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Allergy? Intolerance? Why the stomach hurts the baby of

Very often, observing emergence of reddening or rash on skin of the kid, mothers make the diagnosis - an allergy. Let`s try to understand the one who, as well as on what bases can define what really happens to the child.

First and the most important - only the doctor can make the diagnosis. We tell about characteristic symptoms of the most frequent diseases only for that mother more attentively and consciously watched the kid and in case of doubts could address the expert in time.

Rather often food allergy, a tseliakiya and laktazny insufficiency occur at children of early age.

Food allergy at infantile age is most often caused by intolerance of proteins of cow`s milk which cornerstone various immunological mechanisms are. Its symptoms usually appear on the first months of life at introduction of a dokorm dairy mixes or at transfer to artificial feeding. In this case the child can have rashes on skin, belly-ache, an unstable chair (alternation of a regular chair with liquid and a lock) with impurity of slime and blood in Calais. Similar symptoms can arise at children and at introduction of a feeding up: fruit and vegetables it is red - orange color (a citrus, carrots, pumpkin, tomatoes and so forth) wheat, rice, etc. cereals, eggs, fish, etc.

Treatment of food allergy consists in purpose of a hypoallergenic diet - an exception of food of high-allergenic and individually intolerable products.

as replacement to dairy mixes and products are used by the specialized medical mixes on the basis of the hydrolyzed (split) milk protein appointed according to the recommendation of the doctor. For children is more senior than 5 - 6 months medical mixes on the basis of isolate of soy protein and nonmilk products of a feeding up can be used.

of Tseliakiya - intolerance of protein of wheat (gluten), rye, barley and oats. This disease is shown at children with genetic predisposition, as a rule, in the second half of the year of life, after introduction to their diet of porridges from above-mentioned grain crops. At the same time there is a frequent, plentiful, fetid, “fat“ chair, the child becomes sluggish or irritable, appetite worsens, there is causeless vomiting, at the kid the stomach increases. The child ceases to put on the weight and growth, quickly grows thin, loses earlier acquired skills.

by the Only method of treatment of a tseliakiya is the lifelong hypoallergenic diet excluding from food of the child bread, bakery, candy stores, pasta, porridges from wheat, rye, barley and oat grain. However they need to be replaced with equivalent products and rice, buckwheat dishes, corn, millet, potatoes, etc. For expansion of the range of dishes in food of patients with a tseliakiya it is possible to use children`s hypoallergenic bezglyutenovy porridges, fruit and vegetable purees.

of Laktaznaya insufficiency is an intolerance of the dairy sugar (lactose) which is contained in all dairy mixes and women`s milk.

She is congenital (genetically caused) and acquired (appears after the child`s birth, most often after the sharp intestinal infection transferred it). Tranzitorny (temporary) laktazny insufficiency which, as a rule, disappears to 5 - 6 - to monthly age often occurs at babies as a result of immaturity of a digestive tract.

the First symptoms of a disease at babies appear usually on 3 - 4 - y to week of life that is connected with increase in volume of breast milk. The chair of the child changes: also more time in days becomes frequent to 8 - 10 , becomes liquid, foamy, with a pungent sour smell. The child is uneasy, in time or after feeding cries, tightens legs to a stomach.


only the doctor can Appoint treatment! When breastfeeding it is necessary to begin with regulation of amount of so-called forward and back milk which is received by the kid. Also the doctor can appoint reception of a preparation of lactase. At the artificial and mixed feeding appoint nizkolaktozny and delactosed dairy mixes.

At children of the second half of the year of life with the confirmed laktazny insufficiency use of dairy products where the content of lactose is insignificant, for example, cottage cheese “washed from serum“ is possible

. For its preparation kefir is put on a water bath, the turned-out clot is thrown back on a sieve and when all serum flows down, the clot is washed out boiled water. Children`s yogurts and kefir can be appointed to children from 8 months, the dose of the specified products is selected individually, but should not exceed 200 ml.