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We prepare together with children: 4 fantastic recipes from Vera`s mouse of

Output - fine time in order that together with children slowly to make a tasty breakfast or a dessert, and at the same time... to tell them the fairy tale! For example, about a mouse Vera and her friends from the book “Cheerful kitchen“. Amusing heroes are a good judge of festive pastries, know how to cook simple sweets according to tasty recipes and with pleasure will teach it children and adults.

the Mouse Vera lives in the Blue Lodge on the fringe of the forest. Together with it there live Tsyp`s birdie and the Ladybug. At Vera so comfortably that to her on a visit friends - madam Shmel constantly come, a little mouse Fritz, the Hedgehog and others. On a visit at Vera they feel absolutely as at home.

can be

A, they so often come to it because she always treats them with tasty pancakes?

Vera has a doll the Mink - a small toy mouse and Sar`s doggie which the Mink sewed for Vera from rags. The belief so was delighted to it that it at once strong pressed it to heart. And suddenly felt that Sara`s heart was clogged too. Means, Sara recovered really.


For preparation the toast on 6 people will be required to



  • 1 egg
  • of 200 ml of cream
  • of 0,5 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • a ground half of a stick of vanilla
  • of 6 pieces of bread
  • of 50 g of oil
  • icing sugar

- Oh as I do not love stale bread, - the Mink says.

- You are the spoiled small mouse, - Vera says, - but at me is which - what ideas... We will fry toasts!

- Gren - that? - The mink also does not know what is it.

the Belief takes

a big bowl, breaks in it egg and mixes it with whipped cream, cinnamon and vanilla.

- And we will dip in this mix bread now, - she says.

It takes

bread pieces. For a minute lowers everyone in cream with egg, and then sends it to a frying pan.

is Fried by bread from two parties to a golden crust.

In end Vera strews toasts with a thick layer of icing sugar. Oh, what beauty!

- And when we eat stale bread again? - the Mink asks.

That`s it why to us now not there is stale bread every day? She just adores stale bread! Honey toasts

For preparation of 6 portions it will be required by

to p:

  • 1 egg
  • of 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 of h l. cinnamon
  • of 100 ml of milk
  • of 6 pieces of bread (stale)
  • oil

Madam Shmel thought up the recipe of the most tasty a toast - honey! It brought fresh honey which collected from flowers from the Veriny garden, the whole two pots!

A of eggs - that is not present... But also it it does not matter - Tsypa quickly demolished a fresh small egg.

the Mink breaks Tsypino egg in a deep bowl. Mixes honey, cinnamon and milk. Cuts off crusts from pieces of bread and cuts each piece in half. Then impregnates with honey mix bread pieces on both sides and - at - oops - on a frying pan. Madam Shmel already properly oiled a frying pan therefore bread pieces very quickly become ruddy and crackling.

- That is created on light! I also did not know that bumblebees so well prepare! - Fritz speaks, having filled a mouth. Madam Shmel with pride even jumped out of shoes and, look, flies near them. Baked apples

For preparation it will be required by

to p:

to mix
  • how many you want some apples

For each apple:

  • 1 of h l. ground filbert
  • 1 of h l. raisin
  • 1 of h l. sugar
  • a cinnamon pinch

the Hedgehog got

  • hazelnuts.

    First of all should wash up apples.

    the Mink a potato knife takes out a core from apples. The ladybug puts each apple on a piece of aluminum foil.

    the Mink fills apples with mix from nuts, raisin, sugar and cinnamon. Then densely wraps each apple in a foil.

    Hop, we plant apples in an oven now! There they are concerned about 40 minutes at a temperature of 250 degrees. Even Sara wanted to try such apple.“ For appetite“, - she says.

    Home-made lemonade
  • For preparation will be required to



    • of 6 lemons
    • of 6 asterisks of a carnation
    • of 1,25 l of boiled water
    • of 500 g of sugar

    - Well, you want to drink? - Vera asked.

    - Today is not present any more, - Fritz told, having drunk almost all water from the crane, - but tomorrow - for certain. Tomorrow I will be tormented by terrible thirst.

    Here is how everything successfully developed. Vera just has a recipe of wonderful lemonade, but it will not be prepared in no time. It is necessary to soak lemons in water the whole night.

    the Belief cuts 6 lemons on segments. Then puts them in a big bowl, adds 6 asterisks of a dry carnation and fills in with boiled water. The lemons which are filled in with water, Vera leaves for the night. And it seems to Fritz that already begins to be thirsty him.

    the next morning Vera filters water from - under lemons, and throws out lemons and a carnation. Then adds sugar to water and puts on slow fire, constantly stirring slowly until sugar is dissolved. Then boils even minutes ten on slow fire until lemonade thickens to a siropoobrazny state. Fritz is already awfully thirsty, but syrup has to cool down.

    When syrup at last cooled down, they put ice cubes in glasses, pour a little syrup and add water. Here it is also ready!

    From the book “Cheerful kitchen. Tasty recipes for every day“