digestion of calcium an organism.

the Lack of this vitamin provokes development of rickets in kids therefore there can be a deformation of a skeleton of the child, and also a set of other unpleasant consequences.

Vitamin K - regulates coagulability of blood, therefore both at its shortcoming, and at a surplus process of coagulability of blood can be broken.

How to avoid a gipervitaminoz?

to avoid overdose of vitamins, it is necessary to adhere to simple, but very effective rules.

In - the first, before reception of vitamins surely consult with the pediatrician. In - the second, strictly observe doses of reception of vitamins, you keep packings in the place inaccessible for children to exclude risk of overdose owing to their uncontrollable reception.

Most often symptoms of overdose disappear at once after the termination of reception of vitamin preparations therefore at the first suspicion on gipervitaminoz it is necessary to stop their reception right there.

should not give to

vitamins according to the first requirement of the child, force the kid to understand that it not an entertainment, but medicine which needs to be accepted according to a certain schedule.

Try to choose those preparations where least of all risk of overdose, especially it is actual for vitamin D, we wrote about adverse effects of deficiency and which gipervitaminoz above.

more than 15 years pediatricians advise

as prevention of rickets to accept “Akvadetrim“ - water solution of D3 vitamin which is ideal for a strict dosage. In methodical recommendations of the Ministry of Health about treatment and prevention of rickets all appointed dosages are multiple 500 ME (500, 1000, 2000, 2500 and td). In Russia there is only one preparation allowing to follow these recommendations so far - “Akvadetrim“ since only it contains in 1 drop just 500 ME.

the Most important and effective council in reception of vitamins is a reasonable and rational approach. Having provided to the child the healthy good nutrition, strictly controlling a dosage of vitamin complexes, you can be sure: your kid is threatened by no deficiency of vitamins, gipervitaminoz.