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Pediculosis: that need to know parents and children of

the Pediculosis - it the disease is old as the world. Unfortunately, it is rather widespread and today. If to exclude the people leading obviously asocial life, then it turns out that children of school age most often are exposed to infection with louses. Why? Owing to the natural sociability: the pediculosis extends by means of household contacts, touches.

it is simple to em to Get rid of louses, but out of sight of parents quite often there are other important aspects which are directly connected with a disease - psychological. Often the child who caught a pediculosis is afraid of sneers of peers. Teenagers even in a family not always decide to speak about the “shameful“ problem, thinking that they will be abused for untidiness or bad acquaintances. Insignificant in general trouble can become the reason of the real spiritual wounds.

Therefore it is necessary not only to inspire

in school students of the rule of personal hygiene, but also to try to save them from unnecessary experiences. But how to find a right tone in conversation with the child, to explain that it is not guilty of the incident? What in general children should know about a pediculosis? The children`s clinical psychologist Olga Spiridonova argues on it.

the First reaction

Not all parents are capable to keep self-control at the sight of parasites on the head of own child. Fastidiousness, confusion, even panic as the first reaction to a pediculosis - not a rarity. It is necessary to tell that such unpleasant emotions cause in many people not only louses, but also cockroaches, spiders both other flying and creeping.

Fastidiousness - absolutely normal reaction to potential danger. In many respects it is our instinctive fears as the person stores memory not only of events of the life, but also of dangers which the mankind faced during the history. And as stings of some insects are deadly, care before them helped the person to survive.

Now with many infections transferred by insects, people learned to cope, but the subconscious fear nevertheless remained. A considerable role in it is played by education. The matter is that the small child to world around, insects including, belongs with curiosity and interest, the feeling of fastidiousness is not peculiar to it at all. But only until it does not face reaction of adults which can be fixed in his subconsciousness subsequently.

needs Separately to be told

also about the certain negative associations connected with louses (dirt, insanitary conditions) that can also provoke similar reactions. Between that pediculosis children from quite safe families quite often suffer that sometimes becomes shock for their parents.

Conversation with the child

How to behave, having found louses in the child? On what it is worth paying special attention in conversation with it? First of all, it is necessary to be prepared for delicate conversation in advance: to read articles about a pediculosis, to talk to other parents who already came up against such situation. It is important in order that we, adults, could feel safe and is sure, speaking with the child.

Remember that our emotional state can be transferred to the child, strengthen his experiences. It is not necessary to force mystery it seems “To anybody about it speak!“ as it will cause in the child only sense of shame and fault. It is better to discuss the general information in a form, available to age of the child. Tell it what is represented by louses from where they undertake as there is infection and what to do if they appeared.

it is important to p to place emphasis that any can face this problem, and nothing terrible and furthermore shameful in it is not present. Such conversation and to you will help to cope with negative feelings. However not superfluous will be to remind the child and of elementary rules which will help to exclude possible infection. It is a high time to repeat once again: “It is impossible to take others hairbrush, it is not necessary to change headdresses!“ .

at the same time a pediculosis at all not an occasion to forbid or limit communication of the child with other children. And it is unimportant whether he is the carrier of this disease or it is revealed at his friends. In fact, there is nothing awful in a pediculosis, and it is necessary to tell about it to the child. Especially if such situation arose for the first time. This disease does not threaten life and health, by and large, too. It is easy to diagnose it and to treat easily. And children are children. They are active, spend in games much time, closely contacting with each other, and we cannot and should not deprive of their pleasure of communication. Correct will only watch more carefully the children and to periodically examine them regarding existence of louses in time to find a disease.


It is informed other parents and school

Nevertheless as the pediculosis is the infectious disease which is transmitted quickly enough, of course, it is important to report about this case to parents of other children to whom your son or the daughter contacted. It will help to prevent distribution of an illness, and also possible repeated infection of your child.

But, as a rule, parents try to avoid similar talk, being afraid of inadequate reaction. Shame, fear of condemnation and possible sneers at the child... For this purpose there are bases. Unfortunately, many adhere to deeply wrong views on a disease. The main thing in this situation everything is to understand that in time information conveyed to people around will help to secure not only them, but also you, from repeated infection nobody is insured!

As the problem is not new, big

probability that parents of schoolmates of your child already dealt with it and therefore with understanding will treat your message. And if not, then you will be able to act as some kind of expert and to share experience of treatment for what parents will tell you only thanks.

Surely report

to the class teacher that at your child the pediculosis is revealed. And it is better to make it at a personal meeting to be convinced whether correctly the teacher understood everything. Ask the class teacher to inform the nurse and parents of all children, having placed emphasis on anonymity. Do not doubt, the school not less yours is interested in that its walls were free from a pediculosis. And guarantee of successful fight against distribution of a pediculosis are harmonious actions of parents and school.

It is known that the main weapon in fight against any disease is a prevention. In case of a pediculosis the correct conversation with the child, other parents, teachers on this scrupulous subject - frank, without false shame will also be such prevention just.